Thursday, April 30, 2015

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At the risk of sounding like an even bigger dork than I do, I will share with you all a story. 

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I had a pretty big record deal a ways back. 

And I was big in the R&B, Pop world of clubs, swag and tiaras. 

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So many times radio stations would send limos and "drivers" to pick me up, the dancers, the band... etc. I had many members of Prince's ‪#‎NewPowerGeneration‬ that would help me out. It was pretty cool. But I never really cared about all of that. I'd let everyone else drink the champagne and eat the caviar Lol. I usually just caught a ride with someone to the venue or after party. I'm just not like that.

All these years of performing with the best, sharing stages with Saliva, Sevendust, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Puddle of Mudd, Hurt, Theory Of A Deadman, Collective Soul, Stevie Nicks, Bret Michael's Band, Rick Springfield, Ted Nugent, Pat Benatar, Maroon 5, and Grand Funk Railroad just to name a few. I"ve found MORE fun and satisfaction hagning out woth the people at the shows than the performers themselves. I love the way a person can be so kind and so real to me. And that's what really makes me happy.

When we were opening for Bret Michael's Band last summer, I had all this cool edgy stuff planned out. I was excited to tell jokes the adults would relate to and make it a really awesome opener they would always remember. I went out an hour ahead of the show like I always do, just to go meet the peeps standing out in the huge line that wrapped around the building. I wanted to connect and "do my thing."

To my surprise, half the line was kids! Little ones too! Whooo! WTH?! I had to RETHINK the whole show and rethink it FAST! Then I met this beautiful woman. All dressed up, kind, calm, sweet and just the coolest. She would see the show and find me later on Facebook. How cool is that? I have the best job in the world.

Fast forward 6 months later and wow. I'm honored to have her join my Advocare ‪#‎GoldenPower‬ Team. This woman already is queen at her job, but taking products to make you look great, feel great and share with others really doesn't take away from already "thing." It just adds to it. She can now go out and hep other people do the same.

She doesn't know it yet, but I want her to be one of the most successful women I know. And I know there are many incredible incentive trips Advocare pays in full to distributors making a difference. I want to be one of those people. Not so I can go on a fancy trip, but because the size of your paycheck is really a scorecard for people that you help. And I want the folks on my team to do well too! I want us all to go together and have the time of a lifetime. With people I love and care about. Many of you have treated me better than some so called "friends." Why do you think I want you on my team?

I was recently told that on one of the Advocare incentive trips that they actually stopped in a port, to spend a day doing mission work. Wow. What can I really say to that? Other than I want to be a part of it.

I'm SO blessed and honored to have Miss Norma on our team. I know I can help educate and guide her to just doing everything she can imagine. And if I don't have all the answers, (hard to believe I know) There are so many others in the company who would be more than happy to help. This woman has GOT IT GOING ON! And I can't WAIT to watch what she does. She has an obvious outer shine, but it's what's on the inside that's blown me away. Human being of awesomeness, incredible mother... the list goes on and on.
Thanks for believing Norma. I sure believe in you. Let's go DO THIS!! XXOO
To join my team just take a look here. You have EVERYTHING to gain!
You get to hang out with ME! Bahaha. XXOO

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THREE @Advocare products I take to CARVE out #Muscle tone!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Motivation | Team Work | Determination | How to lose 20 lbs FAST

Well, I actually teared up again today about something I never thought I would... 
What a puss. Lol. I got knocked in the gut... but in a good way.

So this really cool chick Honour Lee McLeod contacts me asking about the @Advocare #24DayChallenge. Apparently she had been watching posts for a while. She not only bought the Challenge, but she because a distributor on my #GoldenPower Team!

She now gets her discount but is helping OTHER people get #Healthy too! She just told me her co worker has already lost TWELVE lbs on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge!

She helped HER AND made EXTRA $$$ for HERSELF!

WIN | WIN | #WIN!!!

Honour JUST came over to do her AFTER shots on her OWN 24 Day Challenge!!!!!!
 I can't wait to SHOW you the results!

