Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dirty Attics & Underwear

How bad do you REALLY want it.

I want it. I want to get to a really big playing field. Where do YOU want to go? Be? Aspire to become? Do you talk about it? Or do you get up off you’re a$$ and do something about it? Because baby, that’s the only way it’s going to happen. You're wearing your own Ruby Slippers!

This world is diluted. It’s over saturated with people who do EVERYTHING and do it well. Better than you & me for that matter. You have to HUSTLE. It’s a dying art. But my ex military father instilled a work ethic in me like none I’ve ever seen. And I hated it when I was a kid, but now, what a blessing.

“Pick that up,” he’d bellow at a store. “It’s not mine,” I’d say. My dad would tell me it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t belong there, so pick it up and put it away… And all these years later, I’ve been picking things up EVERYWHERE! Lol. Even when it wasn't my responsibility...
And Have you seen my arms lately? Ha ha. :-)

I front a band, (
When I’m not fronting The Goldy lockS Band, I have a photography studio, where I shoot the most incredible people on the planet. (
When I’m not shooting, I have an accessory line, that I make much of myself. (
I also do motivational speaking to kids, adults and people in chemical dependency centers.  (
I want to become the world’s Blue Collar Rachael Ray or Rock’N Roll Martha Stewart!

In my now “Spare” time, I shoot my own show, Goldy Knows. ( You need to check it out. It’s a lot of fun, and it actually helps people. And all this crazy stuff I do? I’m going to keep doing it on a bigger & bigger scale and be able to REALLY help people out who need it.

All my strength, power, it comes first & foremost from God, then my badass family and then YOU. All of you, the millions of people combined on my social media sites power me and breathe strength that burns through my veins. All the emails, posts, replies, LIKES, SHARES… everything. You all are amazing. And when people ask where I get my energy from, it’s truly YOU.

What’s the point of this blog? To put you all over! (Wrestling Term) It means compliment. 
But it’s mostly to say, whatever you dream of, desire, work for it. 
Don’t expect it to be handed to you. Cause it’s not gonna happen. And if it is? It doesn’t mean jack sh!t. So come by it honestly.

I was at my agency today. A very pristine establishment that houses the stars you all have come to know & love, go see in concert, but records… One of the workers there needed some help. It’s grunt work. But I always say, “Give it to me!” If I’m off & not doing any of the above, honey, I’ll do it!

Today I had a meeting for Goldy Knows IV. Wasn’t expecting to do any of my “other” work. But? An opportunity presented itself. So I found a pair of flats & a tank top and worked in a pretty hot office attic where I’ve filed and moved hundreds of boxes. I finally decided, well, if I have to do this in my damn underwear... so be it! Hope no one comes up here! And all I can say is dear God, thanks for the opportunity! Undies and all! baha!

Look at EVERYTHING that comes your way as that! An opportunity! 
Carpe Diem! 
Seize The Day!

This blog is dedicated to 2 amazingly strong women who continue to help me in ways no one will ever know. #HannahGarber & AO, I recognize you both & love you.  

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Monday, March 10, 2014

3 Affairs I Have To Expose

We see it all the time on our social media pages. People doing things they shouldn’t. Flirting, leaving inappropriate comments and heading into dangerous waters. I hide out in dirty public restrooms during our band Goldy lockS’ breaks catching up on my vocal rest. Many times there is no dressing room. So the stalls are where I find my refuge.

I sit on the toilet and look at the vomit, toilet paper on the floors, and misplaced tampons to name a few filthy things. But what hurts my heart the most is the vocal regurgitation I’m subjected to listen to night after night.

About 70% of the dumb drunk b!tches are talking about cheating on their husbands, boyfriends and partners. How they are really “pulling on over” and how they will never know. It actually hurts me to hear this… it takes a toll.

As a woman, I’m prone to say, “All men…” It’s not. It’s both. Many people are unhappy. Many people are miserable and many have no clue how to communicate or fix things.

I was coming home from a horrific trip and on an international flight. The hell I’d been through in Afghanistan is a whole nether blog. I’d never even tell the details of that shit storm. No one could handle it and I’d make too many people look worse than they already do themselves.

To start the trip out, a band mate partied too much the night before and ended up in the hospital. He was fine, but when all was said and done, he couldn’t travel. And it left me with a big frickin mess. I needed someone with a passport and all their papers in line. Ugh. If I didn’t find someone, I’m out a lot of money.

Which I would be anyway on this trip. The people I hired, with exception of one, our soundman God love him, learned the songs on the way over to fill the void. The douche bags I was with caused me hell & problems. We got shot at; I almost missed 2 major flights while there due to their debauchery… I was a mess.

On my trip home, I was filled with memories of the greatest men and women I’d ever met. I’d do that trip again in a heartbeat. Asshole travel companions and all. But I was beat to hell. Just beat.

A man sat next to me on an all day & night flight home from somewhere. I forget where. Well dressed, well spoken, educated. He was a scientist from Germany. And about the best listener I’ve ever met. He wasn’t a creep and didn’t make me feel like I needed a shower sitting next to him.

