Monday, May 23, 2016

The Power Of The Green Dress

I remember being so jealous of my mother on St. Patrick's day. She had a closet of clothes she had collected for years in the color of green. I had some old crappy neon green ripped sweat shirt. That was the extent of my collection...

I got angry and pouted to the other room. "Someday you'll be old like me and have PLENTY of green to wear on St. Patrick's day" she said.

Over the years, I did collect many different items in green. I remember seeing this photo of my mother. She was big in the theater in her younger days before becoming so sick with Chron's Disease. She always had some crazy or over the top outfit on...

She loved to be SPECTACULAR. She was BIGGER than life. She spoke to EVERYONE and ONLY had the most POSITIVE things to say.

Often I was embarrassed at her speaking to EVERYONE at dinner, church, the store... God, you name it. My mom is Irish, but she thought she was FROM Ireland and many times would just don an Irish accent and I was mortified... Lol.

Years later she wore the dress in the freezing cold MN weather to a party. She donned... you guessed it, green heels but fell on the ice and broke her hip. All in the damn name of glamor.

I remember ironing the dress at my best friend's house. Mending it on her sewing machine and getting it ready for one last performance. It would be her last time wearing it. Or? Maybe her "forever" time wearing it. I guess it's how you look at it, I choose the later.

The letters in her casket are from many of you. People all over the world wrote beautiful letters to my mom. She said one night visiting she felt worthless because she was so sick. And you all rose to the occasion. I printed them out and thousands of letters were packed into her coffin. I'll remember that. Thank you.

Know when many of you also, complimented me on the dress I wore for the National Anthem last month, that they were more meaningful than many of you realized. I wanted to share the story of why I cried before I sang. I was because when I was getting ready backstage I realized what I was wearing; behold the power of the Green Dress.

You were a class act mother. You always will be. May I hold the slightest candle to you, your inner beauty and kindness to all people. How lucky I am to be able to say, you were my mom. XOXO

Ps, for you mom...

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What you are hiding | Secrets | What they don't know | Goldy Locks

I met some really amazing people at #ReelScreen TV conference. A few in particular we powerful positive people. We all have dreams. We all have things we want.

I was down the other day for whatever reason. I decided to clean and say the rosary. I said it slowly, intentionally and very specifically for one woman I met, wanting to find the right agency or company to help produce her show.

She doesn't even know me that well, but I poured concentrated passion and joy into a solid prayer with beautiful words just for her. And you know what? I felt better myself when I was finished.

When you just can't think any more 
about your own problems...
Try thinking of someone else's. XOXO

There is power in prayer. Use it.
Love Goldy

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Haters I love you!

This meme someone sent me today inspired this post.