I am SOOOOO proud of her. 
She is GLOWING! 
She has #Energy and MOST IMPORTANTLY proud of HERSELF and HAPPY!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

How To Make Extra Money While Losing Weight | Goldy Locks Fitness | Golden Power Team

My #GoldenPower TEAM!

What is it? Well, besides people I LOVE, here's more:

Anyone wanting to improve their life and health and fitness has been working out, drinking water and enjoying the benefits of the world's most 
ELITE PERFORMANCE products by Advocare.

I have been using the products for 13 years now. 
This is partly why I look like I do and have the energy I do.

Get on my team, you get a discount which makes your #Spark #EnergyDrink taste even better! :-)

It's like singing up at Sam's Club.
Membership has its privileges!

you get over 5o worth of #SLAM #EnergyDrink AND
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Nothing to more to by
No one will bother you
No Auto ship
No Sales Quotas 

BEST thing, is you get access to ME. I'll answer any questions you have, be there to #SUPPORT and #MOTIVATE you and just watch you either #LoseWeight or #GainMuscle with our Performance Elite Product Line. I actually take products to gain muscle and get stronger!

BEST thing about Advocare is I get PAID to help others improve their lives. Then they watch their bodies and energy levels change, others notice, and now they order from my #GoldenPeeps. THEY - YOU now are making income, without even trying. Just walk around being awesome and the products sell themselves.

Need an extra $500 to $1000 a month for being happy? Lol.

Go here and become a member of my team, enjoy the discount and just watch what happens. Trust me folks, I'm not #Faking this #GoodMood!!!

I Love you people. I want you HAPPY and HEALTHY!

You have NOTHING to LOSE! Only pounds! Or gain muscle like me! Whoooo

Kristine Woodrum I'm so proud of you I could PUKE!!! Hahaha!
What you've accomplished in several months is just well... as ‪#‎Amazing‬and YOU!!! Proud to not only have you on my team, but to just know you.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hot & Sweaty in Afghanistan | No Underwear | Golden Lining | Goldy Locks

It was dripping hot July in Afghanistan a few years ago. 
How do our troops and soldiers DO THIS???

After THREE days of non-stop & sleepless travel, we finally got to Manas. 

Did I mention it was hot? Lol. They lost my PA AND my luggage. I performed in my smelly clothes I had just traveled in for 3 days; with just a pieced together sound system pulled from a church, chapel and some kitchen.

It wasn’t long before all of Afghanistan heard I was wearing the same underwear for 5 days now. I felt gross and disgusting. What’s new?

This BEAUTIFUL solider just kind of manifests out of thin air saying, Hi, I sell Mark Kay. And I have plenty of make up to fix your problem. Who WAS this ANGEL? ☺

Het partner in crime had another needed GOLDMINE! Shampoo AND a Flat Iron! OMG!

I proceeded to run into this woman many times during out tour. She was ALWAYS Up Beat, positive, adorable AND wonderful. It’s not often another woman just comes out of the woodwork to support another unconditionally. But she did.

Woman supporting other women. Women building up others. No caddiness here. Just complete love and support.

It seems since then, every project I have or need help with this angel is the first in line to sign up to help. Do you know how many people we have like this in out US Military? Why do you think our country is as strong as it is? It’s because of people like Lanita Vargas . She is beyond a doubt, #Incredible.

Meet my FIRST #GoldenPower Teammate. Lanita Vargas. Someday, when I’ve helped hundreds of people become #Leaner, #Meaner, #Healthy, AND helped them get to their #FinancialFreedom, I will be up on a stage telling MY story. And this chick better be there as my #First!!

Props and LOVE to ALL the women out there bettering their lives through #HealthAndFitness but also bettering the lives of OTHER women by their constant #Love, #Motivation & #Support!

If YOU need some Make Up with an #Attitude from a WOMAN with ATTITUDE, support her HERE:

Much LOVE #GoldenPower Team Angel.