We talked the flight away and he ended up a Facebook friend on one of my pages. He was one of the first to support my Goodnight video project. He comments on my posts in a dry foreign humor that is delightful. There still are some great people out there. And I relish in it.

Something changed though. I saw he met a “lady friend.” She was beautiful, stunning and had impeccable taste. She suddenly graced his page everyday. And I had to smile. He was joyous and happy. As we should be.

This woman became his wife. And I had front row social media seats. I see his posts now. Stronger and more complimentary than ever of his new bride. He just beams. He brags and dotes and it’s one of the most beautiful “affairs” I’ve ever seen. It’s out there people. Wait for it, renew it, get it back or work on what you have. You deserve happiness.

Another place I frequent is Louisville KY. The Phoenix Hill Tavern where this incredibly beautiful, perfect looking couple makes you want to vomit every time you see them! Ha ha! This whole family would make you sick! This man knows how to have an AFFAIR with his wife every time I see him!

He is ALL ABOUT HER! And it just cuts through and shows. I asked her where she got her outfit. She glowed as she told me her husband of how many years? Picked it out and bought it for her.

I brought this woman on stage for our out of control rendition of “Crazy Bitch” and I had to yell on the mic to her husband… “Get a room”. He was at the edge of the stage and his eyes were ALL on her. Again, it filled me with joy. Because I got to actually SEE what it is I’ve been holding out for all these years. It is possible.

The third “Affair” I will refer to is another couple I’ve only met twice, but they came both nights our last visit to Evansville. Dan & Shelley. Two BEAUTIFUL people who took the time to tell me how they keep it together. Dan basically just told me

You can have any ass in the room. But when you’re done? What do you have?” 

He explained he and Shelly were the best of friends. Don’t get him wrong, they still do it like rabbits, but when they’re done they have to “go out to the yard and get stuff done!”

I loved that line. And I love them. Three couples who are obviously having an “affair” with each other. And two of these couples we are talking over 20 years or more of marriage.

If you are reading this and your relationship could use a little help, or even a lot. Go talk to someone. There are counselors out there who this is their job and they can help you. There are priests, ministers and clergy who are trained to lend an ear. There are people who care. Go do it. Use these couples as an example that you too can have it all.

If you are single, haven’t met the right person yet, don’t worry. They are out there for you. They say when you least expect it… they will be there! Well, I believe that. But I also believe you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy at least ONE ticket! So get online. There are wonderful websites out there to meet people. Why not try? 

To quote my own damn song, “Today I Won’t Be Afraid”… “Better to have lived and given second chances, than to have lived and never loved at all…”

Get out there! But don’t settle. Find the right person deserving of the time and effort that goes into a great relationship. Find someone who deserves YOU!

This blog is a tribute to the people I meet on the road who inspire and fulfill me. You remind me and others that love takes time and work, but it’s out there. You’re living proof.

May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

I love you all. Goldy

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Beer, Cake and Blow Jobs… A Letter To My Ex

Dear Ex A Hole,

All I ever wanted was for you to hold my hand in public, be kind to me, maybe make a card at Christmas. You were too busy and too rich. Rich with power you didn’t understand or know what to do with. You are an “embarrassment of riches.”

I saw a post on your FB wall the other day by accident. I didn’t even realize we were still friends there. A “meme” was on your page. It showed a woman in bed, with a note she had written, something to the effect of “beer & cake in fridge”.

Your comment on this was, “if women only knew how easy it was to please a man…”

Well sweetheart, I “wish” you would have clued me in on just how easy it was to please a “man.”  You could have saved me a lot of trouble.

Saved me hours of driving to see you.
Saved me money buying you gifts I thought you would appreciate.
Saved me time cleaning your house and doing your laundry.
Saved me time scrubbing your toilets.
Saved me the effort of making gourmet meals.
Saved me from having them ready when you were off work.
Saved me putting up with your bitch of a mother.
Saved me listening to your bigoted father.
Saved my tiring jaw from late night BJ’s I didn’t even feel like giving.
Saved me from giving tiring massages.
Saved me from pretending to listen to your boring & uninformed politics.

Towards the end when you knew it was too late, you showered me with endless gifts. None I really wanted. You know I don’t need anything and I’m not a fan of expensive jewelry. Actually a new blender, a new pair of scissors or even that hand made card telling me how you really felt was all I ever needed.

And I say, “What about breakfast At Tiffany’s?” You took me there and bought me lavish gifts as you made passes at the sales girl. I remember it well. I knew the writing was on the wall.

I accepted those gifts anyway. Knowing well that I would just give them to people who would enjoy them. J

So that’s what this Valentine’s Day Goldy Knows contest is really all about. I want to pass on something beautiful that I really don’t need. But one lucky supporter will get it. Keep it for yourself or give it to the woman in your life. I’m so happy just to share with you.

You have my promise and word, that with each day I become more and more successful, that I will be giving away more and more bigger and better things. It’s all I want to do and the desire in my heart to make you all as happy as you have made me treating me BETTER than any man I’ve ever dated. Ha ha!

