Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feeling Fat At The Holidays?

So, just have to share. A few days ago, the owner of my gym said, "Hey, your arms are really "turning out." I said "really?" You're BS'ing me. He told me all the boys in the back were commenting on how much my arms have changed since starting to work out there. I was really proud. Because it was unsolicited. And said by my peers. No one was hitting on me, there were just making a positive and encouraging statement.

So many times we use the “Holidays” as a justification or to rationalize eating very poorly. We make it OK in our heads to eat a LOT of crap. Everyone makes the stamen come January, “I gained weight because of the holidays…”

I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself, but keep in moderation. That gym owner calling me out, and in a positive way, really made me want to stay on my game.  Hanging out with positive people, who encourage you is something I always strive to do.

This year, instead of just being a hog 24/7, I’m going to enjoy a “few”, that’s 2 or 3 great meals, but limiting my portions. No more 3 plate fulls of Aunt Carol’s creamy mashed potatoes! Just a serving.  That’s so important. I’m going to eat really clean for the rest of my meals. And save my fatty patty ones, for when I’m with family & friends and it means something to break bread.

When I am home at the studio by myself, I try & do steamed broccoli or asparagus and a steamed piece of wild white wish. Put lots of lemon pepper and other spices on it that doesn’t have a lot of sodium. There are so so many.

Be good to yourself this holiday. Remember, a great protein shake, low in calories, sugar & especially cholesterol makes a wonderful meal replacement. I always drink Muscle
Milk because it’s got the best ingredients out there I’ve found that I can afford.  You can even have that if you are cooking for your family and you need a calorie break. You can do it people. Just a little will power will keep that butt from going up a size or two come January!

PS. A little Goldy Knows Extra!
I can just hear people saying… “Eating healthy or clean costs too much!” Shut up. It actually doesn’t. You just have to prepare ahead of time is all. You can do this. Lol.

•••• •••• ••••

One recipe all my wrestling friends make is the following. I don’t even know what the hell it’s called.  I call it Healthy Fried Rice

• 1 16 oz lean ground chicken or turkey.

• 1 bag 32 oz mixed vegetables (If you’re not broke, get fresh asparagus, mushrooms, or broccoli) any vegetables that are green are really good. But the bagged stuff, corn, carrots, green beans etc. It’s really cheap & easy. Corn & carrots are not the ideal vegetable for loosing weight. But they are better than chips for dinner!

• 1 small onion chopped

• ¼ cup low sodium soy sauce

• 2 cups brown cooked rice or buy the instant in those bags you boil. Use 1 of those.

Brown the meat & drain.

Spray pan with olive oil

Cook onion & mixed vegetables.

•••• •••• ••••

Throw meat back into the pan.

Add soy sauce and any other spices you want to. I use garlic powder, lots of cracked pepper, hot pepper flakes.

Just cook it. You’ll know when it’s done. Make sure the meat is all chopped as finally as you can. Makes it seem like there is more in it than there is!

If you really want to make this meal stretch, then put in ice burg lettuce leafs. So make it into a lettuce wrap. You feel like you’re at PF Chang’s when you’re not! Light a candle. Tell your partner they look hot & who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky? ;-) At least if you do your gut won’t be full of junk.

This is a really great tried and true recipe that yields a ton of cups of food for you to store and take to work with you or reheat for any meal. Watch your portions! It’s that good!

Goldy Knows

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Aunt Flow! You Need To Go!

Aunt Flow has been in town a little too long this month! She needs to GO! Lol. As I sit and complain to myself, I realize having never have given birth, what a puss I truly am! So I am ending my pity party NOW by opening the floor, to the CRAZIEST child birth story that anyone can tell me!

Find me here, Facebook, Twitter, wherever. I want to hear you story! You can tell me the details, it’s all good. I just want to know how it really is and goes out there.

I know some of you mothers out there have gone through hell and back! It’s time you get your chance to vent damn it! J Best story gets diner on me. Just as a small thank you for raising some pretty cool kids out there. @Goldyknows #goldyknows


Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Underwear & Me

How many people, after a long day, walk through the door and just take off their pants? Big, small, purple, black or white, we are all the same! And there is a certain comfort in just walking around in your skivvies.

It’s no big thing. But wearing tight pants, skirts with waistbands that cut into our skin every time we breathe get to be over bearing. So I enjoy the occasional gaunt around the house in my britches.

I’m making this blog short & sweet. Shortest one ever. The point of my blog is this. Just be careful in today’s modern technical world, to “remember” when you’re wearing your underwear.

