Monday, July 13, 2015

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MONDAY! And I HATE going to this JOB!

Do you ever say that? If you have, then come join my team!

Spark Parties and my Advocare GoldenPower Team!

What is it? Well, we are all Advocare Distributors and we get paid to help other people have more energy, lose weight, gain lean muscle and improve their finances.

You see, it’s a win win for everyone. People involved get in the best shape of their lives and help other people too. Then everyone eliminates debt, school loans and makes money to do what they are really passionate about. Many successful people in their fields have completely quit so they can spend more time with their families.

When you join my team, it’s different from the rest. Because we have some of the COOLEST peeps on working together! I can’t believe ALL the amazing people we have all seemed to attract! We don’t have one dud in the bunch! Haha.

Except maybe Debbie Russo Janeda. Haha. Forget about it! This chick HANDS DOWN takes the cake! Or maybe I should say something better like takes the #Spark #EnergyDrink. :-)

She went ALL IN to get to the highest discount level and compensation plan. She now saves 40.00% on ALL her products AND makes 40% off of her retail sales! She gets paid FOUR other ways also! ADVOCARE is INCREDIBLE!!! They really take care of their people and their people’s families!

Debbie help a Spark Party last week at her country home in Ohio! And it was BEAUTIFUL! So many people came to support her! So many people joined HER team THAT night! She is ALREADY building a business and in one day made a $900.00 profit. Unbelievable.

She is losing weight on her 24-Day Challenge and has already sold SEVERAL to friends and family! I can’t wait to see THEIR results!

Have a Spark Party! I come and just tell your friends about Advocare’s AMAZING products and I talk about the INCREDIBLE Business Opportunity! That’s it! No push, no funk, No minimums or sales quotas. No auto ship!!! Just little ole me! Lol.

Sometimes you have a STAR on your hands! So THIS time around I brought my photography gear! Debbie was ON IT! She was the best model ever and did EVERYTHING I asked! That’s how I KNOW, like I KNOW, like I KNOW this woman is a success. She went along with the flow. She looked beautiful. She was prepared, she was patient and she DID HER HOMEWORK! Making it a joy and allowing us to come up with THIS idea?

So many women are getting married and want to look their BEST for their BIG day! So why not get ALL the wedding party involved!? Become a distributor, and get all of your people to LOOK great, FEEL great and PERFORM great on the most IMPORTANT day of your life!

Look at these BEAUTIFUL photos we did! And I sat in my room and made a few graphics to go with them! Special thanks to Bob McGhough, writer for Metal Monthly and new upcoming Publication, Golden by Goldy Locks, for coming up with the tag lines he did. This guy is brilliant on a dime! And he is ALSO on the team!

You see you get elements and opportunities you won’t other places. Because I’m dedicated to getting you in the best shape of your life. And I’m committed to making you money. I want to surround myself with HAPPY and HEALTHY people! So it’s in my best interest to!

Thank you Debbie for having people over, for letting me stay with you, for all the vegetables you bought me and letting me use your juicer! Thanks for ALL of the people you brought to the table! Now YOU have the start of something GREAT!!!

Debbie’s WHY for doing Advocare is to pay for her monthly hospitalization and to just have more coming in to have the time she needs and to do the things she wants to do. And she’s well on her way.

I’m so so proud of this woman. And so honored to be working with her.

Join my team here!

Have me over to YOUR home or business. Let me tell you about this incredible company I just won’t shut up about! Lol. If you are on Debbie’s team then it’s time for YOU to start having your OWN Spark parties! Have me and Debbie come do the same for YOU!!!!


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