Monday, September 29, 2014

Putting the STRENGTH into Multiple Sclerosis! Do it!

I've teamed up with #MsFitChallenge MS Fittnes Challenge and #EcociseBamboo Ecocise Bamboo Clothing for a pretty cool reason! To spread the word about this innovative platform that pairs people with MS with a personal trainer teaching them how to build their bodies to have strength and endurance. I couldn't think of a more appropriate fit to everything I'm doing and stand for.

Just when I didn't think it could get any better, Ecocise Bamboo got involved. I've had first hand experience wearing their clothing and am in LOVE! 

Bamboo breathes. It's anti bacterial. It wicks away moisture. It's odor resistant and it's comfortable as can be. Bamboo is the new cotton but better! And to add to all these benefits, Bamboo apparel is good for our ecosystems because growing Bamboo does not require pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers.

And the people at Ecocise Bamboo generously donate a portion of ALL sales to the MS Fitness Challenge to support our work. Great clothes and a great company with heart.

I am just so excited to be a part of both of these organizations and companies. Fitness is everything to me and so is helping others. 

Please take a moment just to LIKE the Facebook Pages and follow on Twitter.

EVERY bit of engagement helps the cause. There are a lot of people out there who hurt and are uncomfortable. They don't have to be. Just by spreading the word you can help. It's that simple, it's that easy.

So please join me today in some pretty cool support. 
And check out the AMAZINGLY functional AND comfortable Ecocise Bamboo! • • •

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Monday, September 15, 2014

“Boy”, “Toilet” and “Poop” humor

I have it. Always have. If you think Will Farrell, John C. Reilly, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Steve Carell or Vince Vaughn are funny, then we would probably get a long. 

If spending an evening guesting on Dr. Steve Brule’s show sounds fun, then you would like me. I have stupid humor, it’s brutally dry, usually borderline offensive and always unapologetic.

My mom had Crohn’s Disease since I was born. She was always very very sick. I moved from many different homes of family, teachers, heck even a convent took me in as my dad is disabled also, and I could be a handful! When my mom was home from the hospital she was constantly crapping her pants. Every where we’d go, crapolla. We learned to make fun of it, joke, make light of every situation. I know this disease annihilated my mother’s self esteem… Even as a small child I picked up on that. But our humor, laughter and stupidity made it tolerable.

Have you ever noticed some people just don’t “get it?” Lol… I do EVERY DAY!

All week long on Twitter I’ve been messing with people. So many of my wrestling buddies “get it” and respond with dry, quick humor that I cherish. Friday night I chose @ScottyMcCreery. We were talking about him and I just decided to post stupid stuff. I seriously had tears running down my face, as my band mate did an impromptu iPad photo-shoot at our hotel.

It was terrible. Horrible stupid pix that no one in their right mind would think I was being serious taking. Lol.

Well, some peeps in the McCreery camp didn’t think it was funny. One woman told me to “Stop with my porn sh!t” Bahaha. Good Lord maybe she doesn’t get out much? With all the “Porno” online, I think I’m a far cry… Have you seen my butt? Lol. It wouldn’t make it in those fine cinemas for 2 sec flat!

As I read the “HATE” being tweeted back, more tears came! “Hate Hate Hate!” I felt like I was in a Chappelle Playa Hata’s Ball episode! But it was because if they had ANY idea, just how funny and completely stupid most of my family are… well, they’d see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Bahaha.

So I will leave you with this: For those of you who “Just Don’t Get It…”
I’m sorry for your loss… of HUMOR!

This is another impromptu front yard photo shoot my dad and I just decided to do my last visit home. After packing up my recently desist mother’s clothing for charity you find yourself empty, lost and drained. You put these clothes into anonymous empty brown card board boxes knowing you will never see these items someone you love, loved and wore. Words can’t explain it. But we managed to save a wig or too and even a big black furry hat. And with my stupid, not right, irreverent sense of humor, THIS is what happened…

Peeps, LAUGH! SMILE! REJOICE! Find the “funny” every chance you get. My terminally ill mom lived to be 82. That was no accident. She sustained her life through being just flat out RIDICULOUS! And I’m proud I have the sense of humor I do. Because I come by it SOOOOO honestly!

And? If you don’t think I’m funny, well, I really don’t care. Because on ANY given day, the people who matter to me the most DO! That’s YOU! When making some stupid and UGLY selfies I posted, THIS is what you all decided to BLESS me with! 
And THIS is why I love you!

