Monday, June 29, 2015

Thanks | Thank you | Gratitude | Blessed | Goldy Locks

If I had one word to say today and for my life's experiences, it would be "Thanks."

Today marks a big day. I will share more later, but if you know me, you know I document and ask  God and the Universe for what I want. And it always shows up. 

It shows up mostly in people. People like everyone on you following me on this page. People I work with, share stinky touring vehicles with, venues and late nights. People I meet every day and along life's road of excitement.

Then there are the people professionally I meet. Not only to the help me, but they CONTINUALLY help me.

It seems I attract others with the same heart, spunk, zest, sarcasm, attitude and... ah... mouth. :-)

For years #WayneHalper has given me legal advice and council. For years he just keeps stepping up to plate helping every way he can. Thank you.

We are working on many awesome things. We always are. But this time around I have a gut feeling something is going to #Spark a fire that will run out of control in a Golden way. :-)

To many it will appear as an overnight success. To most of you, and many people I know, it will look just like what "hard work" does.

Ashton Kutcher said it best last year at an award show where he accepted and gave an incredible speech:

"I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work.  I've never had a job in my life that I was better than.  I was always just lucky to have a job.  And every job I had was a steppingstone to my next job, and I never quit my job until I had my next job.  And so opportunities look a lot like work."

I've done a lot of the work. But great work is only as good as who sees it. People like Wayne Halper help the masses see talent everyday. And so I take this opportunity to say thank you, and make sure his talent is also credited and publicly appreciated.

I can't wait to make you a bunch of money Wayne. It's on my heart. I already adore you and love working with you. Let's let the bank account reflect that. Money is only a reflection, to me, of how many people are helped a long the way. | | |

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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Women | My Purpose | Strength | Power | Self Esteem | Goldy Locks Fitness

I met a woman a while back under strange circumstances. Her husband, a long time friend was just let go from his job, they were short on funds I'm sure now as it was the holidays and I needed to stop by his home for some
reason or another.

A woman greeted me at the door with the biggest smile I'd ever seen. She was gracious and she was kind. Honestly this is NOT the reaction I usually receive. 

I work with men mostly. Music, Entertainment, Sports Entertainment. I was just speaking to a friend tonight about being in a band now for 18 consecutive years? I know men. I know them inside and out. I know how they think, feel and sometimes I question if I have more testosterone than most. Lol.

I also women. How insecure we can be. How hard on ourselves we always are and how many of us love to see another female fail. 

Jealousy and envy are powerful things. They have gotten in the way and destroyed many relationships I've had. Women I've called best friends have fallen by the wayside and I've stopped after all these years wondering why. It's not different than when a man stops calling us. He's just not "into you." Enter in a new play friend... and the old Velveteen Rabbit gets shoved under the bed, only to be found when the child grows up and parents clean out the room to make that new office or man cave. The same can be said about friendships. I'm used to it. My skin is so tough sometimes I forget I'm even breathing. 

This woman was different though and we quickly became friends. She is one of those "selfless" people. The ones who drop anything for you. The one that is always there. The kind of person who if she says she will be there, is outside waiting 15 minutes early. Her integrity actually reminds me of one of my best buddies and bandmates, Rod Saylor. He is cut from the same cloth.

From day one this woman has been a rock for me. She has listened to so much crap and let me sit outside her apartment on the stairs just dishing out more than I"m sure she bargained to hear.

She's a busy mother. Yet she has time for me and the whole world. She wears her heart on her sleeve and speaking of hearts, it's the best  you will come by.

When I started seeing the results Advocare was having for others in their health and fitness and me as well, not to mention the financial side of this incredible company, I thought of my friend right away. She has been watching for a while, but last night signed up as a distributor on my #GoldenPower Team and I can't even tell you how excited I am.

She shared with me her "Why" if you will. Both she and her husband have teenagers. They raised these amazing kids and didn't take the time they should have to concentrate on their health and fitness. Now they really want to get in shape so they can keep up with both of these young adults.

