Monday, November 16, 2015

Practice How You Want To Perform | Goldy Locks

Years ago I had a boss who would say, "Never make an excuse."  He said it made someone look weak. Just own up when you're late, didn't respond on time or do the task at hand.  A laundry list of excuses really makes a person look scattered and unprofessional.
He later would go on to make every excuse in the book to his higher ups and we would lose accounts. I would then lose my job. All for the best though. Change is necessary to go different places. 
I find many people just make a habit of making excuses.I stopped that years ago. 
It get's me nowhere.

Make it a point to #Practice how you want to perform.  Make habits of doing the RIGHT thing.
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

How To Make Fast Extra Money & Not Live Pay Check To Pay Check with Goldy Locks!

I've been traveling all week.

It's either for The Goldy lockS Band
TV meetings
Entrepreneurial endeavors

Or to go help people I meet who join our Advocare team.

Yesterday I was talking to a very good friend who's thinking about joining up and it occurred to me, many of you don't even understand what that means or what it even is.
I've done and had my friends do a lot of crazy pyramid, get rich quick, schemes and businesses. It cost a lot of money to start up, they were hidden fees, monthly quotas, shipments that just showed up at the house, and credit card charges that I didn't expect. Many of you have the same experience. That's why I'm sharing quickly today that AdvoCare is probably the most amazing company I've ever encountered.

Everything they have promised, they have followed through with. It's the only thing that's consistent in my life right now! Haha. I share products with people and I get paid every 2 weeks. There is so much joy in having breathing room every month, when by being an entertainer, in the past, I've had to live paycheck to paycheck. Only with musicians there is no "paycheck" it's when you can find work and then you have to make that stretch until the next gig.

So this post today goes out to anyone out there to is tapped out with time but needs more money. Would you please let me help you? I'm helping a lot of beautiful people who aren't extroverts like me. :). They are not salesman or women, just business men, women, busy moms, school teachers and nurses, laborers, realtors and students, musicians and wrestlers. ;). I can help anybody. All you need to do is join up and find me anyone I can to talk to. I listen to what they need and see if it falls in the category of weight loss, more energy, better performance, or like many, someone who just needs extra income. You find me friends and family or anyone at work, we set up a time just to chat and I help them figure out a solution. And you get paid for that.

It's 79.99 to join. You get 3 boxes of spark energy drink valued at 69 99. So for just a little over $10 you immediately have the opportunity for a positive cash flow business. That's it. No catch, no strings attached, no weirdness. That's why I'm constantly talking about this and always so excited!

 Because I love helping people. I love watching people smile at shows, & I love getting emails from people on our team saying I have money in my bank account today because of AdvoCare. I can pay bills, feed my family, and save some extra money or pay down our debt and annoying student loans.

I'm looking for wonderful people to work with. Maybe you only have two or three hours a week. Guess what? That's enough. Why don't you just try? You have everything to gain and I'm always looking for more people to help. It helps me tremendously as well!

Email me.  Or just take a look at THIS viceo:

I will send you a video that really explains more in detail. :-) No pressure. This company has been around for 23 years and is hitting the One Billion Dollar company mark. They are doing well and helping thousands of "normal" people have "extraordinary" income. All for helping people perform their best. WIn WIn Win!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How Advocare helped me learn to LOVE my father even more! | Goldy Locks

Well crap! Lol The LAST pic shouldn't be in here! Opps! ;-)

I'm sharing this at the risk of looking completely cheezy & sappy. I normally don't post things this personal, but I think it can help some people. :-)

I think many kids didn't have the greatest relationship with their folks growing up. I know I butted heads with my dad a lot. But as I grew older I realized he was just a person like I am, with feelings, hopes and dreams. My mother has passed and I realize even more how "human" our parents really are.

Tonight there was a call for Advocare, where people on our team just listen to inspiring words and get revved up to help peeps esp during the holidays. People eat too much! And the credit card debt becomes crazy with the pressures of the season. My dad and I FaceTimed afterwards and it really gave us a cool time to just talk. 

We talked about debt, student loans people have, families trying to pay off mortgages, my friend in nursing school who are just dying with debt & no energy, friends he knows who are moving back home to live with parents, friends kid's borrowing a lot of money... and it just hit us both how cool it is we have this opportunity to work together, helping so many people just... well, be "better."

All these years I NEVER thought I would be working with my dad. lol. But I am. And he uses his Spark as a handicapped senior man to get through his YMCA workouts. He shares with his other senior friends there and receives a check every few weeks. This makes my heart smile. Who would have thought Advocare would make TWO "Aries" get a long better? Lol. 

We have other people on our team that share products and success that are also siblings, mother daughter, father, daughter... I love it. 

Many of you ask what products we both use. Stay tuned. I'll try and list one every few days and explain just what it does and how it can help. :-)

Cheers to all the parents out there! The conservative, the holy, the edgy, the rock'n rollers, the Metal heads, the STAR WARS geeky fans, the wrestling marks and mom's who got knocked up very young! You're doing an AMAZING job! I live vicariously! 

I love you dad! Thank you Tom TheConservative for CHOOSING health and fitness, going the gym, taking products that give you life and energy and not just letting the pain rule your life. You're an inspiration and a lesson in just SHUTTING UP and gettin er done!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book the PERFECT wedding BAND, the Goldy lockS Band today!

