Saturday, November 22, 2014

YOU! Let's talk about YOU!
When is the last time you REALLY did something for YOU?

You've heard me talk about the AdvoCare #24DayChallenge. Well, what is it?

It's a program I did a few months back and lost 14 lbs.
It's a simple program of vitamins, supplements, fiber drinks, detox and shakes that 
clean you out, give you energy and make you feel great.

It comes with a booklet. The booklet basically tells you when to do EVERYTHING!
How much water to drink, what GOOD foods to choose from and motivates you.

READ about it HERE:

A lot of you complain about your weight, not feeling like you have any energy, bla, tired... Have you ever noticed how much pep I really have? Or just how MUCH I do in a day? This is why. I feel good. And I feel great about me. And how many times do you hear me online, or at shows, trying to talk to you all about food, diet, exercise and just getting yourself to WHERE you want to be? All the time. Because I give a sh!t about you. :-) XXOO

I have these at the studio ready to send you. Along with an ORIGINAL unreleased Goldy lockS CD, my private email AND I will SKYPE you every week. ALL who have ordered are doing B4 & AFTER pix, we will be online at and YOU will have SUPPORT from people all over the world.

ORDER yours today through me at the studio, or just go here,

We are starting the day AFTER Thanksgiving, then getting all cleaned up and losing, 10, 15 or even 20 lbs before Christmas. Don't worry. If you eat a little too much at the Holidays at least you'll have a head's start! I'm probably doing it again in January too! Then doing a whole hell of a lot to keep it all going and feel GREAT!

STRENGTH, POWER and ENERGY! Do you want more?
Then do this with me. It's going to be "AWE"Some!

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

HOW MANY PEEPS are trying this! I LOVE it!!! It WORKS!

You will hear me talking about all the wonderful products I'm repping. I rep because I USE them! And I stay in SICK shape!
Ever see me at a show and wonder, how does she do it?

1. Stay up all night doing shows
2. Have energy
3. Look, well... decent? Lol

Make sure to FOLLOW my fitness pages!
Cause I bring you FREE recipes, advice the best I can give and MOTIVATION!

If you want to LOOK & FEEL great, try this GREEN recipe!
Leave a comment on the YouTube page!

I'm SELLING a lifestyle. "Adjustments" YOU can make to your life to LIVE a long and healthy life. Be there for your kids, friends, feel great and have energy. Love who you see in the mirror. Because you should anyway. I just want to be there to motivate you all with the SAME things I use MYSELF!

Love you! Goldy!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Power of FRIENDS!

Surround yourself with the best. Be "Bullet proof".

Last summer a friend of mine Vince Kavanaugh asked me to shoot and "Idea." It hadn't really even been thought of yet, it was just a concept in his head. A play. A Hit play.

He gave me a generous budget, never scrimping on my time, as many always ask for creative services for "free", Vince shows his true colors and the value of my talent by always making sure I'm taken care of. He asked me to find costumes, 
which my friends at Performance Studios Inc., with the help of 
Chyna Charles, Thomas Harper & Troy Ford so graciously always have to to find for me.

Shortly after that, all my friends offered to help me in this concept shoot, 
Karrie Robb, Renee Lee & Sheila L. Phillips 
didn't blink an eye dressing as these nuns in the hot summer sun.

Music was written and a score completed. And now they tour across "Merica in their crisp vintage Caddy. All because of an idea, a concept and dream, 
and SPECTACULAR people all pooling efforts to just "DO" and not just talk about it. 

Best of luck your opening night Vince. You deserve all the success in the world. 
This is proof that when you join forces with good, and just keep on keeping on, 
greatness manifests. :-)

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Goldy Locks Green Smoothie! Lose weight and feel GREAT!


I made this ESP for ALL of you who want to LOOK great, LOSE weight and be HEALTHY! XXOO

Any one who wants the book mentioned in VID go HERE:

PLEASE check out for all your supplement, weight loss, nutrition, recipes and motivation!

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WINNERS of the TLC Extreme Cheapskates Goldy Lock Rocks EcoCise Bamboo Socks CONTEST!

The #GoldyLocksRocks #GoldyLocks #GoldyKnows #TLC #ExtremeCheapskates #FeastOfFamine EVENT contest winners are REVEALED! Haha! I LOVE you all and THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made an EVENT to invite your FRIENDS to watch ME your FRIEND last week on TLC!

My friends at Ecocise International gave me TEN pair of #GoldyLocksRocks #EcoCise Socks to give you all as a THANK YOU! These ECO friendly socks are AMAZING! You will FEEL the difference!

Bamboo apparel from Ecocise requires no pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers to grow. So by wearing these, you PROUDLY are helping out our world! Thank you! Will you take some pics of you ANYWHERE in the world  you are in your socks when you get them! I want to do ALL I can to help promote this AWESOME company! Hashtag #EcociseBamboo in your Twitter and Instagram!

You GOTTA show your @GoldyLocksRocks Ecocise SOCKS! (Check out photobomber at airport!)

This photo below submitted by Kristine Woodrum in her #GoldyLocksRocks Ecocise SOCKS! 

And? If they weren't COOL enough? Ecocise Bamboo gives back partial proceeds to my FAVORITE charity, MS Fitness Challenge! It helps people get strong with MS through health and fitness. MS Fit challenge pairs peeps ALL THROUGH THE NATION with certified fitness professionals! I bet you didn't know by creating an event ALL this was included!?

See! YOU are the STARS!!

Thank you my precious friends for having my back!!! Now WE got your feets! Lol

Please PM me your mailing addy!!

REMEMBER! Ecocise Bamboo Cares!