In every work place there will be jealousy. People will hate you if you are doing well and achieving. Sadly sometimes the people we call friends turn on us. The people we thought would be excited about our promotion are not. They were secretly trying for the same one.
Replace that feeling of disappointment with joy. And when you feel hated on, just tell yourself inside “they love me.”
It sounds like a sick joke or a lie, but if you train yourself to do this, even verbally saying out loud that people like you… you end up attracting the ones that do. You can deflect negative energy by creating your own force field of joy. How do I know? Let me take you back…
I started modeling and doing commercials when I was 3 years old. I wouldn’t trade that brutality for anything. Being rejected that early in life sharpens you into a bulletproof shield if you allow it. Say what you want to about me, I’m rarely rattled.
In a world of entitled and spoiled children where I’m sure soon there will be an automatic butt wiper and “kisser”, just to make EVERYTHING in life better, the children of the 80’s didn’t have such luxuries. We were spanked, yelled at, told to pull a switch from the tree and come get our punishment! Belts and pots and pans had different meanings back then! So did criticism. You got a look from your parent and knew that was it.
I remember when I was 8 years old, auditioning for a national friend chicken chain. I got the part, was all excited and went to the production studio to shoot. A group of adults frowned at me sitting behind the camera. They all whispered and pointed at me. Finally a director in frustrations said, “her eyes are different sizes! This could never work!”
So it looked as though Goldy was going home. After my disabled and very sick mother had driven me to this job. I didn’t like that. And that was the first time I used the “F” word. I remember it coming out of my mouth and feeling paralyzed when I said it. But I looked that director in the face and said, “My eyes ARE 2 different sizes sir. Most people’s are. Maybe being normal will sell more chicken! And oh, F you!”
I got up and left. I grabbed my stuff in the dressing room and went to find my mom. I told her they didn’t want to use me and that I’d like an ice cream cone.
Someone chased me down. Apparently like LIKED spit fire children with passion. Lol. I stood my ground, was professional and made several hundred thousand dollars off that whole package and kept my terminal mother alive longer.
It’s how you handle people that hate you. I did spout off, but I returned with a smile. I turned their hate into joy and THAT turned into a child with a really big smile gracing the box of ANOTHER national tooth paste company grossing quite a bit for my family. J
Goldy Knows. It’s my little internet show. If you ever fantasized about meeting your childhood crush somewhere random… then watch! Because it’s funny and people are just now discovering it!
So make as many HATE memes as you can! THANK YOU for your time, attention and disgust in my show! Lol. If you watch it long enough, maybe you will learn something about a disease called Lupus. Maybe you can help diagnose someone. All from a silly stupid show called #GoldyKnows.
One of these days, the world will learn that I really do! XOXO
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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Attract wealth | The Secret | Goldy Locks

A Golden Post

Every once and a while I need to get a little more raw and real. Much of this content is going into three different books I'm writing. All different, but it deals with things that have happened to me and what I've done to come out shining.

I waited a while to post this photo. Because it brought tears to my eyes. It represents so much more thank anyone could ever know.

I've always been very different that the other people around me. I've been very strong but I would be lying to say even now people say and do so many things to hurt me. When you're different or in entertainment people think they have a licence. A licence to ask personal questions, badger you, pry, say cruel things and just be inappropriate.

What people don't always see is what happens behind the scenes. And I always choose to speak positive words over people. But not right now.

There have been some pretty incredible people I"ve shared the stage with, but there have also been very cruel, volatile, negative and abusive people as well. I "took it" to keep it all going.

I watched The Secret in 2006. During a very dark time when I had to wait to declare bankruptcy. I lent some people some money and the interest went into the 100's of thousands. The IRS eventually came for me as well...

I watched this movie and then read the book The Secret, and it changed my life. Because I started to ASK God and the Universe for what I wanted.

And part of what I wanted, more importantly than money or food... was friends. True friends. Maybe even people in our band who I liked? Or even better??? Liked ME!

I was mocked and picked on as a child, my teens, high school, bla bla bla. I was decent looking, made a lot of money in movies, commercials and films and helped pay my own way. So it was tolerable that people were jerks. I had my own self-worth and self-esteem. ;-)

Fast forward to an adult and in a band with adults... not so much. I will go into more details as to just how BAD some people were to me, but only to prove a point.

What you THINK about, what you THANK about is what you BRING about. And I dreamed of great human beings to tour the world with me.

And that's what I got. :-)

Where band mates would mock me for working out, make fun of me for eating healthy and laugh at me when I prayed before shows and blessed my food doesn't happen anymore. Because I didn't dwell on it. I concentrated on what I DID want. And here is the photo to PROVE the #LawOfAttraction really DOES work.

Thank you to some of the best guys I've ever hung out with. They are beyond talented in their craft but even more so as human beings.

Special thanks to Dr. Joe Vitale for his contribution in my online magazine, Golden.

This article can be seen here on page 19. His presence in The Secret was a driving part of my life changing for the better and more positive. I owe him a lot. :-)

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Monday, February 15, 2016

When I Hate Myself | Goldy Locks | Goldy Knows

There's moments during the day and the week where I actually hate myself. I reflect back to several times that still haunt me. And I use those hunting as a way to push myself to become a better person. 

