Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rubber Inner Tube Fortune Bracelet | Wristband | Up cycled Fortune Cookie Cufflet | Cuff | Eco Friendly

What do Pro Wrestling | Recycling | Bad Bumps | Fortune Cookies | Have in common?

I started my company The Factory By Goldy Locks in 1998. I had a record deal; a clothing and accessory line and wanted to make cool, edgy and interesting products for my friends in entertainment to wear.

Little did I know at the time I would be making one of a kind creations for some of my favorite celebrities and sports entertainment heroes. It was a magical time and still is.

I’ve watched people’s careers blossom and grow through hard work and determination. And I’m honored to have been even one small fiber making up their amazing careers.

Many people don’t know that aside from me BEING in pro wrestling, I designed and actually sewed many of the ring jackets these outstanding men and women wore. 

Even the action figures bearing these stars names were dressed in clothing and accessories I created especially FOR the athletes.

Now I make products for the mainstream consumer and even give people the option to customize their products and gifts. That’s my favorite part. 

My website www.TheFactoryByGoldyLocks.com houses many Rocker Cuffs & Leather Wristbands. Many are just like the ones I make for TNA & WWE Wrestling stars. But let me introduce you to a brand new member of the family, my Fortune Cookie Cufflets. They are made from recycled rubber bike inner tubes with funny & fun fortunes you never get at a restaurant.

These cuffs are YOUR way of doing something #Green, #EcoFriendly & innovative for the environment by rockin' something recycled. You breath new life into a pile of used rubber and put a fun whimsical twist on things by perpetuating a smile and a consummate "good mood!" How can you not be happy when you look down at your wrist and read something completely stupid, funny or just plain WRONG! Lol.

Go one step further and for an extra few bucks customize the fortune with any saying 70 Characters with spaces or less. These custom cuffs can be used for parties, wedding favors and even purchased at wholesale and sold as fundraising incentives. We always turn to sugar and treats to raise money when this can be a new, creative, custom and healthy alternative!

Please visit The Factory By Goldy Locks and order here:

Of for CUSTOM Fortunes click here:

Or try my NEW Etsy store here:

Thanks to all my friends at TNA Wrestling, IMPACT Wrestling & WWE for having the vision to commission me before it was "cool." :-).
Your love & support stays with me even now. XXOO

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Domestic Violence | YWCA | Milwaukee Tool | Education

What do the @YWCA & The @MilwaukeeTool have in common? Well, they are both companies I USE and SUPPORT and can't speak highly enough of.

Take some time today. Watch @GoldyKnows Eps II and LEARN about how YOU can start seeing #RedFlags and #WarningSigns of those around you experiencing #DomesticViolence. You can help. Open your eyes and get involved. 

Domestic violence isn't a #SexyTopic. But helping others is. And so is ALL of the wonderful #HomeImprovement #DIY work we did for Mary, a beautiful #Survivor I met through the #YWCA Nashville. 

I used mostly #MilwaukeeTool s, #Milwaukee, to transform Mary's tiny bedroom into a spa like retreat. When YOU, especially ladies out there, when YOU invest in tools for your needs, BUY the BEST! Buy tools that like you, are BUILT TO LAST! I only use the best possible gear I can get my hands on. So use the #Strongest tools to improve YOUR life and the lives around you!

Watch my show. Learn some #DIY tricks, how to build a custom upholstered #HeadBoard and how to see warning signs of those being #abused.


Peace Be With You All Always, Goldy

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A LGBT "Bright Idea" | Equal Rights | The Factory By Goldy Locks


Gay or Lesbian couples who would be interested in trying a new gift item I'm working on specifically marketed from anyone to a child, to a gift item for someone in a same sex relationship/marriage. Iy's a really cool, new beautiful invention that believe it or not, my dad and I are developing. It is to show support and love for ALL people and relationships. We started the concept after my mom died. I'm really excited about it, but due to trademarks and copy write bla bla blas... I need to keep it under wraps.