Volleyball, track, softball, dance... EVERY night there is SOMETHING this woman is at supporting. It's her turn now and it's HER turn for ME to support her.

If you are reading this and know Sheila L Phillips,  PLEASE email her about ALL of the products that could help you! Wether you need more energy, weight loss or are looking for something that yields FULL time INCOME with PART time EFFORT, email her! Not only are you helping yourself, but you are SUPPORTING another WOMAN! Just like she did for me!

I am so COMMITTED to helping this woman and her family only to return any of the kindness and support they've given me all these years. And when they are on their way to financial freedom, I'll do nothing but smile.

Sheila is building her team. So am I! It's EASY to join and now more than ever, it's a huge WHY NOT to!

You buy these products anyway. Why not join up and buy from YOU! And have friends and family buy from you too? Just like the drugstore? Only you are much cuter than a drugstore... haha.

It's 79.00 to join plus tax and shipping. You get $69.00 with of #Spark #EnergyDrink sent to you in a few days! Joining is Just like Sam’s Club. Only joining a Cosco doesn’t give you FREE product for joining! No sales quotas! No Auto Ships! Just join! You WIN across the board! Now you get a 20%-40% discount on products you buy anyway for a YEAR! Renew the next year for only $50.00!

Why don't you change your life? Get healthy? Find something positive to do with your time? There is enough stuff out there that's negative. It doesn’t improve our lives at all. Join my team today and I promise things will really change for you, all you have to do is try!

Join MY Team here!

For SHEILA'S Friends:
EMAIL SHEILA to join HER team!

I will PERSONALLY get on the phone with you BOTH and answer ANY questions you have! With JOY!!!

Sheila is going to do so well in this business and company. Like Sheila, Advocare is ALL about helping people. What a PERFECT combination. What a PERFECT fit!
I am so HONORED you are on the team woman!
Now start your OWN! You've got some people's lives to CHANGE forever!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Too Old To Work !| Over 40 in the work place is a joke! | Throw In The Towel | Goldy Locks Fitness

Seriously, what does anyone working anywhere past 40 have to offer anyone? They are just too old. What could they possibly contribute?

Well if you're in the music business give it up by 25. That's what any "industry" person would tell you. Who usually consists of someone with no talent related to a label CEO. That's how it used to be. But it's not anymore.

Technology and the Internet have changed a lot. Records can be recorded and promoted from a college dorm room. Profitable records. Serious pieces of work and companies are being started by 15 year olds. Tim Ferriss, @TFerriss refers to these peeps as the "New Rich" - The 4-Hour Work Week.

What's funny is if all these kids can start companies and make money, than why can't people past 40?

Well they are. I have never answered the "How old are you question" because frankly who cares and how is it relevant to anything? Am I doing my job? Are you entertained? Then what does it matter? America. Obsessed with age and obsessed with numbers on a scale. I think it’s crazy therefore I ignore it.

I get tired of women especially being told in entertainment that they are just "too old..." to old for what? Why are females always a target? You can be Sean Connery, Harrison Ford or Clint Eastwood, have more wrinkles than a dried up prune yet still be referred to as "distinguished?" The female equivalent is just a "wow...she really looks bad.”
If we were to walk down the street and see a bald woman, chances are we’d think she had cancer and was going through treatment. Yet when we see Dwayne The Rock Johnson, we all say how hot is.

There is a double standard for women and men in America. I am committed to doing everything that I can to change that. I want women to realize especially just how beautiful they truly are. I want ALL women to realize they truly can BE a #StrongGoldenGirl.

My 50 year old friend in publicity left her long standing job at a popular firm to do her own thing. I remember her saying in a disheartened voice that no one would hire a 50 year old woman. I sure would have in a heart beat had I had the budget. She is amazing! Her decision to leave scared her at the time, but she is doing an awesome job with her own firm now.

