Thursday, March 26, 2015

Support | Friendship | Building | Strengthening | Uplifting

I had the pleasure of stopping into #AverJoesEnt yesterday and having a #PreListining party to the NEW @TwangandRound EP #PourAnotherRound
Per usual, it was #Incredible.

Not only did they share their music and talent, but their interest in what I'm doing with #GoldyLocksFitness and@Advocare.

These guys are no strangers to all night drives to the next port, wiped out and exhausted, having to stay awake and be focused. It's hard.

Rather thank crank on more #Coffee we discussed a#Better alternative to an #EnergyDrink... #Spark!

EVERYTHING to show me support without me ever asking. 
These are the people I will surround myself with and help till the end of time.

Keep your body and mind #healthy, but ALSO your#Relationships and #Friendships!

The NEW EP #PourAnotherRound is almost complete and let's just say I'm #AllWiredUp for this record!

Check out EVERYTHING new from Twang & Round at!

They EVEN are on @ABC WBKO Midday Live in Bowling Green, KY TOMORROW Morning, 11AM! Tune in! These guys are awesome AND friends of@GoldyLocksRocks & @GoldyKnows!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How to Lose Weight at ANY age | Feel Great | Have Energy | Goldy Locks Fitness

Day 6 of my AdvoCare​ #24DayChallenge! Feeling GREAT!

Down THREE lbs! Back on TRACK! 

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Energy | Strength | My Love Affair | My Confession | Advocare | Spark

My honest confession!

I have some samples I promised some of you! 

So many people want to try #Spark #EnergyDrink & some of the shakes!

I always say "Come see me at the show to try!"

But I keep EATING & DRINKING everything! 

I JUST got my box in! SO I will get out your product to try!

I'm so sure you will love these Advocare products as much as I do. 

I drink Spark every day, use their meal replacement shakes, bars, #Natural #FatBurners and MANY other products! 

Let me be your walking billboard to know Advocare is #Superior!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Cat Stevens | Father And Son | Goldy lockS Band | Tribute To My Father

I seldom talk about my childhood. It’s a chapter I’ve moved on from. 
I didn’t get a long with my father for a long time. 
But through time, communication and healing, truly anything is possible.

Ladies, you can’t change a man. Get that out of your head. 
But? A man can change if he wants to.

The song in this video, is a very powerful song. It shows that through music, even in tough times, anything is possible. My dad & I would communicate through the walls of our old house, by singing and playing guitar. Even when we were upset, songs from Cat Steven’s “Tea For The Tillerman” would ring through the drywall, calming things down with it’s gentle notes. I was named after all, after the song “Moon Shadow” a very positive and powerful track embedded on that vinyl record that would float around our home.

Cat Stevens | Father & Son | Goldy lockS Band | Tribute To My Father

I thank each and every one of you who has ever friended me on Facebook, shared a video or post, read my blogs, LIKED a page, bought a record, came to a show, or showed me & our band support in your own way. You allow me to live my dream and own the stage with the power you give me. I feed off of your positive energy and in turn am able to give others special moments hopefully they will remember throughout their lifetime. But it is because of you. And know I know that.

My father told me a month ago, that he used to be lucky. But he lost his luck charm, and his luck changed that very day. I asked him what that charm was, and after explaining it to me, I went out and sought a new one… And this is my gift to him.

This was a very emotional song for me to sing for many reasons. I thank my two beautiful band mates Vera Herten and Jake Tolle for graciously holding me together. How awesome to be sandwiched between these two tremendously talented people and musicians.

When someone says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… they sure don’t know my dad. I attribute my strength to watching this man change. God Bless him.

#CatStevens #YusufIslam #FatherAndSon #GoldyLocks #GoldyLocksRocks #GoldyLocksBand #GoldyKnows #TomTheConservat #Father #Dad

Monday, March 16, 2015

Younger Skin At Any Age With Advocare SYS Skincare & Goldy Locks

Beautiful, Young, Fresh, Clean and Easy!
The Goldy Locks Fitness Way!

This is a pic of me right out of the camera. My skin looks pretty awesome if I may say! :-) 
I drink a lot of water daily and also started using The @Advocare #SYS Skincare line.

It's working. It's clean, simple, smells very neutral and would be perfect for men to use too. 
Want to give someone a GREAT gift? Even you?

What's the first thing people notice? 
You purse? Shoes? ... Try your face. :-) Try some today. You will love it as much as I do.

THIS is my hotel bathroom product on the road!

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Love | Marriage | Equality | Love & Be Loved | Great Day For A Wedding

Today I have a #GoldenCelebration for ALL getting married! Whoo!

Look at these #Beautiful peeps and #Gorgeous #Bride to be, March 28th! 
What a date!

Remember in you celebrations and festivities to #Include #LGBT in their quest for equality for ALL! 
They have the right to LOVE and BE loved too! 

