Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Goldy Locks on TLC Extreme Cheapskates LAST day of CONTEST! Dinner AND a Winner!


I HAVE STUFF FOR YOU! And I want all my PEEPS to WIN it! Here's how! 
Come on! Only TWO more days!!!

Please turn your TV’s to the TLC Network Wed 11/5 at 9/8PM CST. AND even more importantly, tell your friends to do the same! Everyone knows RATINGS are really important! It doesn’t cost YOU a thing! But really HELPS me! I could really use your help spreading the word. I promise you AND your friends will be ENTERTAINED!
And to show my appreciation, I’m putting my money where my mouth is! Lol. Or maybe some food and some socks!

1 pretty snazzy lucky winner in the Nashville area will get a chance to have me come crash their pad, Wed, Nov. 5 to watch TLC’s EXTREME Cheapskates LIVE with me!


1. Create an event on YOUR Facebook Page
2. Use THIS banner on this post

3. Include THIS copy on the TITLE of the event
4. Goldy Locks MY friend on TLC Extreme Cheapskates 11/5 9/8 CST!
5. Invite FRIENDS!
6. Make sure and invite ME!
I put all the people within ONE hour proximity into one bowl.
Everyone else in another a “PRIZES” bowl!
I draw the DINNER WINNER on Tue Night out of “local” bowl.
Then draw ALL of the other WINNERS from the “not local” bowl.
12 runners up can be from anywhere in the world. I’m giving away:
2 $50.00 Restaurant Gift Certificates


10 pair of Spun Bamboo SOCKS from my AWESOME sponsor EcoCise Bamboo International! These socks are the most COMFORTABLE miracles you will ever wear!

You win either way! Watch the show and laugh at or WITH me and enter my contest to win some pretty cool prizes AND dinner with ME!
PS. There's a SPECIAL something in it for who's ever even has the MOST friends going. XXOO

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