People, especially women get better with time. We are like wine or a great piece of beef! With some marinating & rest time we are plumb for the pickin’. Imagine the amount of experience and knowledge my friend has after years of seeing entertainers grow up and become the greats. She'd seen it all and helped them become the stars they are today.
Hiring some kid out of the gate has its advantages too. They are privy to the latest technology and have a fresh perspective. But again, having someone more mature on your team balances it all out.

I am very proud to announce the newest member of my Advocare Golden Power Team, Debbie Russo Jenada. She is an experienced business owner, she has been successful in other MLMS and frankly I'm looking forward to be taught a few things by her myself!
She enrolled not only as a distributor but made her way to Advisor in a day. Now she is at the top discount level, payout level and will be paid 5 ways from Advocare. She gets it! She will blow her business up within a few months and I know within one to two years be able to work her other businesses WHEN she wants and not because she needs to.  How do I know?  Because in case you haven't noticed I'm not stupid. I surround myself with the most positive, loving, kind, considerate and incredible people possible!

Just LOOK at a gift this woman took the initiative to bring to a show! An antique scale! 
She'd seen footage of my home on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates when they featured my home and found this piece to give me. Just wow! Talk about paying attention. 
This woman is a for SURE a success!

Or how about printing up her OWN Goldy lockS Band T-shirt and wearing to a show? She did this on her own. Without being asked. Talk about someone I want to be around. KINDNESS + POSITIVE = SUCCESS!

Part of ANY successful business is letting people know YOU ARE in business. Advocare is the same way. Debbie within one week already has her business cards, posters and promo to put in her other shops, she is CONSTANTLY talking about Advocare and these products. The BEST reason she will be a incredible success in this business, she TAKES the product! She is starting her Advocare 24 Day challenge and will be a walking BILLBOARD. 
People will see results, ask how she did it! BAMN!

By becoming an Advocare distributor you PUSH YOU to become the best YOU you can be.

We're not selling cookies cakes and candy here people. We represent a 23 year old company that changes people's lives in health and in finances.
Look in you cabinets! Any vitamins? Supplements? Coffee? Weight loss pills? Meal shakes? Ok. Did you make money purchasing them? Did a friend?

You buy these products anyway. Why not join up and buy from YOU! And have friends and family buy from you too? Just like the drugstore? Only you are much cuter than a drugstore... haha.

It's 79.00 to join plus tax and shipping. You get $60. Just like Sam’s Club. Only joining a Cosco doesn’t give you FREE product for joining! No sales quotas! No Auto Ships! Just join! You WIN across the board! Now you get a 20%-40% discount on products you buy anyway for a YEAR! Renew the next year for only $50.00!

One of the reasons that he said that she wanted to make money in AdvoCare was to help people. This is a given. The company is completely structured around helping everyone. Having energy, gaining muscle, and losing overall fast, is a good thing. For your heart, your health and your whole body. But financially, this is huge for people like Debbie, who has said her monthly hospitalization is very high. She wants to make enough money to not worry about it and more. And she will.

She told me she wants to buy a Corvette. She also told me her favorite color was blue. So I've taken it upon myself to post this picture here.

I say within a year and a half, I will buy a ticket to go visit Debbie and take a ride in her new Corvette. It will probably take less time than that. She's already there in her mind, but she's going to have me on her side to coach help every step of the way. Anyone joining the Golden Power team will have me there to support and help and then to them as well.

If you're reading this and interested, then that means I show up and help you with your mixer and your spark parties. That's how it works.

So many times late night at work on a break we skim social media pages milling over stupid content and useless material. How about you login here and join my team.
Why don't you change your life? Get healthy? Find something positive to do with your time? There is enough stuff out there that's negative. It doesn’t improve our lives at all. Join my team today and I promise things will really change for you, all you have to do is try!

Join MY Team here!

