Monday, July 27, 2015

Men, Money and Pride. Does selling Advocare Help Make Money?

Men + Money = PRIDE
Many times a man has been conditioned to just plow through, not talk about things and just take it like it comes. I know many who feel frustrated that they are working as hard as they can, as many hours as there are in the day and STILL don't make enough money to do the things the family needs or HE would like to do. Remember, dudes have wants too! 
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Take a look at this one minute vid:

I'm building a pretty incredible team. Guys welcome. Remember that. I know a lot and have so many people surrounding me who are incredible, we will teach you. This business is so easy. You just enjoy products at a discount you ALREADY are buying, only you buy from yourself.
Share your stories with others, then they go to your site and order from you.
Be even MORE of a SUCCESS than you already are and already are MEANT to be. Let this amazing company that found me, help you too. It's working! I can show you how!
Just go to my site:

Become a member and start today. It's 79 bucks. You get 69 bucks worth of product in just a few days for joining. What? Yup. For just over $10.00 you have a NEW OPPORTUNITY to improve YOUR life and the live's of others. No quotas or monthly fees. That's it.
We are building such an INCREDIBLE team! Try it! You only have EVERYTHING to gain!
I'm looking for some STRONG & SOLID men. And of course any amazing women out there too! |'GoldyLocksFitness

Sunday, July 26, 2015

What to do AFTER the Advocare 24 Day Challenge using Advocare Supplements

I just met TWO precious precious women at the gym. After talking about their quest to finally change their lives, SO happy for them both, I realized this trick I have for losing or KEEPING weight off and being HEALTHY!

A friend of MINE told me about HIS secret so I share it with YOU!

This is Advocare Muscle Gain. I take THIS everyday as a MEAL REPLACEMENT not in addition to my meal. Why? Because it's LOWER in calories, fat, CARBS AND SUGAR than most actual meal replacement shakes.

TAKE IT WITH 30 calorie per 8ox ALMOND MILK peeps! No sugar or hormones added!! HUGE TRICK!

ALSO???????? Add as MUCH RAW Spinach to this drink as POSSIBLE in a blender!

Yes, it may look like baby poo, but you are getting a HUGE health benefit that you can't even taste. It's just a little green.

By just having THIS ONE HEALTHY HACK a day, you will maintain or LOSE unwanted weight. The cancer preventative benefits to spinach and it's antioxidants are HUGE! 

Thanks always for supporting. And remember. ALL Advocare products taste better at 20-40% less. ;-)

To join and be a distributor and help other people is easy. Just go here:

No sales quotas, minimums, hidden charges. Just enjoy the discount. Or share your story with others and have them order from YOU directly. Make some money helping others I tell everyone. Even my new friend Max! ;-)

79.00 to join, you get $69.00 worth of SPARK in just a few days. So for just over $10.00, you can change your life and other's too. ;-)

This is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. It really works. For those of you completing,
Do the above suggestion EVERY day! It will REALLY help you!

As always, thanks for being a part of my team!
I appreciate you!!!!

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Eating Healthy is TOO Expensive! | Goldy Locks Fitness


After checking out the prices at our local grocery store we headed down the road to a locally operated and fresh grown food stand. The prices were HALF of the grocery store!

Low and behold in the back, BINS full of blemished or not so perfect fruits and vegetables. 
"What do you do with all of that i asked?" They said they threw it away.

I came home with TWO full purchased bags of fresh green vegetables!
And THREE FREE bags of fruits and vegetables to freeze, ‪#‎juice‬ and use in ‪#‎smoothies‬!


This is Honour. She is an Advocare distributor on out ‪#‎GoldenPower‬ Team. She has her own team now that's growing! Because she was almost 200 lbs. Now she 129!!! GO HONOUR!
Make HEALTHY choices and you will LOOK, FEEL and PERFORM with‪#‎Power‬!

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Friends | Success | Bffs | RIP

They say you are lucky if before you die you have one good friend. If this be the truth then I must have won the lottery.

I consider myself to be pretty successful. But give me a little more time and I know I will accomplish so much more. Any fame, money I make can all be attributed to my family and the incredible friends I have.

Chyna Charles , Thomas Harper, Troy Ford and his team at Performance Studios have always had my back. They are consummate pros with hearts to match. Honestly the talent of these people combines could power the city of New York for a year. Several years ago my mother came to see my studio. We decided to do a shoot and pick out something extraordinary. My mother was sick, weak and frail... What could she wear to look mighty and majestic just one more time?

The staff at Performance was so patient. My mom couldn't make up her mind and we got into it. She grabbed my face like I was four again, and with tears in her eyes said, "I will try on as many dresses as I need to. The time periods WILL match. This will be the last family shoot we do and it WILL be right..." Her words haunt me, but she knew.

Costumes in hand we went to my studio where my dear friend Lorrie Bradshaw met us to kindly do a very sick old woman's make up. Mine too. Per usual Lori's art was perfection. This woman has done more for me than so many. Her soul is in my heart. And to top it off my beautiful friend Ron Macaluso was the topping on the cake. He nails it. And when I can't shoot my own shits he comes Canon in hand and makes magic.

My success is measured by you all. By my supporters and the people I surround myself I can friends. You are precious to me. Thank you.

Thank you dad for going along with this without a bat of an eye. So many men would scoff or not wear what we picked out for you. You did it with grace and pride. We couldn't have gotten anything MORE epic or beautiful.