Mr. “Right” has some BIG shoes to fill. Ah hem… in more ways than one! Lol. He’s got to surpass the love I’ve received from everyone supporting my career. Combined! Then and only then, will I give someone a second look. :-)


I have received something from Tiffany & Co! As a gift! But I don't need it! So? As the NEW Goldy Knows Episode III promotion, I want one of you all to have it! Or give it to your girl for VALENTINE'S DAY!!! WIN IT ON ME! It's easy & here's how!!!

2. Leave a comment and at the end, guess a number 1 - 1000
3. You can leave 10 comments a day with DIF #'s!
4. On Feb 11th, whoever is the closest WINS!
5. I send it to you the next morning!

Beer and cake in the fridge if only I had known it was that easy. If that's all you require from a relationship babe, then have at it. I'm sure that'll work out really well for you. Just remember, the chick you pick up in the bar late some night, who’s only talents are to feeding you beer and cake? I'm sure there's some other dude who's fridge is she is stalking as well. ;-)

Beer and some frickin cake… if only I had known it was that easy.

Goldy Knows

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Photos by the incredible: Chuckie Arlund
Make up by: Kristina Dornan-Arlund

Monday, January 20, 2014

Woman on woman love! Make it HOT!

Woman on woman love. ;-)

You clicked on it didn’t you? J I know you people. That’s why I love you.

Woman on woman love. What do I mean? Well I mean something you don’t see every day on popular “websites”.  Rather something we need to see more, and that’s one woman supporting another; unconditionally and without pretense.

Goldy Knows Episode II is out on the following link.

I started to realize the impact of this episode after hundreds of emails came in with some aspect of the show hitting home with viewers. Surprisingly over 75% of my emails were from men.  I am moved by this. I wanted to think of a way to spread the word even more of Mary’s story & the overall awareness of domestic violence. What it looks like, smells like and feels like. How we can be tuned into to someone showing the need for help. So I reached out to a blogger I have stumbled upon in the past.

I posted ONE simple comment. This beautiful beautiful woman took not only the time to respond, but also the effort in a blogged rebuttal. I don’t know how much more “love” a woman, a stranger at that, could have shown me in a single swipe of her paw. She is on it. And “on it good”. Read this powerful review of my show and the eloquent and real words she uses to do it.

If more people would take the time to write, read or even RESPOND to other people out there trying in life, what a world we would have.

Major major props to Nicole Lofton for writing about topics she is passionate about changing and creating awareness for. Pen to paper finger to keyboard, your talents in writing are astounding and so are you.

Thank you for caring about people, life and especially other women. You find me anytime I am in your city and we will break bread. J

Thank you to all who write, love and spread the words of platforms you have passion for. Especially those that include my precious sisters. Woman on woman love… ladies, the next time you’re think about being a bitch to another of your kind, try Nicole’s spin on things. I promise you will start you day out the “right” kind of way.
Please take a moment to subscribe to Nicole’s blog, FB or Twitter or join her circle. She deserves to be heard. She is amazing.

And thank you once again to the beautiful people in my life who continue to read, SHARE, post, comment, LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and show me the undying support you do. I’d be nothing without you. Troof! ;-)

Always with love, Goldy Locks


Please Leave a comment on It helps spread the word of my show, which in turn, helps others. Peace. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goldy Knows Episode II is almost here!

On my dream television show, I’d like to give away as many products, things, cars, houses, educations as I could. I think I’m well on my way with so much support from so many out there! Thank you! I’ve kind of always felt like Robin Hood in a past life!

I’ve spent my life defending those without a voice and feel I have a role and responsibility helping those who are more on the quiet side to tell their story.

This Thursday night, with the help of many people from my online community, folks coming to Goldy lockS shows, my family, Southeastern Salvage & Lowes, I was able to do just that. Not only will someone be telling a very inspiring story but I’m hoping you will be left with some education and warning signs of a very ugly epidemic that needs attention and help.

We were able to revamp a very dreary & plain bedroom for someone very deserving.  With the help of Southeastern Salvage, Lowes and Miss Jasmine Cain, we transformed a space into something dreamy & beautiful. And we documented the whole process.

You don’t need a million bucks to make your place shine. Just some creativity and affordable resources. They are everywhere. Treasures can be found at your local thrift store, flee markets, antique shops, garage sales, fabric stores or more commercial stores like Home goods, TJ Max, Marshalls and Southeastern Salvage. The place is never the same twice.

There is no excuse to live in a dive! Or to have that bedroom that women enter and wonder what dungeon they’ve fallen upon! Every space in your home no matter what the size and budget can be transformed into something great.

Tune in this Thursday January 9th at 8pm Central for a pretty cool show. I hope you dig it. We tried hard to inform, educate and make you laugh.

Please Subscribe & be kind!

Leave a comment on the actual YouTube page where the show views. Because I’ve been known to send people doing so a few perks. It happens!!!!

2014 and all the amazing people I know out there, I love you. 
Thank you for supporting me, 
my band Goldy lockS & the new Reality/Talk Show, Goldy Knows! XXOO

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