Sunday, August 31, 2014

Naked And Ranch Dressing

I was too lazy to get dressed after my shower. I sat down at my hotel desk to work. When I looked up at the “desk” mirror, lol, I just stopped and realized, you know? 
Women are so beautiful just how they are. Even me!

I love make up! I love getting all glammed and gussied. I live for heels taller than me. Dresses and bling make the world go around. But ladies, don’t forget, at the end of the day when it all comes off, it’s what’s inside you that truly makes you beautiful.

Start with a good heart and a shinny smile and I promise, you will reach every goal you set out to achieve.

We all have some “tweaking” to do. 
We can all stand to tighten and tone up some areas! 
I’m not saying not to. 
But I AM saying,
Look in the mirror and LOVE what you see. 
No matter what. :-)

Dudes! Make sure and COMPLIMENT your partner when the least expected. Get them climbing into bed, or when they aren't all dolled up. 
I PROMISE you... it goes a loooonnnnggggg way. ;-)

Goldy Knows. Muah! XXOO

PS. It really smells like ranch dressing in my hotel room. I spilled it all over myself and it stinks. I guess ranch dressing is beautiful too? But it really wreaks! Lol •  

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