Saturday, November 8, 2014

TLC Extreme Cheapskates Post Show THANK YOU From Goldy Locks

This email is only to say THANKS & to remind you all to go after whatever it is in your just keep going. :-)
There is a very precious woman I see at the gym. She looks to be about 500 lbs. I know even moving for her is difficult. I approached her one day with a smile and just high fived her. Told her I see in here kicking @$$ & was very proud of her. I think her face lit up brighter than any Christmas tree I've ever seen. She is beautiful and tries harder than I ever have. It's amazing to see.

The other day, she saw a poster for the TLC Cheapskates show hanging on the wall. She asked if that was me. I just smiled. In excitement she said she'd watch. Lol. Everyone always says that...

Today she saw me, overjoyed to tell me she and 8 of her friends watched the show. How funny it was and that she was proud to be my friend. I barley know this person, but this time the "Christmas Tree Smile" was mine. :-)

The segment on TLC wasn't what I expected. I had hope they would show a bit more than they did, but that's beside the point. The point is, more people watched than I could have even believed. Tweets, Shares, Likes, Follows, Hashtags... I'm in awe.

I am in awe and honored at so many people even giving a ... And so I was was very moved and wanted to just say thank you.

If you watched, thank you. If you told someone to watch, thank you, if you even continue to stay on my little newsletter, thank you. This is a mass emailing, as I have a few peeps on this list... :-). But it's from the heart.

The whole reason I was on the show was because someone saw an add and told me. And my dad and friends just went a long, per usual, with whatever the hell I asked them too. Lol. I have an amazing agent, publicist, lawyer and team of well, a ton of people who help me out on any given day. I am blessed and I shout from the mountaintops, thank you. :-)

If you're reading this and need a little spark in your step, just pretend I'm kickin' you where the sun don't shine saying, "You got this!"  Don't give up, don't let anyone steel your joy or thunder. Plow ahead and get what it is you desire. Because you wear your own ruby slippers. 

I leave you with this. Look at the inset pic above. That's from a friend I met one day on the road. Another beautiful and precious man who has done a lot for me. Thank you "Sassy Pants." He took the time to put it on FOUR TV monitors at work. Wow...

THIS is my audition piece. I shot it myself, edited it and made my family take part. My point in showing you this is to remind you: GET OFF YOUR DUFF if there is something you want to do! Because if you chip away at whatever, in just a little time, you will achieve what it is you want to.

I'm really proud of this piece. Because if I hadn't taken the initiative to shoot it and submit it, I'd never have gotten the TV spot I did.

Thank you to my dad. The greatest guy to ever walk the planet. His support for me is just sickening. His talent and intelligence goes without saying. I'm so lucky to have the family and friends I do, and that includes everyone reading this now.

Have an AWESOME week!!!


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