To ALL the BFFS out there, friends who listen, support and are kind to another, I applaud you and give you props.

Peace be with you all, Goldy

#GoldyLocks #GoldyKnows #GoldyLocksRocks #TheFactoryPhotography  Ron Macaluso​, Troy Ford​, Thomas Harper​, Chyna Charles​ Performance Studios Inc.​ Glenn Alexander​ | | www.YouTube.Com/GoldyKnows | www.GoldyLocksBand.Com | | www.TheFactoryByGoldylocks

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Mondays | Hate My Job | Make More Money | Help People | Goldy Locks Fitness

MONDAY! And I HATE going to this JOB!

Do you ever say that? If you have, then come join my team!

Spark Parties and my Advocare GoldenPower Team!

What is it? Well, we are all Advocare Distributors and we get paid to help other people have more energy, lose weight, gain lean muscle and improve their finances.

You see, it’s a win win for everyone. People involved get in the best shape of their lives and help other people too. Then everyone eliminates debt, school loans and makes money to do what they are really passionate about. Many successful people in their fields have completely quit so they can spend more time with their families.

When you join my team, it’s different from the rest. Because we have some of the COOLEST peeps on working together! I can’t believe ALL the amazing people we have all seemed to attract! We don’t have one dud in the bunch! Haha.

Except maybe Debbie Russo Janeda. Haha. Forget about it! This chick HANDS DOWN takes the cake! Or maybe I should say something better like takes the #Spark #EnergyDrink. :-)

She went ALL IN to get to the highest discount level and compensation plan. She now saves 40.00% on ALL her products AND makes 40% off of her retail sales! She gets paid FOUR other ways also! ADVOCARE is INCREDIBLE!!! They really take care of their people and their people’s families!

Debbie help a Spark Party last week at her country home in Ohio! And it was BEAUTIFUL! So many people came to support her! So many people joined HER team THAT night! She is ALREADY building a business and in one day made a $900.00 profit. Unbelievable.

She is losing weight on her 24-Day Challenge and has already sold SEVERAL to friends and family! I can’t wait to see THEIR results!

Have a Spark Party! I come and just tell your friends about Advocare’s AMAZING products and I talk about the INCREDIBLE Business Opportunity! That’s it! No push, no funk, No minimums or sales quotas. No auto ship!!! Just little ole me! Lol.

Sometimes you have a STAR on your hands! So THIS time around I brought my photography gear! Debbie was ON IT! She was the best model ever and did EVERYTHING I asked! That’s how I KNOW, like I KNOW, like I KNOW this woman is a success. She went along with the flow. She looked beautiful. She was prepared, she was patient and she DID HER HOMEWORK! Making it a joy and allowing us to come up with THIS idea?

So many women are getting married and want to look their BEST for their BIG day! So why not get ALL the wedding party involved!? Become a distributor, and get all of your people to LOOK great, FEEL great and PERFORM great on the most IMPORTANT day of your life!

Look at these BEAUTIFUL photos we did! And I sat in my room and made a few graphics to go with them! Special thanks to Bob McGhough, writer for Metal Monthly and new upcoming Publication, Golden by Goldy Locks, for coming up with the tag lines he did. This guy is brilliant on a dime! And he is ALSO on the team!

You see you get elements and opportunities you won’t other places. Because I’m dedicated to getting you in the best shape of your life. And I’m committed to making you money. I want to surround myself with HAPPY and HEALTHY people! So it’s in my best interest to!

Thank you Debbie for having people over, for letting me stay with you, for all the vegetables you bought me and letting me use your juicer! Thanks for ALL of the people you brought to the table! Now YOU have the start of something GREAT!!!

Debbie’s WHY for doing Advocare is to pay for her monthly hospitalization and to just have more coming in to have the time she needs and to do the things she wants to do. And she’s well on her way.

I’m so so proud of this woman. And so honored to be working with her.

Join my team here!

Have me over to YOUR home or business. Let me tell you about this incredible company I just won’t shut up about! Lol. If you are on Debbie’s team then it’s time for YOU to start having your OWN Spark parties! Have me and Debbie come do the same for YOU!!!!


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Monday, July 6, 2015

Restroom Selfies | Fate | Positive Thinking | The Law Of Attraction | Goldy Locks

There's something just RIGHT about a positive attitude and DECIDING how your day will go.

I woke up a little funky. I'm exhausted, got in late, and trying to figure out how to get to the airport again. Lol

I just decided that a way would present itself. So I started to drive myself there, park somewhere and find a cab. The direct drive is a waste of money.

As I walked into a business to use their phone, out walks a very good friend who is on his way to run an errand. "May I get a ride" I asked? He smiled. And I told him, "not that kind you dip." Lol

We laughed as this dude has been beyond stellar to me over the years. And it became clear he really needed someone to talk to about sone personal things. So I just listened. My lift was worth it's weight in lending a kind ear. Maybe I made him feel better. I sure know he made me feel safe and I didn't have to get grumpy with some angry cabbie. Haha.

If you just envision where you want to go God and the Universe always provide.
There are so many business meetings I have this trip. And it is the anniversary of my precious mother's passing. So I know this trip has already been blessed by running into this beautiful friend.
Peace be with you all...Always. G

Ps this ‪#‎bna‬ ‪#‎airport‬ ‪#‎selfie‬ has nothing to do with this post. That's what makes both IT and me brilliant.