Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Droppin Trow & Candle Wax

Droppin Trow & Candle Wax

How many times do you get home from work, an event a whatever and just want to drop your pants or skirt and just be free? Free from pantie lines cutting into you, skirt or dress waistbands constricting you. It’s natural and trust me after shows I can’t WAIT until the “girdle” body contouring garments and fishnet socks come off! Lol.

Droppin trow shouldn’t be just for when you’re feeling uncomfortable. It should be a daily thing you celebrate. Let me explain…

I’m not saying you should go around your household in your skivvies; it’s more of a metaphor for taking time for “YOU” to be comfortable. Free. Focused. And Unrestricted.

One could say taking the MINIMUM of 20 mins a day to put on comfortable clothes and stretch, workout, meditate should be MANDATORY! 20 minutes. I can hear so many of you saying, “I don’t have time for that! I’m a ________ or I have 5 kids… Well I don’t believe you.

If anyone close to you in your life needed 20 minutes, an hour, if someone was in an accident, dying, etc., you would make time in an instant. If your child got hurt at school you would bolt out of work the absolute minute you could. Yet how often do so many of us take little to no time for ourselves.

This isn’t a selfish thing. This is looking out for number one and creating your own happiness first. Then and only then can you give your best to someone else. Partner, children, friends, co-workers. It’s important.

Candle wax. What the hell does that have to do with anything? A lot. It’s my secret weapon. Just lighting one candle near my computer or workspace can instantaneously change my mood and shift my outlook. The smell, the aroma, the light and the energy cause me to feel calm and comforted and I can focus. So a cheap jar of wax can do all of that. Invest in some. It works. And it keeps the pounds off cause you’re smelling and not EATING those sometimes delicious scents!

I completely SHIFTED my mood toady, by putting on a YouTube Yoga video, lighting candles in my photo studio and doing a quick workout. It was dark, calm and serene. And I was so focuses on what I needed to do today that all negativity and bull sh!t were blocked.

Buy some candles, put them in a new place, or space you can claim for a few minutes and do something for you. It works. It’s wonderful and this self-time, will act as a shield for life’s “attackers”. You won’t even notice them. You will repel any negative energy because you took time for yourself. Try it. Try it every chance you get. If not EVERY day. Check back with me and see how your life will change. Trust me. It works. :-)

The candles in these photos are some personal vanilla favorites! Also a new one from Shining Sol Candle Company made by Pete Evick. I met Pete in the Bret Michael's Band years ago. His products are superior. 

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dirty Attics & Underwear

How bad do you REALLY want it.

I want it. I want to get to a really big playing field. Where do YOU want to go? Be? Aspire to become? Do you talk about it? Or do you get up off you’re a$$ and do something about it? Because baby, that’s the only way it’s going to happen. You're wearing your own Ruby Slippers!

This world is diluted. It’s over saturated with people who do EVERYTHING and do it well. Better than you & me for that matter. You have to HUSTLE. It’s a dying art. But my ex military father instilled a work ethic in me like none I’ve ever seen. And I hated it when I was a kid, but now, what a blessing.

“Pick that up,” he’d bellow at a store. “It’s not mine,” I’d say. My dad would tell me it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t belong there, so pick it up and put it away… And all these years later, I’ve been picking things up EVERYWHERE! Lol. Even when it wasn't my responsibility...
And Have you seen my arms lately? Ha ha. :-)

I front a band, (www.goldylocksband.com
When I’m not fronting The Goldy lockS Band, I have a photography studio, where I shoot the most incredible people on the planet. (www.thefactoryphotography.com
When I’m not shooting, I have an accessory line, that I make much of myself. (www.thefactorybygoldylocks.com
I also do motivational speaking to kids, adults and people in chemical dependency centers.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaWe2vTjFWE
I want to become the world’s Blue Collar Rachael Ray or Rock’N Roll Martha Stewart!

In my now “Spare” time, I shoot my own show, Goldy Knows. (www.youtube.com/goldyknows) You need to check it out. It’s a lot of fun, and it actually helps people. And all this crazy stuff I do? I’m going to keep doing it on a bigger & bigger scale and be able to REALLY help people out who need it.

All my strength, power, it comes first & foremost from God, then my badass family and then YOU. All of you, the millions of people combined on my social media sites power me and breathe strength that burns through my veins. All the emails, posts, replies, LIKES, SHARES… everything. You all are amazing. And when people ask where I get my energy from, it’s truly YOU.

What’s the point of this blog? To put you all over! (Wrestling Term) It means compliment. 
But it’s mostly to say, whatever you dream of, desire, work for it. 
Don’t expect it to be handed to you. Cause it’s not gonna happen. And if it is? It doesn’t mean jack sh!t. So come by it honestly.

I was at my agency today. A very pristine establishment that houses the stars you all have come to know & love, go see in concert, but records… One of the workers there needed some help. It’s grunt work. But I always say, “Give it to me!” If I’m off & not doing any of the above, honey, I’ll do it!

Today I had a meeting for Goldy Knows IV. Wasn’t expecting to do any of my “other” work. But? An opportunity presented itself. So I found a pair of flats & a tank top and worked in a pretty hot office attic where I’ve filed and moved hundreds of boxes. I finally decided, well, if I have to do this in my damn underwear... so be it! Hope no one comes up here! And all I can say is dear God, thanks for the opportunity! Undies and all! baha!

Look at EVERYTHING that comes your way as that! An opportunity! 
Carpe Diem! 
Seize The Day!

This blog is dedicated to 2 amazingly strong women who continue to help me in ways no one will ever know. #HannahGarber & AO, I recognize you both & love you.  

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