From musical prelude through ceremony and reception, 
the Goldy lockS Band offers far more than your everyday wedding band.
Perhaps you want traditional and intimate acoustic selections for your ceremony, and a high energy full-band celebration for your reception. The Goldy lockS Band has the solution for every mood and memorable moment.
With their original song “It’s A Sure Great Day For A Wedding” Goldy lockS caught the attention of radio programmers… and the bridal industry. The song has had national exposure through radio and television appearances on shows including syndicated daytime TV. It was played live at super model Victoria Pennington’s wedding.
You may select vocalist and guitar for your ceremony and full band for your reception. You may even choose to work with Goldy to craft your very own original wedding song which she and the band will help you write for your special day.
Whatever you choose, Goldy and the band will work with you to create your very own one-of-a-kind event that is a reflection of you, your partner and your unique relationship.

Singer/songwriter Goldy Locks has toured the world for more than a decade. The Goldy lockS Band is one of the top cover bands in the country, providing dynamic and moving entertainment for corporate events, casinos and clubs with over 200 shows annually.

We look forward to making your day #Amazing! Bring some Goldy lockS Band to YOUR wedding! Now booking 2016!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Self-Sabotaging | Turn Around | Expect Greatness

Last night I was antsy. I was working too long of a stretch and just needed to leave the studio. But for what? I was going to do my normal late night run to Kroger and buy something healthy, but maybe "not" so healthy would find itself into my grocery bag...

Why was I even going? I wasn't even hungry. I take many natural products that suppress my appetite. I'm not dying over here. Lol. It's just what I'm "used" to. You've heard of "muscle" memory... I guess I have "hunger" memory! I do things out of habit or what I "think" will make me feel better. When actually I step on the scale after working out and trying so hard I'm not happy. I see no real change.

I got 3 blocks down and turned around. I just went back to work and watched a few Tom Hiddleston videos to cheer me up. I mean have you seen this guy? Lol. I put on some music I love and cleaned up again. No food ingested. No self-sabotaging indulged. I drank some water. I smiled. 

Life is about choices. And I've been making better and better ones every day. The bottom line is when you are about to do something good or bad, just ask yourself who will it help? And who will it harm? Take a good look at the answer.

Many of you I hear saying you are unhappy with your life and its outcome so far. So, change it. All you are now is the residual of the choices you've made in the past. Today is a NEW day, so start a new timeline. Many times the only person you have to blame for your current situations is you. But the good news is you can change all of that in 1 second of finishing this blog.  Just say, I AM changing my life, habits and destiny.

Don't want, "hope for", think about and dream about a good life for yourself. Just create it. Expect it.

I ended my late night Kroger runs last night. I don't need to do that anymore. It was fun while it lasted, but I've got more important things to do now with my time! Lol. Say goodbye to something YOU have outgrown TODAY! | |

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wedding Dresses & Rings Determine Your Marriage! | Goldy Locks

Brides! Please be realistic about your WANTS and DEMANDS for your weddings ok? My whole life I've been friends more with dudes. And I hear what they think and feel all the time. You push too hard sometimes. If you can't contribute then shut it. You will never know what the pressure you put on your man does. It turns them off. So do things the right way ok? Your love shouldn't be about the size of your ring, the cost of your dress or how much a "plate" costs. It should be about finding SOMEONE out there who loves you. 

Years ago when I gave a swing, THIS was my profile. Lol. And many men wrote me saying another MAN must have written it. So be it. We all know I have balls of steel. But I listen to other people. And I speak from the heart.

THIS was my old profile! Lol

I'm funny but dry. Work my *** off and want to be around hard working people working towards a goal. I'm looking to find a guy who always wanted to find a "perfect" girl because I think I am. I am kind, considerate, I notice things and do something about that. I make a lot of effort. I know I'm the complete package & I'd rather be alone than just "be with a guy" to say I "have one." I'm cool on my own. I just want to find someone wonderful who wants to have fun. No time for players. Dated too many rock stars & pro athletes. It's what is inside someone's heart & soul and the integrity they have that is most important. I'd like to be attracted to someone as well. I'm so picky on that. Wish I wasn't sometimes, but I am. Like I said, I'm cool on my own. Unless it's a true connection, not worth the time. I pay my own way fellas. So I'm not your typical girl. If I ever get married it will be a fricken pot luck. I'll make my own dress or get one on sale & invite everyone to a party. They won't know what it is & won't feel obligated to bring a gift. It's not about that. As far as a ring. A twisty tie around my finger would be the extent of $$ a man would need to spend on me. It's about the heart.

Ps, if the future Mrs. B is reading this it has NOTHING to do with you. ;-) |

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

How to prepare your skin for the worst environments! Goldy Locks Fitness

Help YOUR skin look it's best 
no matter WHAT conditions!

Many times I get zero to NO sleep! I don't get to eat the foods that make me feel and perform the greatest and it's hard to keep hydrated. I do my best.

I posted this photo of me getting red to call it after a day after a big performance. I was still very sick, I had a fever, I could barely talk yet got through it all. I was grateful! But even MORE surprised when I looked at the picture! My ski despite the wear and tear of the road looked amazing!

The funny thing is someone commented on my post about my skin! When I had actually taken THIS photo moments before after taking off my makeup. Not my finest moment! But I've never had better skin in my life despite my often toxic environment!

Even my father Tom The Conservative has been getting in on the action! He looks 15 years younger than he should! We both use the SYS® Cleanser to exfoliate daily, the SYS® Serum for  clean smooth hydration. SYS® Night to renew and restore at while we sleep, and SYS® Eye cream daily to reduce the appearance of fine lines. We LOVE our results!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm just so glad when I look in the mirror I love what I see. I'm even more excited my dad is on the same plan! Advocare makes it simple, easy, takes the guess work out of it all their skin care line is EVEN guy friendly!  :-)

To order and I appreciate it! Go to:

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Go to: and click on skin care!