Up until recently there were only three incidents throughout my life that I think about. 
But last night a new one was added to the list. 
While I'm disappointed in myself for my actions, I'm hell bent on being better next time.

#1. A child at the library was entered in a contest. I had a chance to rig the drawing for a girl with cerebral palsy. I was jealous of the attention she's got. Everyone fussed over her. I was young I didn't understand. But when I reached in the hat to draw name and saw hers clearly written on a piece of paper folded loosely in half, I decided to choose another just so she did not win. I suck.
This haunts me to this day. I wish I could go back in time but I can't. 
All I can do now is to a better.
#2. I was Annie. It was a huge stage production and had lots of press and people coming to visit me at the shows. I was a BIG deal and I knew it. I remember specifically after one show someone requesting me to sign autographs but I was too busy and too tired I thought. 

For the love of God I was nine. How important could I have really been? I remember getting into a limousine and heading off as I saw a little girl again in a wheelchair waiting with a sad expression on her face because she did not get a chance to meet her idol, quote Annie. Who wasn't even me. I was just an actress playing the role. As we drove away even as a little girl I felt like a complete ass hole and that also haunts me also to this day.

#3. Last night I add a new incident to my list. I thought about it all morning and I'm just so disappointed with myself. We played a show where lots of people were intoxicated as usual, & I was just over the whole thing. I don't drink alcohol and part of the reason is I see what it does to people, couples, friendships, and families. I see it every week and it actually destroyed a lot of people I know. Sorry I have a bad taste in my mouth about the booze.

A man who was being arrested naked rolling around in the parking lot dirt was cursing and swearing at many officers just trying to secure him and get him from flailing about and into the squad car. He was just a joke. 

It was messy and ugly and about as dark as life takes you. On the sidelines with the girlfriend in hysterics. I guess for valentines day was ruined. I looked at her as pathetic for being with such a weak man. The whole thing was just disgusting. She couldn't find her keys she was crawling around on the ground and instead of taking time to help her, when I was finished with the show, I just shunned her and ignored her.

She was intoxicated and in hysterics and I should have been the calm after the storm for her. Maybe even a hug or a kind word could have helped. While I was not in the position to drive her home to wherever she needed to go, kindness always wins. 
I took this one up as another failure but also as a lesson.

Last night was a great opportunity. I had a chance to play with my dear friends and for a crowd of many people. That was a beautiful memory. People don't know I had to pay to play, to cover expenses and make sure my guys got something. 
I didn't come out ahead financially. But I did in my heart though.

Today a man in a wheelchair sat at the corner selling papers. We all have seen it. And frankly some of these people make a lot of money and are just fine financially. They just know people will stop and give the money and not even take the paper. Later on sometimes you'll see them across the street into a parking lot and get into a pretty nice car. 
This happens this is life. But you can't think that about everybody.

It's 20 degrees and snowing outside. It's just freezing and yucky. In this man sat in a wheelchair with his papers getting wet and drenched. His face is mangled, worn and tired. So I just pulled over and rounded up anything left that I had. Per usual this guy was so appreciative. We can all scrounge up something to give someone who really needs it.

None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. But I believe truly the only mistake that can be made is when you don't learn from what you've done wrong. So just remember a little spare change, a hug or a smile can mean the world to someone. 
It can not only change their day but their life.

These are my words for the day. 
I'm not going to say I will try to be a better person, I just will be one. 
After all, #GoldyKnows

PS. I just wanted to add, for those of you who don't understand what are law enforcement officers have to go through, you should shadow them for a day. There's not a chance in hell I could have ever done their job last night nor would I have wanted to. A lot of these men and women are not paid what they should be paid. They truly do it because they have a calling. So just remember to start seeing concentrating on the good a lot of people actually do to keep our country in order. Without them it would be basically last night x a million. And I'd move to the forest! By myself if that ever happens!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pamela Anderson | Peta | And Irv Gottie

History usually repeats itself 
and it did again today.