My winners! I even included a few EXTRA pair so TWO more of you could get some! That was from my PERSONAL stash! ;-)

Michelle Gaumer, Mark Milner, Michelle Brock, Brandi Dore Gonzales, Alicia Rose Aerni, Rod Saylor, Norma JoAnn, Ken Karlen, @Ron Wood, Stephanie Ware, Megan Necaise Ford AND Debinique LaBar!!! I pulled your NAMES out of the jar! YOU WIN!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Come DO IT with me! The 24 Day Challenge! LOOK and FEEL your BEST before the HOLIDAYS!

Let's DO IT!!! Whoo! Esp the LADIES! Come DO IT with ME!
The 24 Day Challenge that is! 

I can't wait till the AFTER Thanksgiving to start my 24 Day cleanse and weight loss. Talk about looking AMAZING at the holidays!

Below is how to ORDER! Read about it! See some b4's and AFTERS!

If you want to KICK START some serious weight loss, clean out, feel AMAZING... the JOIN me! I will be SKYPING you EVERY week!
You get a Goldy lockS Band ORIGINAL CD, from me, and access to my private fitness email! But mostly I will be helping to motivate you EVERY step of the way! That's my GUARANTEE!

You can pick one up from me locally, I can ship some to you TODAY or ORDER on link BELOW!

I want to help you LOOK and FEEL your BEST! "Do it" WITH me! XXOO

I found these before and after's online looking at results!
I can't wait to START!!!

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How Advocare and Beachbody Changed My Life!

If you want to have someone REALLY kick you into gear NOW to get into the BEST shape and health of your life, then READ on!

I gained some SERIOUS weight after my mom died. ☹ Everyone brought me food and treats and I was in a daze and just ate whatever was put in front me… 25 lbs. later. 
I didn’t fit in my clothes. You can say, “Oh you look just fine”… But when undergarments don’t even fit, it wasn’t cool. I had no energy and didn’t feel so good about myself.

We all have reasons for not being in the shape we want to be. We see it in our minds, but can’t always find the motivation to make our bodies follow.

I tried everything. And you know what? I figured out some ways to really get where I wanted to be! I’m SUPER EXCITED! I CHANGED my body and I want to help YOU too!

I already talk about health and fitness ALL the time. You’ve seen me at shows yelling at people to quit smoking, or GO TO THE GYM, or do some of the exercise programs I preach! Well now, I’m putting my TIME where my mouth is by being here for YOU.

I am now OFFICIALLY a part of the products I LOVE and have used for over FIVE years! WALKING and LIVING proof and TESTIMONIAL these products work and can really help with ENERGY, DEPRESSION, your OUTLOOK, STRENGTH and overall WEIGHT. I LIVE this stuff. I want to SHARE with you and help everyone I know be as HAPPY as I am.

Often people tell me, “Girl, I wish you could bottle the energy you have!” I would buy it! Or “what’s your secret?”

I’m going to give you my “Secrets”. And you can ORDER some of my energy. AND? I’m doing a 24 Day Challenge the DAY after Thanksgiving. The pic shown above was AFTER I did the 24-day challenge and doing my INSANITY. It works. And I want to look amazing for the HOLIDAYS! I figure I will order NOW and then start it the day AFTER Thanksgiving!

The BEST part is THIS though! When you order a 24 Day Challenge or a Beachbody CHALLENGE pack (I suggest INSANITY or p90X with Shakology) you get 15 min of ME via SKYPE or GOOGLE HANGOUT to PERSONALLY welcome you, talk to you, motivate you or just hear you complain about whatever! Lol. I promise you will get my undivided attention and complete support. IF you live LOCALLY or can get to ME, you ALSO receive a ONE-HOUR session with me KICKIN it at the GYM! Let’s DO THIS! ☺

Each week after for a month, I’ll video chat with you for 5 min when you need it. You will have unlimited access to my private fitness email. The coolest part is I’m BURNING you an UNRELEASED Goldy Locks ORIGINAL CD with some of the most butt movin’ motivatin’ tracks I’ve written! I wrote these songs for ME but I am sharing with a custom CD just for you! Also, I will be holding contests and promotions, dinners, FREE contest winning photo-shoots for people reaching their goals. It’s going to be AWESOME and I want to build a team of CHAMPIONS who are STRONG, HEALTH AND HEALTHY! Whooo!

Check in daily on my NEW Facebook page There will be success stories, RANT sessions and recipes. Everything fitness, fun and motivating.

This is the 24-day challenge.

This is an INSANITY SHAKOLOGY Challenge pack, I use this everyday now to maintain.

This is what I use every day also for 5 years on and off. I swear by it.

Join me DAY after THANKSGIVING for the 24-Day Challenge. Let’s get all detoxed and ripped! Then right after Christmas, Hanukah and New Years, and any other late December holiday you celebrate, join me in NEW COOL AWESOME ways to really kick it into gear!

If you know people who use these products and are just receiving from someone online they don’t even know, tell them to find me! If you know someone who uses supplements, again, send em over. Some of the things I tell you about, I will only get the “satisfaction” of knowing you’re using good product, I really do care. Some things I will actually make something on that helps me. Then I go make my TV show called “Goldy Knows” where we go do cool things to help others. We do stupid and funny things too, like kidnap Rock Stars and crash celebrities homes too, but for the most part, I try and help cool people! Lol. ☺

Make sure as in starting any new exercise regime or taking supplements or cleanses, that if you have any health issues, you talk to your Dr. first. Here to help! Not to Hinder!

ALL my sports entertainment friends ALSO use these products. They are for those with an OPEN mind, who are willing to TRY and not just give up. If you use the TOOLS I’m telling you about, and stick to it, I know you will have the success I have. I love this stuff. 

Have an AMAZING November!

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