Sunday, August 31, 2014

Naked And Ranch Dressing

I was too lazy to get dressed after my shower. I sat down at my hotel desk to work. When I looked up at the “desk” mirror, lol, I just stopped and realized, you know? 
Women are so beautiful just how they are. Even me!

I love make up! I love getting all glammed and gussied. I live for heels taller than me. Dresses and bling make the world go around. But ladies, don’t forget, at the end of the day when it all comes off, it’s what’s inside you that truly makes you beautiful.

Start with a good heart and a shinny smile and I promise, you will reach every goal you set out to achieve.

We all have some “tweaking” to do. 
We can all stand to tighten and tone up some areas! 
I’m not saying not to. 
But I AM saying,
Look in the mirror and LOVE what you see. 
No matter what. :-)

Dudes! Make sure and COMPLIMENT your partner when the least expected. Get them climbing into bed, or when they aren't all dolled up. 
I PROMISE you... it goes a loooonnnnggggg way. ;-)

Goldy Knows. Muah! XXOO

PS. It really smells like ranch dressing in my hotel room. I spilled it all over myself and it stinks. I guess ranch dressing is beautiful too? But it really wreaks! Lol •  

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Friday, August 29, 2014


When things need improving in your life you don’t necessarily need a BIG BUDGET to make some changes! Sometimes starting with YOU and what you can improve on is means enough for a change. Don’t be afraid to see the things you can get better at and make the time and dedication to CHANGE them!
Another thing we sometimes fail to see, or maybe don’t want to, are the people in which we surround ourselves with. They may be “convenient”, or “available” or live down the street, but that doesn’t mean they have to be your best friends.
Choose people who are good for you. Select the ones that build you up and support you. Also choose the ones who are honest, even if you don’t always like what they have to say. If they are GOOD friends they will tell you kindly and with constructive criticism. 
Keep people around who never leave you with “emotional hangovers” or like “you can do anything.” 
Want a 

Then choose 
XXOO • • •

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Monday, August 25, 2014

TV & a PUNCH In The Face

What if I took away your TV? Some of you would care, some would not. I don’t even have TV, cable… I use those hours to work on social media. But TV is an escape and release to some people who really need it.

Enter in… Kate.

I ran into Kate at a gym I frequent. Small, but trying to build muscle. She is one of those little frail skinny women you see around the way. She always looked at me, but when I smiled back, she’d look behind her as if I was smiling at someone else.

One day I just went up to her and said, I’m Goldy Locks. You sure are doing a great job here every time I see you. J She smiled and seemed almost embarrassed at the compliment.

I befriended Kate. And I made a big deal about her every time I saw her.  One day I invited her to lunch as I could clearly see she needed a friend. She was excited, and almost on accident blurted out, “I knew God put you in my life for a reason! Yu always make me feel so good!”

What the hell did I do? I just smile at the chick, compliment here when I see her. Big deal? Well apparently it was. The more this woman spoke the more visible it became she was in an abusive marriage. I cringed at the things she told me. But she was a new friend, and it wasn’t really my place…

Screw that. Since when do I EVER not make somewhere my “place.” I have the biggest mouth I’ve ever heard. Oh well, better do some good with it then.

The more she would tell me, the more I would offer to help. She went to counseling. No go. Finally the therapist just told her, get the hell out. That’s my cue. So I’ve helped encourage, plan, get her a job and now working on a place to live.

Her soon to be husband won’t give her anything. She’s not leaving on the best terms. And she will leave with nothing. She just wants and needs out. The crap she would tell me… I won’t go into details but it makes me sick to my stomach. And when you are “IN” this, it is thick, overwhelming and blinding. It usually takes an outside force to just keep telling you, “get out.” But “get out” and “I will help you.”

They have 6 TV’s. He won’t give her one. It’s something we all take for granted, but to this little beat up soul, it’s all she keeps talking about. “I wish I had a TV in where ever I end up…”

I won't go into details that could someday get her in any more trouble than she's in. But lets just say I was tempted to show up and throw it down. He told her not to text or talk to me any more. I had too many "ideas" that he didn't like. Yup, beating your wife with your hands or words just isn't a "good" idea for me. And I'm sure as hell going to let you know that. Don't like it? Guess what. I don't care. I do care about this precious woman though. If you knew her, you would too. Full of as much joy as she can muster and always speaking of her love for the Lord... amazing how people in dire straits can somehow always find something positive to talk about.