I remember back in the early 2000's, I was in Los Angeles with my record deal recording and gallivanting around usually hustling and hob knobbing. I found myself at Enterprise Studios being introduced to #Ashanti, #JaRule and #IrvGotti. I was the "odd woman" out but quickly found myself TYPING for Mr. Gotti in the office as he was brainstorming on a new video for Ja Rule.

He kept calling me Pamela Anderson. Which of course I wasn't mad at. She was and still is one of the most beautiful women inside and out in entertainment today. She has a huge heart and does a lot for animal rights. What's not to love?

I just remember Irv always calling me "Pamela." What a compliment. 

Today I couldn't have looked worse. Complete blaa to be exact. I grew up in the hood for God's sake. If I don't have a performance or a show to shoot, my hair is in braids or a bun with essential oils on in. We all know I don't wash it for a week, just like many of my peeps with ethnic hair. Add grown out black roots to my platinum blonde hair to the mix and it's just plain UGLY! lol

That's how I felt today but still had the confidence of my six pack and biceps to make it all ok. When you're in decent shape you hopefully can still retain some self-esteem. Lol.

Hey Pamela a group of men yelled out? 
They kept yelling. 
A whole bunch of dudes who usually I would blog about being jerks... but they were lovely. 
They were kind, complimentary and respectful. 

So while most of the places I go, I blog and post about "I'm at the grocery store, KROGER, for SEX," Lol, THIS was a pleasant surprise.

Every single one of these men had gold teeth. Which I called them out on being my name is GOLDY. They laughed and we talked for a few. Then went back lifting. I looked in the mirror and thought, I look nothing like "Pamela" today. I look like a dirty blonde Muppet... but they saw something else.

I showed them these two photos. They couldn't tell us apart. 
I know they were just being kind. But I'll take it.
That made me feel pretty good, but even better that so many men in one group could be so respectful. There really are some great ones left.

They read my promo cards and asked about:

And all I can say is we now have THREE lunch meetings to discuss health and wellness. All of the guys use protein, aminos and recovery formulas. 
So why not meet and hear about improving their finances as well?

Once again I found an income opportunity that's pretty simple. It comes in handy helping other people make an amazing full-time income with part-time efforts.

It was a pretty great day at the gym. It was nice to pay Pamela proper homage and relive the days I spent in LA. 

Off to the next adventure next week in Washing DC!

Holla at me ALWAYS for any help with your fitness OR finances!
I like helping people! And have some ways to do just THAT!


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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

You Don't Need No Man | Leaky Toilet | DIY | Girl Power | Making out at Outback Steakhouse!

Hi, my name is Goldy Locks. And ever since I was a little girl I've wanted to help people. Especially the ladies. :-)

I think women are the most amazing creatures on earth and they should be taught at an early age how to do things for themselves. It's pretty empowering to be able to do what you need to and be independent. Then when you finally do meet that man of your dreams, he can complete what you're already working with. A woman should be at 95% in my opinion. Complete and whole, and the man should just top her off. 
He can bring her to 100% while being his own solid person. 

A man should be the icing on your cake. Not the pan, not the over, not the batter. That dessert should already be cooked. :-) Save the dudes for some hot dates, great conversation and amazing adventures. Weather stripping... not so much. Leaky toilet? Mmmm... not so hot. 

Women, learn to "look inside." Both of you and that machine with a blown fuse. Chances are with a little research you can #DIY. Like I always say, #YouGotThis.

I wanted to create a show that really combines humor with some fun education. Fixing things should never be intimidating. You should wake up looking forward to checking another annoying broken thing off your list. And by doing it yourself it just gives you some ample conversation the next time your man takes you to Outback Steakhouse. :-)

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I sincerely want to help you be your best.

Years ago I read an article by Cindy Crawford in Vouge. She was proud of her strength and being able to move furniture around her house with no help. There is power in independence. Then when you finally do join forces, it's all the more sweet. 

Please SHARE my show today. I will be one of the biggest female entertainment brands someday and I humbly ask for your help and support. My heart is in the right place. So let me show YOU a few new tricks. 

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