I am looking for several "couples" who would review my product, give it as a gift, talk about either raising a child in a same sex family, or just be willing to find some positives about our product. I would then do a three minute interview with you to use online and in promotional videos. Much like the link below.

I want the quality to be as incredible as the product and the two people who created it. ;-)

Here is a video I'm using as a marketing inspiration point. :-)

If you are interested in sampling our product, which is pretty damn awesome... contact me. Please share this post with anyone you know who may be interested.

My father and I are committed to excellence with this new product and including ALL lifestyles and creeds who deserve happiness and to experience "love". XXOO

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day | Monday Morning at the office | You're Fat | You Look Tired


I can’t say thank you enough to the people who come out to our shows. You know I love you. I really do. So many of you “get it”. You understand what does into this grueling lifestyle. You are kind and you are considerate, supportive and thoughtful. I so look forward to seeing you every time we set foot in a venue.

This isn’t for you all though. This is for people who need a serious reality check. Some artists are too shy, meek or don’t want to rock the boat by saying, so allow me to open my big mouth once again. Last night many of you went to far. I’m not having it.

Why is it that so many people feel they can say anything they think of to an artist, entertainer or public figure? You crucify many. I hear people at airports, hotel lobbies, speaking ill words over celebrities they will never even know. Yet they talk as if they are BFF’s.

I am accessible, approachable and have no security at shows. People follow me into restrooms, parking lots, and my hotel room… really? How would you like that? It’s creepy, UN nerving and makes me want to run from you. Have you ever thought how that would make YOU feel?

How about the things you candidly say to me? Let’s start with last night. What if on Monday morning your co-workers, new ones you didn’t even know came up to you and said?

1. You look really bad
2. You look tired and shot
3. Wow, you’ve gotten older and gained weight since I watched you on wrestling
4. Your voice is really weak tonight
5. I’ve heard you sound better
6. Maybe you’d like to come back to my room with my girlfriend and me
7. You’re not on wrestling anymore. Wow, I guess you’re not doing much
8. You look fatter than I remember
9. You have wrinkles when I get this close to you
10. And things that will identify people clearly from last night that I won’t publicly humiliate like you do me.

I come to do a job, perform and entertain you. Stop asking me personal questions. Or believing that we are “dating” in your mind. Because we are not I assure you.

Unless you have something awesome to say, then shut up. If I ask for your opinion, (which I won’t) then you don’t need to volunteer information on my performance, Chances are I know I forgot a lyric, or didn’t hit a note. I’m a fricking artist. We are already pretty hard on ourselves by nature, don’t make it worse.

Do I really look older and fatter than when I debuted on Impact Wrestling? Because I’m surprised. That was in 2002, 13 years ago. I can’t figure out why in THIRTEEN years I have changed? WINNER for the most STUPID comment ever.

Do I look tired? Funny, we just got 3 hours sleep, loaded up, drove TEN hours, loaded in in 18 degree weather and played a four hour high energy show. Clearly you must be mistaken? How could I EVER be tired?

You’ve heard me sound better? Hmmm… well I haven’t seen you look better. In fact every time I see YOU, you look a fright. You should really do something about that. Oh wait, you can’t, that’s just your face.

I’m not on wrestling anymore. Yup, you’re right. And clearly by my social media pages I’m sitting around with my thumb up my butt doing nothing. Man, you got me on that one…

I think many of the people don’t know how to talk to anyone really. They have social disorders. Well, please don’t come practice on me. Find a nice tree, or stick on the ground. I don’t know… maybe a park bench? Approach it, greet it, say hello, and tell it, “Hey, nice wood.” Maybe give it a few more compliments, talk about the weather… you know, baby steps. When you “master” that, then come and talk to me.

Other favorites include classics like, “Wow, you sound pretty good for a girl.” or who could forget this one? “I came here expecting you to suck, but you weren’t that bad.”