Join my team today. You will be a part of #Royalty! XXOO


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Monday, April 13, 2015

Lose Weight at ANY age! | Gain Strength For Seniors! | Senior Fitness! | Father Daughter Team



The POWER of TWO working together to help YOU!!!

I’m SO excited to be in the ADVOCARE business with my dad Tom The Conservative! @TomTheConservat!

I want any of my more MATURE peeps to be some of my dad’s FIRST people to ask him questions and get the help you need. He is PRETTY amazing!

NOW we can help YOU with MORE #energy, weight LOSS AND improve YOUR finances!

Our Story:

I was on TV, a professional wrestling personality and had a thriving musical touring career when things came to a sudden halt; the love of my life, my mother passed and my world would never be the same.

I was depressed and gained 20 lbs. I asked a wrestling friend what products he was using and what I could do to kick start my weight loss. He gave me the Advocare 24 Day Challenge & I lost 14 lbs. and had more energy than I did in high school. People at the gym told me about the income opportunities becoming an Advocare Distributor.

My father, Tom, was also in a similar boat. He now lost his wife of many years. He was my mother’s caregiver and really saw how precious life really is. He knew it was time to get in better physical shape even though he is crippled & handicapped due to a severe motorcycle accident.

My dad is a senior, on a fixed income and after my mom’s passing his finances changed. He saw me helping people lose weight, gain energy and become strong. Tom joined a gym and became an Advocare Distributor knowing this would help lead him to financial freedom and be able to leave an even bigger impact on his legacy some day.

If you know anyone looking for MORE energy or to lose weight send them our way!

Or would YOU be in in earning some serious extra money in next 90 days?  


To be a part of MY team or see what these products are all about go:

To be a part of my dad’s team: /150363992

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Perspective | Ratio | Channing Tatum Naked | Michael Jordan's Underwear

Perspective & Ratios

I woke up today to some emails I loved.
They were mostly from women.

I find it funny how the perspectives of women can be so incredibly different.

I live for the differences in the world and the diversity on our planet. Without them, what a boring place we would live. Celebrate what is unique about the person beside you.

Still, we need someone to see OUR viewpoint from time to time. Or to feel united. Or just to have a Big Bag Of Douche keep their moth shut and give us a break that day. Lol.

Today, I woke up to people commenting on something they really didn’t know what they said or how it affected me, but I’m going to tell you. Use this explanation as KNOWLEDGE to understand, empathize, help and reach out to a stranger. You may change their life.

First off, a thank you.
To ALL who support, understand and embrace ME for who I am.

This includes many of you, much of my family, meaning aunts, cousins and even their children seemed to have figured me out, many strong women out there, and the LGBT community without a doubt hits a home run with me every time. Don’t mess with ANY of the people mentioned in this paragraph or you will be sorry! J


To the people ho have heard me complain about sexual harassment, then commented either to me directly or behind my back, “Well, maybe if you wouldn’t post any swimsuit photos… or pics where your cleavage is showing… maybe people wouldn’t bother you.” 
I love you people, but get a clue. For you are truly ignorant.

It shouldn’t matter if I walk around buck ass naked. Which I don’t or I would scare my cat “Annie” (#AnnieTheSexualPuss.) She has to be the sexy one in the household. I couldn’t even compete…

We live in a free country. We have choices with consequences I realize that. But me posting a photo of me being in shape really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things does it? I can re assure you I’m not walking into church in my string bikini, going to local businesses during the week in my underwear or even getting my “Annual” in some booty shorts. Ironically the Dr. who does my annual and has seen my precious “V”, and yes it’s a dude I go to, has NEVER crossed the line. Get it?

Yet several other Dr.s who I’ve gone to last year have. To the point of where I could bring up a Lawsuit. I could also cause a stir about several preachers in town, or other more prominent businessmen. My point is people that they DON’T see me on social media, or at shows, or anywhere but in a place where I’m usually wearing my dad or aunt’s old ripped up dirty stained sweatshirt… yet some of you have cast stones at me. 
You’re off. And clueless.


