Friday, October 23, 2015

Self-Sabotaging | Turn Around | Expect Greatness

Last night I was antsy. I was working too long of a stretch and just needed to leave the studio. But for what? I was going to do my normal late night run to Kroger and buy something healthy, but maybe "not" so healthy would find itself into my grocery bag...

Why was I even going? I wasn't even hungry. I take many natural products that suppress my appetite. I'm not dying over here. Lol. It's just what I'm "used" to. You've heard of "muscle" memory... I guess I have "hunger" memory! I do things out of habit or what I "think" will make me feel better. When actually I step on the scale after working out and trying so hard I'm not happy. I see no real change.

I got 3 blocks down and turned around. I just went back to work and watched a few Tom Hiddleston videos to cheer me up. I mean have you seen this guy? Lol. I put on some music I love and cleaned up again. No food ingested. No self-sabotaging indulged. I drank some water. I smiled. 

Life is about choices. And I've been making better and better ones every day. The bottom line is when you are about to do something good or bad, just ask yourself who will it help? And who will it harm? Take a good look at the answer.

Many of you I hear saying you are unhappy with your life and its outcome so far. So, change it. All you are now is the residual of the choices you've made in the past. Today is a NEW day, so start a new timeline. Many times the only person you have to blame for your current situations is you. But the good news is you can change all of that in 1 second of finishing this blog.  Just say, I AM changing my life, habits and destiny.

Don't want, "hope for", think about and dream about a good life for yourself. Just create it. Expect it.

I ended my late night Kroger runs last night. I don't need to do that anymore. It was fun while it lasted, but I've got more important things to do now with my time! Lol. Say goodbye to something YOU have outgrown TODAY! | |

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