Tonight, I was never so reminded, as I Facetimed my father. I heard him say as I got up to get something, “What in the hell are you wearing?. I said “my new hot pink sweater from Wal-Mart & my underwear dad. Nothin ya aint seen before.”  And he just said, “Well, ok.” My dad was a parol officer for 30 years. Nothing really phases him!

Short and sweet. Remember when you’re wearing just your underwear people. And remember to check before a conference call to clients or your boss. Or in this case, your dad.


(ps. This is NOT what I was wearing when I talked to my dad! I'm making a damn point! Don't get it twisted! lol)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dirty Pillows & Respect. Get it?

My dad always told me, “Never say something that at a later time you wish you hadn’t said…” That’s why I blog. Go home or go hard.  People who put things in writing I feel, have a bigger set of balls than the rest. You may not like me or maybe you do, but I always shoot pretty straight from the hip.

I never share things like this, but the more “out there” I become, the more people who follow, like, share, subscribe and friend me… I like to give you insight into my personality, head, heart and maybe just cast a little light that you’re not alone in dealing with BS.

I posted a very quick rant on Facebook today. It’s interesting to see who comments, privately emails and the people who actually pick up the phone concerned about me. Now that’s pretty amazing. Today, someone in the music business, who I consider a damn good friend, called just to check in.

Sure, I rant… we all do. But here’s a little tid bit on what you may not know.

I post photos of myself of fitness, work out, show outfits and clothing that I think I look good in. That’s my prerogative and my privilege as a woman. I also post things on different pages. For example, I don’t post rants on a band page. That really doesn’t have to do with music does it? J.  Any woman should be able to express herself and her sexuality in any way shape or form she sees fit. But? She shall deal with the consequences of her actions. I get that. But just so YOU know & understand, the people, the men who bother me the most, never saw those photographs or images. No swimsuit shots, no fitness modeling. Mostly me showing up looking like my usual crapola self from a work out, or in my dad’s 1970’s ripped navy blue sweatshirt I constantly wear & repair. That’s pretty much me on any given daily.

I had a kid contact me. I do school talks. Motivational tours. He was talking about suicide. Serious business people. I’m sure many of you don’t know sometimes I speak to 15,000 to 20,000 students in one week. Many at last chance schools for those who are really messed up, or chemical dependency centers for young adults. Again, serious, raw & gritty stuff. You’d never know that looking at me. But it’s what I do during some of my days.  

This child was at the end of his rope, literally, from being bullied and picked on. And I get it. It was all I dealt with in school, and I deal with it still. I’m just stronger and can now handle it. This kid couldn’t. I have code words I give the students at these motivational talks. They can find me anywhere by writing those words in a subject line. That’s a big S.O.S or 911. So I dropped everything and called the child.

We got to the bottom of it. Parents were notified and I called the school the next morning. They helped and got the boy to a safe place. They thanked me for calling.  Least I could do.

A week later though, now an “official” had my cell. And? The “texts” started coming in… Really? Was that really necessary? No. It wasn’t. Again, I deal with it a lot being a decent looking woman.

“Report the person who did that!” “Get them fired!” Not a chance. That book gets closed. I said my words to that official, but these scenarios everyone is so quick to think they know how they would handle it… you don’t. And you wouldn’t. Me blowing the whistle get some pretty important people I know in trouble. It makes them look badly and paints them in a negative light for giving me a chance to talk at a school. So quiet I stay.

The same thing happened in TNA wrestling. When I went to management with a severe sexual harassment complaint. Again, me saying one word would have eliminated all funds and investments from their financial lifeline. No one really knows about that either. Jerry Jarret wrote about it in his last book though. If I would have opened my mouth everyone would have lost their jobs, their dreams and for some their last chance. Not on my watch. The man calling and leaving me messages, cornering me, basically offering to rape me at any given minute worked for Panda Electric in TX. He was their financial liaison. He eventually was fired from Panda for embezzlement. I could have had the biggest lawsuit ever. I had all the proof. It was disgusting. But watching my peers and some of my friends climb the ladder of success was more important. Ironically I was let go from TNA for false rumors from a wrestler, that I would sue TNA Wrestling if I took a bad bump… No hard feelings. Business is business, but I think if I were going to sue, I would have done it already. J

Just a little insight into my life, why I get hot about bags of douche bothering me that I really don’t even know. It’s about respect really. Respect the women you see out there. For the most part, we are pretty cool chicks. Just making our way the only way we know how. J Some in pants, some in short skirts, some in dress blues. However you slice it, we should be given some respect for just putting up with what a lot of us do.

That much I know. @Goldyknows