Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What do @Zildjian Cymbals, @Gretsch Drums & @Vic Firth ALL have in common?

The AWESOMENESS of +Rod Saylor , +Rod Saylor 

What a joy and honor to play with @drumninja6,  +Goldy Locks Band. Always pro, always taking time to talk "Drums." 

It's more than a show when Rod's involved.
He plays an amazing +gretschdrumsusa kit here, with @Vic Firth sticks and his solid @Zildjian Cymbals.

Thanks to Bret Michaels+Bret Michaels , Pete Evick @PeteEvick & @HardRockCasino for the opener!

@GoldyKnows @Goldylocksrocks ‪#‎Shed‬ ‪#‎Drummers‬ Modern Drummer Magazine

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