Monday, August 25, 2014

TV & a PUNCH In The Face

What if I took away your TV? Some of you would care, some would not. I don’t even have TV, cable… I use those hours to work on social media. But TV is an escape and release to some people who really need it.

Enter in… Kate.

I ran into Kate at a gym I frequent. Small, but trying to build muscle. She is one of those little frail skinny women you see around the way. She always looked at me, but when I smiled back, she’d look behind her as if I was smiling at someone else.

One day I just went up to her and said, I’m Goldy Locks. You sure are doing a great job here every time I see you. J She smiled and seemed almost embarrassed at the compliment.

I befriended Kate. And I made a big deal about her every time I saw her.  One day I invited her to lunch as I could clearly see she needed a friend. She was excited, and almost on accident blurted out, “I knew God put you in my life for a reason! Yu always make me feel so good!”

What the hell did I do? I just smile at the chick, compliment here when I see her. Big deal? Well apparently it was. The more this woman spoke the more visible it became she was in an abusive marriage. I cringed at the things she told me. But she was a new friend, and it wasn’t really my place…

Screw that. Since when do I EVER not make somewhere my “place.” I have the biggest mouth I’ve ever heard. Oh well, better do some good with it then.

The more she would tell me, the more I would offer to help. She went to counseling. No go. Finally the therapist just told her, get the hell out. That’s my cue. So I’ve helped encourage, plan, get her a job and now working on a place to live.

Her soon to be husband won’t give her anything. She’s not leaving on the best terms. And she will leave with nothing. She just wants and needs out. The crap she would tell me… I won’t go into details but it makes me sick to my stomach. And when you are “IN” this, it is thick, overwhelming and blinding. It usually takes an outside force to just keep telling you, “get out.” But “get out” and “I will help you.”

They have 6 TV’s. He won’t give her one. It’s something we all take for granted, but to this little beat up soul, it’s all she keeps talking about. “I wish I had a TV in where ever I end up…”

I won't go into details that could someday get her in any more trouble than she's in. But lets just say I was tempted to show up and throw it down. He told her not to text or talk to me any more. I had too many "ideas" that he didn't like. Yup, beating your wife with your hands or words just isn't a "good" idea for me. And I'm sure as hell going to let you know that. Don't like it? Guess what. I don't care. I do care about this precious woman though. If you knew her, you would too. Full of as much joy as she can muster and always speaking of her love for the Lord... amazing how people in dire straits can somehow always find something positive to talk about.

I have lot’s of people who are kind enough to follow, pay attention to my “shtuff…” If you are reading now, and have any ideas on where I can get a new, not to big flat screen TV, contact me. I’d give her mine if I had one. And if I could just go out and buy one I would. But so many times I have people who will work for a company that has a “second” or something they are getting rid of. So I put it out into the universe that I’m looking for a nice new TV for Kate. I want to bring it by her work with a big bow and just let her know people care.

Someone somewhere will have a contact or connection, and that’s what I’m looking for. I may not have all the money… yet… to do what I want to, but I do have a pretty damn big mouth… and I’m using it tonight. ;-)

Please check out my Goldy Knows Episode II that is dedicated to preventing domestic violence. It’s a very important platform for me. Peace

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  1. For Mary....

    I'm not sure if you were placed into Goldy's life to help her or if she was placed in your life to help you or both, but there are a few things I feel a strong need to share with you. I am relatively new to Goldy and just heard your story today. What I want to say is strictly my opinion and thoughts, do with them whatever you feel.
    1. You have the most beautiful, heart-warming smile. Don't EVER let anyone smolder it. Flash it to the world. It could make a difference in someone's day and it is too beautiful to be hidden.
    2. Do NOT regret what you have put your children through. You have taught them some of the most valuable lessons they will ever learn. You have taught them the face of pure evil. You have taught them that it is wonderful to be strong. You have taught them it is ok to make mistakes as long as you learn and correct them. You have taught them it is possible to hit the bottom and work your way to success. And most importantly, you have taught them that even in the darkest moments, God comes first and will see you through.
    3. Do not worry about your belongings that you were unable to take from that other life. You came into this world with nothing except the support of your parents (or maybe parent). You learned and built your own life. You will be able to do it again. Everything you were forced to leave behind is materialistic. It would also have memories attached. You are not that person anymore. You are stronger. You are better. You are more alive now. Create new things to fill the life and home of the new you.
    4. Thank you! Thank you for being strong. Thank you for sharing your pain and triumph. Thank you for blazing a path for others to follow. Thank you for smiling.