Sunday, July 26, 2015

What to do AFTER the Advocare 24 Day Challenge using Advocare Supplements

I just met TWO precious precious women at the gym. After talking about their quest to finally change their lives, SO happy for them both, I realized this trick I have for losing or KEEPING weight off and being HEALTHY!

A friend of MINE told me about HIS secret so I share it with YOU!

This is Advocare Muscle Gain. I take THIS everyday as a MEAL REPLACEMENT not in addition to my meal. Why? Because it's LOWER in calories, fat, CARBS AND SUGAR than most actual meal replacement shakes.

TAKE IT WITH 30 calorie per 8ox ALMOND MILK peeps! No sugar or hormones added!! HUGE TRICK!

ALSO???????? Add as MUCH RAW Spinach to this drink as POSSIBLE in a blender!

Yes, it may look like baby poo, but you are getting a HUGE health benefit that you can't even taste. It's just a little green.

By just having THIS ONE HEALTHY HACK a day, you will maintain or LOSE unwanted weight. The cancer preventative benefits to spinach and it's antioxidants are HUGE! 

Thanks always for supporting. And remember. ALL Advocare products taste better at 20-40% less. ;-)

To join and be a distributor and help other people is easy. Just go here:

No sales quotas, minimums, hidden charges. Just enjoy the discount. Or share your story with others and have them order from YOU directly. Make some money helping others I tell everyone. Even my new friend Max! ;-)

79.00 to join, you get $69.00 worth of SPARK in just a few days. So for just over $10.00, you can change your life and other's too. ;-)

This is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. It really works. For those of you completing,
Do the above suggestion EVERY day! It will REALLY help you!

As always, thanks for being a part of my team!
I appreciate you!!!!

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