I will #Always be a voice for those who sometimes are a little more quiet with their dreams, desires and needs. Because I was given a BIG mouth! So I use it!!!!

Here's a little video to make EVERYONE SMILE getting ready for their #BigDay!

It's A Sure Great Day For A Wedding By Goldy Locks!

To the peeps buying Advocare, Goldy lockS iTunes, product from my Factory online store... you know who you are... I love you. You will never know just how much.

DOWNLOAD on iTunes Today!
That will make ME smile!!


I love ALL you peeps! Goldy

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dress Blues | Vietnam | Summer Heat | Chilies

Not a lot of people know what really happened in the Vietnam War, but I know someone who does. She is a woman who has served her country in Vietnam, and to me he is the biggest hero I have ever met. Recently I was asked to help complete a task on this seniors bucket list. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to oblige. I was to go to Austin Texas and shoots this tremendous soldier in her dress blues. 
It was an opportunity that I will never forget.

A few years back, there was an exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum. It was on the Vietnam War. There were many photos, plaques and statues to commemorate the fallen soldiers but one picture was more important to me than others. It was a photo of a young nurse who must have been pretty extraordinary to have been chosen to hang on the wall of this museum. It was the woman I was going to shoot. She was strong, brace, experienced, driven and focused. And she still is.

So many times we think of women as being the weaker sex, or not able to do the same things that a man can. Clearly this woman proved everyone wrong. When it comes to physical strength, passion, integrity, this woman of history beats out many today. 

Legend has it and I confirmed this to be true, one scorching hot summer, the medical staff ran out of anesthesia fluid in that American tent buried deep in the arm pit of Vietnam. Rather than let soldiers die who came in and needed surgery immediately, this nurse decided to buy needed supplies on her own credit. I found this to be extraordinary. Thousands of dollars went on this US soldier's credit card, so that supplies could be shipped to Vietnam for our US soldiers to survive. It's almost unbelievable. But it's not.

I think it's safe to say that's going above and beyond the call of duty. The ironic thing is when she was filing her taxes post war, the IRS would not let her write off the price of the medical supplies she bought on credit. My next sentence would be to curse here but I'm not. I'm taking the high road in this article out of respect.

I arrived in Austin and we immediately went to Chilies. Apparently the Buffalo Chicken salad is one of her favorites. Everyone knew this larger than life lady and greeted her. S
he was a celebrity. Some things never change. 

We scouted out where we would be shooting the next day. Different memorials in Austin, the capital, museums and beautiful buildings. We had it all set. The next day she would be getting her makeup done at the MAC makeup center. The woman who are originally had hired somehow wasn't there. I was pissed. Everything needed to be perfect for this.

Out came a very young man who didn't even look 18. I judged him. I thought my God I didn't fly all this way to have some kid do makeup for our epic shoot! But I swallowed my pride and shut my mouth for once and was blown away. Usually it's the older people who are discriminated against and are prejudged. This time it was me judging a young man, who clearly was talented beyond his years. He nailed the look. From the red lips to the the smokey eyes, he even filled in the eyebrows making them absolutely exquisite. We were ready to go.

The day resembled that closely to probably one of the days in Vietnam. It was disgustingly humid, hot and sticky. But I had flown out, and we had a job to do. There were pictures that needed to be taken to commemorate a mark in time that had now fast forwarded just a bit. With grace, honor and just a little age. :-)

Most artists, entertainers and musicians  would never have made it in this weather. Especially in full fledged authentic dress blues. This anesthesiologist never said a word, not one single complaint. I'm sure she knew there was a salad at Chili's waiting for her. I got a glimpse at how this woman probably operated in that war. I often heard stories of her friends and the other soldiers. I have found an even new found respect for these men and women who have served our country. They truly are our heroes.

We did well. But one of the places we were supposed to shoot in would not allow me to bring in my gear. This didn't sit well with Pat. Nor with me. Some s*** hit the fan. 
I'll just leave it at that. 

We were allowed in, but without my flash. So I brought it anyway. Did you expect anything else? When guards were not looking I did what needed to be done. And we got some amazing photographs. How could we not? My subject was amazing. 

Many people are alive today because of what the men and women serving in Vietnam did for us. They gave their lives so that we might still enjoy our freedom today. Nothing is free people. Remember that. Remember some of the people who are in your family, might have been one of those people who received so complimentary medical supplies and we're kept alive by fluid purchased by Pat. Think about it. Be grateful. I sure am.

Don't let a day go by where you don't thank a service person that you see. Go out of your way and make it known how much you appreciate them. You don't need to agree with our government, politics, or even their beliefs. 

Because they do a job, United buy one flag and one country. And they are amazing. Thank you to all of our US military from the bottom of our hearts, for all that you have done and all that you continue to do. May God be with you always.

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