I’m not sure what Mrs. Jenada’s age is. I know she may be past 25 though. ;-) Honestly, someone’s age doesn’t matter in life, it’s where their mind is. Now through eating smart, exercise and being on Advocare’s products, I know Debbie will completely change her life. I can’t wait to be there every step of the way and drive off into the sunset in that brand new Corvette!

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Word Choices | F Word | Golden Power Team | Freedom | Goldy Locks Fitness

Word Choices. We all have them, choose them. We are all different.
I’ve always kind of cringed at the word “Fan”. That’s why I call it the “F” word.

The people who come to our shows, buy things from me, support and follow me are just more like friends. In fact, many of them have been better people to me than ones proclaiming to BE my friends.

I get pooped out when people claiming to be a buddy just bag out, cancel, don’t show up to things they say they will come to or just forget to even respond back. That’s petty crappy. It doesn’t make me feel very good. It’s like an emotional hangover.

I always fantasize about when I get to the “next level”, being able to go back and help so many people who helped me. I wonder how much money would I have to make to give so and so that new car? Or what about that persons kid’s college fund? These are the things I truly think about in my head at night.

What’s that saying about Jesus seeing his shadow and it’s going to be a long summer? Lol. Or leading a fish to water? Teach someone to swim? How’s that go? Oh, You can feed a man or you can teach him to fish… haha. That’s it!

You people aren’t my “fans.” You are living beings whom I’ve come to know and love. I know you. I know a lot going on in your lives. And I can’t even BEGIN to tell you what it means when you join up on my Advocare‪ #‎GoldenPower‬ Team. Seriously. I NOW can help YOU do some things you may not have been able to do and do them FASTER than some of my friends with degrees, documents and papers. In fact many people in our organization walk away from some pretty high paying and wonderful jobs, just because they can now. They pursue what they always wanted. They have the time to be with their families every day. All because of a company that helps people get fit. A company that gives people energy does this. One I fell into that is helping me become financially free. And it’s easy. All you have to do is listen and be teachable.

When this next chick became a distributor I almost fell out of my chair. She has come to EVERY West Virginia show, she has sent me gifts, cards, supported my online shop, given me smiles and hugs and just has BEEN there. All I can think of is WHAT can I DO for HER?

This woman and her friends have BEEN there for me. A Fan. See? How can I use that word here? The whole Ohio / West Virginia area is joining my team. They are starting their OWN teams! We can work TOGETHER to help out EVERYONE they know who want to WIN! I have a REASON now to get my rear end up to see them more often. I have a reason I am FOREVER connected to people I ADORE! And I know I will help them make STUPID amounts of money helping people. 
Win, Win, Win!

We are connected through music. And in my eyes, MUSIC is one of the most POWERFUL forces out there.
I don’t come in too far behind.

If you truly knew what was in my heart, you would understand that last statement. I will change the world and I already am. Because I have the best walking with me hand in hand and side by side.
I want a world where people are patient, kind and respect each other. You don’t need to agree with everyone, you don’t even need to like them, but love them. I want a community where the people I love are doing well. They are healthy. They are not on medications. They are strong, fit and have joy in their lives like I do. I want my friends to have no debt. And to live with the strongest of strong financial freedom.

Email today and join up on my team. I want to help.

Or just JOIN here! XXOO

Thank you Laura Huthmacher for coming on board. Woman, I am SO pumped!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rock | Drummers | Energy | Power | Goldy Locks Fitness | Musicians Making Money!

I am SO happy and proud to announce my NEW #GoldenPower Team Advocare Member Rod Saylor!

He has been quietly listening to me talk about Advocare, how I'm helping people lose weight, get stronger, have more energy and make EXTRA income. I kept thinking to myself, I WISH he would become a distributor so I can really teach him the things that are working for me.

He introduced me to his friend a while back. For months she was watching, commenting and LIKING posts, then one day she because a distributor. She got on product, did the #24DayChallange and lost a lot of weight. She continues on product to gain lean muscle and get to her fitness goals. All because Of Rod. I thought, wow, if you can help your friends, why not help yourself?