Did you know for every pic I post of a swimsuit, workout pic, health & fitness photo that someone, usually a man has something gross to privately or publicaly say? But that sometimes as many as TEN women, who are hurting and need some guidance, advice or a good kick in the rump email me and ask me what they should do? 
Try? Take? Workout with?

Point = I will continue to post.

No one is saying squat about a photo of Donnie Wahlberg in his skivvies.  Or Michael Jordan did a shoot now. They’d say WOW! “Still got it!” Look at his line of clothing! NIKE!!!! His restaurants, his lines of EVERYTHING, his Sports legacy!

If Channing Tatum would stand there BUCK NAKED holding a new #EnergyDrink, let’s face it ladies, we’d ALL be in line and ordering. So take it easy on the rest of us. Some of us are actually trying to do something you may not notice or understand. 
So say something kind or shut up.

The whole point of this blog was due to a post of me on the toilet at a venue. I do it often. I call it #RoadOffice. Lol

Now I’ve been posting these photos for years. I can always tell the caliber of the human being by the comment, or who gets it. Usually my photo is light hearted and meant to make people smile, but sometimes there is more to it. One person figured that out without even trying, and thus inspired this whole blog.

The band and I come do these shows. When all is said and done people, rooms, pay, commissions, fuel, insurance, payments, website fees, tax preparation for people no longer even employed… do the math, I’m not getting rich at these shows ok? I do them to keep the machine going, to see you all, to maybe make someone smile and keep the boys working too. But there is more BS that goes into these nights than you realize. I take a lot of abuse. And some of it comes from management or even people that work there.

In the past, if I even spoke a word, we are not asked back. It’s still a Boy’s Club. That’s not changing any time soon. And filing reports, making waves in small situations only penalizes my band mates with no place to play. It’s even gotten our booking agencies in trouble and made problems for friends who have gotten me hired in corporate settings. Get it? When I open my mouth I hurt OTHER people too. Not my style.

Sometimes those #RoadOffice pics are a form of escape. It’s the ONLY place I can sometimes go to get away from complete smut and unhealthy people. So I use my little iPad and snap my pix on the John. And I breathe… and I laugh… and smile.

It doesn’t fix the problem, but it helps.

You know what else helps? When I post my fitness shots. You know? The one’s in the bikinis or workout clothes? Yeah, that helps a lot. On average I have 3 to 5 people ORDER product that I represent and sell. Mmmm Hmmmm. Yup. See I’m actually BETTERING my life and FINANCES so I won’t have to go BACK to some of the places that abuse me. :-)

Perspective. Bet some of you Holy Roller “Judgers” didn’t think of that? 
Ratios. Bathing suit pix = people seeing I’m in good shape = THEY may want to get healthy too!

To all the #GoldenPeeps who figure me out. I love you. I’ve got some big fish to fry in this lifetime! ALLLLLL the CRAZY stuff I do? Stunts? 
What do you think I do with the money I make? It sure is hell isn’t shoes…

Think about how much ching it cost to do this WHOLE episode…

For ALL of YOU who buy merch, music, jewelry and tip me… That episode was for you.

XXOO | | www.YouTube.Com/GoldyKnows | www.TheFactoryByGoldylocks

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

16 Candles | Strange Women | Rock Stars | Goldy Locks

SHARE this post if you ARE or KNOW a PARENT! Whoooo!!!!


I have NO idea how you all do what you do!
#GoldenCelebration for ALL my peeps who are a MOM or DAD!

The #MotherOfTheYear allowed me the privilege of surprising her child at school. 
THIS is what happens when you let a ROCKER with NO clue receive your child!!!


What a GREAT kid Mr. Keegan is! 

Kristine Woodrum​ & Coby Woodrum​. #Examples of DOING IT RIGHT!!!

(No children harmed in the making of this video) Kind of...


#GoldyLocks #GoldyLocksRocks #Parents #Parenting #IWouldSuckAsAParent #GoldyKnows