XXOO #GoldyKnows •  

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Fantasy vs Reality. My Little Hypothesis

Today truly brings a conclusion to a life long hypothesis I’ve had kicking around for a long time. Basically it goes like this; Get off your but and try = SUCCESS.

It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? Well if it is why don’t more people do it?

OK. READ this part with an OPEN mind ok? I’m not BASHING football! Lol. Just saying LISTEN to what I’m saying! Ha ha

I will share something personal, but it won’t make me popular with some of you. But I speak my mind here only to get you to think about my point. I have a hard time going to sporting events. I always have. You’d never know by looking at me, but I was actually pretty good at sports growing up and played many in school. I’m driven and extremely competitive. So why I have a problem with events isn’t the actual sport… it’s always been the people who sometimes become consumed.

Each year we see everyone rally, route and support his or her favorite teams. We spend billions of dollars on games, paraphernalia, T-shirts, jerseys and even fantasy football. Sometimes I wonder just how MUCH those tickets to the Super Bowl cost? What’s the most someone has paid? I’m really curious…

I see how a team for so many people become all they talk about, post about, look forward to and perpetuate. But in the back of my head I wonder this; what if at EVERY game, be it little league to the World Series, there was a donation jar? Or an electronic way of giving just ONE dollar extra per person? What if every year America voted on a cause? A platform? Even helping out our own homeless in our back yard?

We all make fun of these people. We make comments. We judge. But I’m not talking about the people who dress nicer than I do, holding a sign on the corner. That's not it. I speak of the ones that just live under a bridge with nothing. Do you know most have no family? Are mentally disabled? Or many are just physically handicapped. How the hell are they supposed to even try and work when they don’t have an address or a mind to function?

There was a man in Los Angeles I would visit every week. No legs, arms were to the elbows. He had his eyes somehow just sealed shut with deformities and his ears were grown over the same way. There was an exception of one ear that he could partially hear some sort of sound.

He held a little plastic disposable cup between the two sawed off arms. He would rock back and forth hoping at the end of the day to have some sort of way to survive.

This dude got to know me. I would sit beside him, give him a gentle pat on the shoulder 2 times and say, “it’s the goofy girl again.” He would smile. :-) Then I would tell him I was putting some money in a pocket, so that no one would steel it out of his cup. I would then tell him the amount, so he knew what he had. Remember he couldn’t see. 

That smile of his burned through to what seems like the back of my eyes. Because I still see him to this day when I close them to fall asleep. I see how much we all have and how little many do not.

What if at every game we did a one-dollar collection per person? I would love to see the passion so many people have for their sport be shared with a cause. I know many people do. I know many give. But that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about people that are so selfish they just can’t see past their remote control.

I’m always talking about surrounding yourself with good people. Well I practice what I preach. I have THE most amazing friends, family and people I work with that anyone could dream of. I’m blessed. But it’s not all luck. You start to surround yourself with WHO you have become. Through years of mistakes, errors and corrections, I think I’m finally worthy of my Mötley Crüe!

I asked people on my social media pages and friends I have met along the way at shows to all give $5.00 to get a woman going through hard times a new TV. Remember domestic abuse comes in many shapes and forms. Sometimes the mental torment, belittling and someone’s over all words can be the most devastating. I met a woman getting out of a bad situation. She is leaving with nothing nothing. She has some necessities, but one thing she mentioned was a tv. Her husband wouldn’t give her any they had. I know this seems trivial to some people, but I know she loved her TV. And to some people getting out of yuck… that’s a much-needed escape. Listen to the things people ”need” around you. It’s not always what you think.

I had a ton of people come through and donate funds. Some I’ve never even met before. The power of just “trying” If we all just think of an idea, ask for help… if it’s a good idea, hell, even if it’s not, lol, people will come. They will support.

Think of UNCONVENTIONAL ways you can help peeps. It can start with ONE dollar. Give to the people who REALLY need it. Just open your eyes to it. Don’t judge. Just take a min to start really seeing what’s out there and think of creative ways to help. It will just add to my “Hypothesis!” Ha ha.

Thank you beautiful people who gave. Do you know how much I love you? Cause I do. A whole bunch! Muah!!!!!!

PS. I stopped in to surprise this cool chick with the TV you all bought her. Here is my #GoldyKnows way of delivering. She was pretty happy. And it's because of YOU!

Love your football! Love your sports! Love all of the things that make you happy. :-) Just remember though, the next time you make such an effort to get a fantasy football team together, that there are people in true REALITY, who could really use an extra helping hand. I’m just saying… I’m just saying… Lol.

Don’t crucify me for this post! Ha ha! I’m just trying out my HYPOTHASIS!

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