Thanks. Thanks and bless your pointed head. Maybe the next time you get done in the sack someone can muster up a gem THAT good for you. Oh, wait?! You’re flying solo aren’t you? … Talk to the handTalk to the hand.

Happy Valentine’s Day! And remember in the words of Aretha Franklin…RESPECT!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Join my Goldy Locks Advocare Team | Get Healthy | Gain Financial Freedom!

Join my Advocare Team!

You’ve seen me posting and talking about Advocare. I am SO proud to be a part of this company because it not only “CHANGES” lives, but also “SAVES” them.

When my mom died, I packed on the pounds. I let food be my comfort. Only it’s not comfortable when you don’t fit into all of your clothes. In fact, I because depressed and gained weight. Food was my safe zone. But I realized it was getting out of hand. So I turned to a Pro Wrestling friend.

He gave me the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. And with that it jumpstarted 14 lbs. of weight loss. I started taking other Advocare supplements and soon lost my unwanted 20 lbs. I know am working on my college weight, but with more muscle tone.

I had no idea that the Spark Energy Drink I had been using all of these years was actually ADVOCARE! I just got it in a tub from wrestling buddies and ordered in a bundle. I didn’t pay attention.

Could this be? I had never even heard of Advocare. And now, I realize I’d been using it since 2000!

And I had NO idea the Advocare Company has been around since 1993! Numerous pro athletes endorse it and their Scientific and Medical Advisory Board members even consists of Stanley Dudrick, MD Father of Intravenous Feeding.


Doctors of that stature are not going to risk their reputation on anything but the best. And frankly, neither am I. Advocare REALLY helped get my life on track. So why don’t you let it help yours.


The stuff works or I wouldn’t be talking about it and posting results. But what really works are the benefits to being your own boss. How hard you want to hustle or try is YOUR call. And when you do get out there and just tell your story, about how it helped you, you find the product just sells itself. And you WATCH people getting healthy and changing their lives. And it’s an INCREDIBLE feeling.


I will leave you with this. I was on a conference call the other night. A very sweet, kind, excited woman led the call and just told us about her story. A broke couple needing to make ends meet. Someone introduced her to Advocare.


To make a long story short, I researched how long she’s been selling Advocare. Just a few years. I about fell out of my chair to find out she makes over 600k a year. I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover.


If you want to lose weight, or have more energy or just change your life around like you know you should. Consider not only trying Advocare, but let your story and the products working help you change your life financially. Because it can. I’m telling you, these products sell themselves because they are just THAT good.


Email me. Ask me what it takes. You’d be surprised.


1. It’s the price of Costco

2. There is NOTHING to buy

3. NO monthly quotas

4. Just use the 20% discount if you want

5. No AUTO ship products you WEREN’T Expecting


Just REALLY good people and REALLY great prouduct.


If you’re reading this and want to make a change both physically, mentally and financially, find me. Join MY team! It’s REAL, it’s HONEST and it’s WORKING! XXOO Goldy

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Spotify | Goldy Locks I Eating Disorder | Starving | and pissed!

Nice title. I'm pissed.

Somewhere along the line my distributor change the delivery stores from iTunes & Amazon to #Spotify.

I know people think Spotify will get you "exposure." Hmmm... EXPOSURE. Maybe the next time you need to pay bills, just pretend you didn't get paid. But you got "exposure".

I need my lights on, I need to pay ins, I'd like to eat? Food? Lol... oh what's that crazy stuff. I'm a musician. Haha. What was I thinking.

Buy your favorite artist & band's music please. Seriously. Do you know how much it costs us to record, master, press... Omg... what you like listening to?  If you listen for free and like it, then go BUY it!

You don't go into your favorite stores and get product for free? What if you did? Do you know what would happen? It would ALL GO AWAY!

Thanks Spotify! Thank you thank you thank you! I made .03 this month!!!! Yay! I can eat on that for weeks!

Not happy. Not happy

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