Monday, August 11, 2014

My Knight In Shinning Armor.

I think every chick dreams about being somewhere at the right place, right time… and having a someone sweep her off her feet. Don’t lie. You know you have. :-)

We all have some preconceived notion of what they will look like, how it all will go down. Everyone has fantasized about being at work and having their dream person just “show up”. Having it all play out like in the movies.

I play a lot of places. I travel a ton. I get a big kick out of people saying, “It must be so tempting on the road…” Sure. After a 4 hour show of sweating my a$$ off the first thing that comes to mind after loading out a smelly smoky venue is taking that guy who’s been drinking all night back to my hotel… Yes. This is the FIRST thing on my mind. Lol. Honestly, it never happens. I’m shot. I’m spent. I’m so not Rock N Roll. Ha ha ha.

A few weeks ago in Evansville Indiana a very cute man sat at a table watching me load in. I didn’t think much of it. I always greet the crowd and people just as soon as I set up and get situated. So I knew I would eventually speak to him. But he beat me to it. “I’ve been a fan for a long time Goldy Locks” he said. I scoffed, as I hate that pretentious word. Lol. I said “friend.” Let’s just use that. If you come to my show, you are more of a friend than a fan. Say “supporter” or anything but fan. Elvis had “fans…”

He said he knew me from years ago in MN. And he’d been following me through the years. He had this show on his calendar for several months and drove a really long way. “I” was blown away. What a beautiful and precious man. He was full of smiles, energy and love. It was such an honor to have him there.

When the dance floor was empty I jumped off stage to kind of “get the party started”. Not more than 2 seconds later. My friend was right there behind me on the dance floor and didn’t care what anyone thought.

What a beautiful night for “me” that Friday night. So many times I’ve been waiting, hoping some man would just show up and be “that guy”. Well this one was already in a long-term relationship. Happy. And I was happy for him. But how wonderful I got a chance to feel like that Cinderella for one night.

Thank you Joe for taking time out of your busy and important day to come see me. Thank you for reminding me of all the music I’ve put out over the years, videos and projects. Thank you for the hugs and for being an amazing person all these years. You made my year.

The next time you are “wanting” something, remember it can come in all shapes, sizes, people and scenarios. I got my Knight In Shinning Armor, just not in the package I expected. ;-)

See the good, see the beauty in EVERY experience you have.

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  1. Goldy - this is such an awesome post, thank you! You know I have loved you for years and have great memories of our escapades together. Here is to many more in the future! You rock girl!