Monday, November 25, 2013

Aunt Flow! You Need To Go!

Aunt Flow has been in town a little too long this month! She needs to GO! Lol. As I sit and complain to myself, I realize having never have given birth, what a puss I truly am! So I am ending my pity party NOW by opening the floor, to the CRAZIEST child birth story that anyone can tell me!

Find me here, Facebook, Twitter, wherever. I want to hear you story! You can tell me the details, it’s all good. I just want to know how it really is and goes out there.

I know some of you mothers out there have gone through hell and back! It’s time you get your chance to vent damn it! J Best story gets diner on me. Just as a small thank you for raising some pretty cool kids out there. @Goldyknows #goldyknows


  1. I don't really have any crazy childbirth stories. Two weeks before my due date with my first son, the Dr found out Gavin had already passed away. I was taken straight to the hospital and had labor induced. Fifteen hours later, I was finally granted a c-section. I remember after they got him out and called time of death, I got to hold my sweet Angel. I held him for two days before they took him away. I also ended up with 21 staples in my stomach. Second delivery was a much happier occasion. Had a c-section and staples again, but thankfully Connor is here with us today. I found out recently though the night he was born, his daddy was out having an affair instead of being with us at the hospital.

  2. Well, first off, I would have never even thought about that. A child dying before being born. So you shed some light on this whole pregnancy topic for the ignorant like me. And I thank you for teaching me something. I'm sorry you had that experience. No one deserves that. I'm glad Connor is here, and healthy. What a class act his douche bag dad is. Wow lady. Well, at the end of the day, You're a strong woman with a beautiful child. And that makes me smile. Keep on loving him and giving the positive attention to those who love you back. Thank you for sharing your story. @Goldyknows

  3. You want a story!! Here it is..My water breaks standing in the kitchen, I'm barely 18 yrs old, so I ran to the door to get my sorry piece of crap hubby that had brutally beat me that morning. Seriously he punched my face in, hit me in my tummy and it sent me into labor. Here I am standing in the door yelling loud as I can, because this dipshit has his Harley revved up so he can't hear me. My neighbor heard me and came running, she grabbed up my 1st son, got my suit case, put me in her car, as she was pulling off my hubby the retard ran up to her car trying to grab the keys through the window. She calmly smacked him in the nose with her elbow and speed off.
    When she got to the hospital she ran in told the ER nurse that my hubby had beaten me half to death, did not even think that I was in labor, but this was all true.
    So they get me in a room and started to examine me, then the doctor yelled get her up tp delivery quick!! I was sped up to the 2nd floor as fast as the elevator would go. When the doctor came in, he took one look..said lets have a baby..Omg, I freaked out, but I was already having my son.
    From the time I got to the hospital to delivery..I gave birth 29 seconds later to a 6lb 7oz boy. Okay, this was new to me because my first son, I was in labor 10.5 hours.
    This kid was ready to come out. Doc said you got you a speedy little boy!! yeah right, needless to say he had ADDHD, ASTHMA & a HERNIA on his testicles that they wouldn't remove till he was 5 yrs old, Well, okay I can deal with this but girl this boy is a 41 yrs old man now and I don't think there is a bone n his body that is faster than a snail..haha, but I love him anyway :) TRUE STORY!!

  4. Paula! Good Lord! You just keep on going no matter what! I'm so proud to have met such a strong woman at our show. YOU! And I'm glad you're away from that hose bag man you were with! Thank you for sharing your story. And I'm glad you've become so so wonderful. You are the highlight of our AL shows!