Monday, April 13, 2015

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The POWER of TWO working together to help YOU!!!

I’m SO excited to be in the ADVOCARE business with my dad Tom The Conservative! @TomTheConservat!

I want any of my more MATURE peeps to be some of my dad’s FIRST people to ask him questions and get the help you need. He is PRETTY amazing!

NOW we can help YOU with MORE #energy, weight LOSS AND improve YOUR finances!

Our Story:

I was on TV, a professional wrestling personality and had a thriving musical touring career when things came to a sudden halt; the love of my life, my mother passed and my world would never be the same.

I was depressed and gained 20 lbs. I asked a wrestling friend what products he was using and what I could do to kick start my weight loss. He gave me the Advocare 24 Day Challenge & I lost 14 lbs. and had more energy than I did in high school. People at the gym told me about the income opportunities becoming an Advocare Distributor.

My father, Tom, was also in a similar boat. He now lost his wife of many years. He was my mother’s caregiver and really saw how precious life really is. He knew it was time to get in better physical shape even though he is crippled & handicapped due to a severe motorcycle accident.

My dad is a senior, on a fixed income and after my mom’s passing his finances changed. He saw me helping people lose weight, gain energy and become strong. Tom joined a gym and became an Advocare Distributor knowing this would help lead him to financial freedom and be able to leave an even bigger impact on his legacy some day.

If you know anyone looking for MORE energy or to lose weight send them our way!

Or would YOU be in in earning some serious extra money in next 90 days?  


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