I have lot’s of people who are kind enough to follow, pay attention to my “shtuff…” If you are reading now, and have any ideas on where I can get a new, not to big flat screen TV, contact me. I’d give her mine if I had one. And if I could just go out and buy one I would. But so many times I have people who will work for a company that has a “second” or something they are getting rid of. So I put it out into the universe that I’m looking for a nice new TV for Kate. I want to bring it by her work with a big bow and just let her know people care.

Someone somewhere will have a contact or connection, and that’s what I’m looking for. I may not have all the money… yet… to do what I want to, but I do have a pretty damn big mouth… and I’m using it tonight. ;-)

Please check out my Goldy Knows Episode II that is dedicated to preventing domestic violence. It’s a very important platform for me. Peace

#GoldyKnows XXOO

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Monday, August 11, 2014

My Knight In Shinning Armor.

I think every chick dreams about being somewhere at the right place, right time… and having a someone sweep her off her feet. Don’t lie. You know you have. :-)

We all have some preconceived notion of what they will look like, how it all will go down. Everyone has fantasized about being at work and having their dream person just “show up”. Having it all play out like in the movies.

I play a lot of places. I travel a ton. I get a big kick out of people saying, “It must be so tempting on the road…” Sure. After a 4 hour show of sweating my a$$ off the first thing that comes to mind after loading out a smelly smoky venue is taking that guy who’s been drinking all night back to my hotel… Yes. This is the FIRST thing on my mind. Lol. Honestly, it never happens. I’m shot. I’m spent. I’m so not Rock N Roll. Ha ha ha.

A few weeks ago in Evansville Indiana a very cute man sat at a table watching me load in. I didn’t think much of it. I always greet the crowd and people just as soon as I set up and get situated. So I knew I would eventually speak to him. But he beat me to it. “I’ve been a fan for a long time Goldy Locks” he said. I scoffed, as I hate that pretentious word. Lol. I said “friend.” Let’s just use that. If you come to my show, you are more of a friend than a fan. Say “supporter” or anything but fan. Elvis had “fans…”

He said he knew me from years ago in MN. And he’d been following me through the years. He had this show on his calendar for several months and drove a really long way. “I” was blown away. What a beautiful and precious man. He was full of smiles, energy and love. It was such an honor to have him there.

When the dance floor was empty I jumped off stage to kind of “get the party started”. Not more than 2 seconds later. My friend was right there behind me on the dance floor and didn’t care what anyone thought.

What a beautiful night for “me” that Friday night. So many times I’ve been waiting, hoping some man would just show up and be “that guy”. Well this one was already in a long-term relationship. Happy. And I was happy for him. But how wonderful I got a chance to feel like that Cinderella for one night.

Thank you Joe for taking time out of your busy and important day to come see me. Thank you for reminding me of all the music I’ve put out over the years, videos and projects. Thank you for the hugs and for being an amazing person all these years. You made my year.

The next time you are “wanting” something, remember it can come in all shapes, sizes, people and scenarios. I got my Knight In Shinning Armor, just not in the package I expected. ;-)

See the good, see the beauty in EVERY experience you have.

#GoldyKnows • • • • • •

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sluts N Hoes

A simple blog. Right to the point.

What’s up with the girls lookin like they just lost their pimp? Every time I go to the market the girls are getting younger and younger and the shorts are getting shorter and shorter. If you are one of my younger peeps reading this blog, then this goes out to YOU! STOP! Cause you look like a HOE! And no one with any substance is looking at you saying, Damn, look at that chicks junk hanging out. Nope.

It’s gross dudes, the pedi’s and concerned people like me wondering what you’re going for here? It’s not helping. You can still look HOT while leaving something to the imagination. Seriously. You can see it all when you bend over. And it’s not flattering. I don’t get it. I have a great body. I like looking good. But this “shorts” thing…

And to the mothers that are WITH these young girls. What’s up? Did you know you daughter looks like a hoe? Do you even care? Cause YOU are not helping.

Stop worrying about being your daughter’s best friend would you? And be her mother. It would help us all out. Women will grow to have some class, self-respect and dignity. The best friend card… don’t play it. You will loose every time.

If you’re 12 and at your local Kroger, PLEASE put some pants on!
Say NO to crack!

This has been a #GoldyKnows public service announcement. • • • • •
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