 This is an ACTUAL Before and After Pic of my Golden Power Team Mate Honour!
She has gone on to get completely ripped! So excited for her!

So many musicians can stay busy at certain times of the week or year even. It gets hard to make ends meet on the finances sometimes. I see my friends busting their rear ends or doing jobs to supplement their income they really hate.

Email me. I will send you more answers about how YOU can make serious money just helping people. You take products that put you in the best health of your life. You have more energy than you did as a kid. People notice! They ask you WHAT you are DOING?! You direct them to your OWN Advocare website. They buy from you. You make 20-40% and get paid FIVE, 5, yes FIVE different ways! WHERE else do you even find this?

I don't sell COOKIES, CANDY or CAKES people. I represent supplements that EVERY one of you have in a drawer, cabinet or cupboard. But you bought them at any old store. Did anyone make money to better their life off of that purchase? Did someone you know start saving for their retirement? Or even get out of debt? No.

Buy what you NEED everyday from yourself. Become a distributor like Rod did. It's 79.00 and you get almost $60.00 worth of FREE product delivered to your house in a few days. That's it. It's like Sam's Club. No pressure. No auto ship, No sales Quota. You just enjoy the products at a 20 - 40% discount. And make up to 40% off of what people see you taking and order from YOU!

 This is an ACTUAL order from one of my Golden Power Team!
She received it in TWO days of signing up!

Here's where you go to become a distributor on my team! 

I want to build the most INCREDIBLE force known to the universe!

Now I am one step closer with my dear friend and #Bandmate Rod Saylor of the Goldy lockS Band. I can teach him everything I know and watch HIS team and business blow up! I can't WAIT until I hear HIS first SUCCESS story! I can't WAIT until he shows me a bank statement where HE is making money! Thank you to my good good buddy for believing and doing what I know will bring him GREAT success!!!!!

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Sexy | Hot | Paid! | Goldy Locks | The Factory Photography

I just got paid to sit and stare at two incredibly hot and talented dudes this week. The Cheaters! And I’m not mad! They flew me out to their hometown of Baltimore Maryland to capture the essence of what they are about as people, remember their roots and celebrate their surroundings growing up.

I ate amazing seafood and watched incredible sunsets. What a great gig!

The thing that many people don’t see is the beauty inside these two men. They are beyond gifted yet this duo has remained humble all these years making music together. Their success definitely attributes itself to right place right time, but it’s easy to see these guys are making it because people just “like” them.

It’s actually to fun to help nice and deserving people. I know I busted my hump the last few days. I wouldn’t have if they were creeps!

The best thing about these cats is they try. So many times I shoot artists and bands and nothing ever becomes of the shots. Go follow @TheCheaters. Look at how MANY of the shots from the last 2014 March shoot were used and 
used to the highest hilt. 
It made me proud to see not only my work shine, but also the subjects in it.

If I ask you to do something, pose a certain way, and look a direction... chances are it's not for my health. I'm looking through the lens and maybe you don't look as great as you think you do. So shut up. Just do what I tell you to and smile. That's what you're paying me for. Wink

These guys get it. They are so so cool to work with. They roll with the punches and never complain. And it makes them a joy to shoot. I just rolled off a run in North Carolina. Didn't sleep and almost missed my flight. It was a horrible flight and I got right off and went into the field. I’m not complaining. Just making the point you don’t always know what someone has just been through. So it makes it so much easier when my subjects are cooperative and easy going.

You pay me and pay me well for a job. I've researched your ideas and listened to your concepts. I go into this with a good blueprint but I professional enough to improvise when opportunities present themselves.

Stay tuned to some pretty amazing guys, images and ALL NEW announcements from The Cheaters. Please check out their NEW video here: 

The Cheaters
She Got A Way

Leave a comment and SHARE please. Every bit helps #IndyArtists!

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