Sunday, December 29, 2013

Duck Dynasty & My White Lie

What is right? And what is wrong? We all have a pretty good idea, of which is which. Are lines ever blurry? Are some things not black and white? Some of you may know at the end of this blog, what I’m really digging at. Some won’t. Some may try something extra kind for someone along the way. That’s all I’m hoping.

I lied this Christmas. I told everyone I was home when I wasn’t. I said I had plans when so many invited me into their homes, knowing this was a hard year for me since my mom just passed. But I lied. I think if it spares someone’s feelings, if you just don’t have the energy to explain, or if you just don’t want to hear another opinion… it’s ok. That’s my belief anyway.

Duck Dynasty. Such a hullabaloo going on right now. I bought the GQ magazine. I stood in the supermarket isle with my father and read the pages. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Some dudes who have a duck calling company are the topic of every conversation this week. A statement about “vaginas…” Really? We are getting all up in arms about some men with beards who have a reality show? A REALITY show???

Everyone is so damn quick to quote the bible. They desperately want to MAKE THEIR POINT! On what is WRONG out there! Blurred lines… they get pretty blurry these days.  Just ask #robinthicke. J

The funny thing is, so many of us forget to concentrate on what’s RIGHT! It’s so EASY to dwell on the opinions of others who differ from our own. But low and behold, the real guts of the bible… I see so many over look.

I don’t read the bible. I’m not going to even pretend I know what’s going on in that book. I hear it in church and have done reports in school on certain writings, but I’m no expert. I wasn’t there. So many people quote it, but then act completely different from its teachings. Ever notice that? It’s a turn off. And I’m sure the book is amazing. And I’m sure it wasn’t written for assholes to self appoint themselves as God The Almighty, ready at any given moment to stone those publicly that don’t seem to completely agree. Too bad so many people give it a bad name by hiding behind words and being judgmental, or unkind or passive aggressive comments. All of you who jumped on the Dynasty bandwagon, you’re missing the point. At least the Jesus I was taught about in 1000 years of Catholic school was a kind and loving God. A non judgmental and friend to many, that most of us see an invisible. If that even makes sense.

What I do remember about the Bible is this.

He said also to the man who had invited him, “When you give a dinner or a banquet, do not invite your friends or your brothers or your relatives or rich neighbors, lest they also invite you in return and you be repaid. But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.”

So while so many are focused on issues that really don’t apply to them, these same people probably don’t even recognize the verse above. It brings chills to my skin. Because I have seen how many of these people live. And they are in circumstances so many times that they couldn’t control. Which brings me to the point of this blog. Please read. Because it’s beautiful.

My mom died a few months back. I wanted to do my own thing this holiday. So did my father. I saw him for a few days before Christmas. We said what needed to be said. But we both knew we needed to just be alone and have time to mourn on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. This year would be different.

I had that Bible verse in my head and some restaurant gift certificates in my hand. And I wanted to do something even more unconventional than I had in the past holidays. I wanted to skip all the dinners I was invited to this year. Rock Stars, Politicians, friend’s family, celebrities whom I have taken their photos… This year I had my own plan.

I drove around downtown. Stopping when I saw someone bundled up or with a lot of bags. I told them how my mom passed & I was alone this holiday. That I was looking for a dinner companion.

“I’m waiting for a ride”, woman said. “I don’t want to miss it.” Clearly she had been there for hours. I said, “Ok, well Merry Christmas anyway mam.” She grabbed my hand and said, “Merry Christmas, and I’m sorry for your loss.”

Wow. I walked away with a tear in my eye. So many people I know haven’t said much. And a homeless woman on the side of the road thought enough of me to say that. Amazing isn’t it? We take for grated so many things. We dismiss so many people…

I asked another woman. She too was waiting for a ride. She told me to cross the street. That there were people in the alley. I crossed. I asked. They were assholes. They told me I could bring them a steak dinner. Yeah, I’ll get right on that. One man said, “I’ll go with you to dinner only if you buy me a hotel room…” Pass. He was a jerk. One man sleeping said I could bring it to him. He was too tired to get up…

I was a little frustrated. This wasn’t the holiday I had on my head. I was disappointed. I drove a few miles. Nothing. No one.

Up a one way I drove, a man in the gutters was digging through the trash. Picking out cans and stomping them. He was a mess. I kept driving. This one was too far gone for even me. Then I thought about it. I made a U-turn. He was frantically dumping out cans. It was almost a sign from my mom. This was my guy.

I parked, got out and just got right to the point. “You eat today?” I asked. “Nope” he said. “Well I have a coupon for a free dinner down the…” “Say no more” he shouted with complete joy. “Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus!” I knew I was supposed to be in THIS alley” he proclaimed.

Greg was pretty damn excited. I told him how much I had & that we would split it. He just kept on thanking Jesus. Saying he knew something great was going to happen today. He shook my hand. Introduced himself like a gentleman and then said, “hey Blondie, put on your seatbelt would you?”

He told me his story of working on cars in Detroit. Getting laid off. Watching a gang member shoot his twin brother in the head over a bottle of booze and how he lost his mom and dad last year too. Greg was a pretty sad dude. But he was happy tonight. And not just for the meal, but to have someone listen to him.

He must have told me a million times “thank you for allowing me to speak.” It was reminiscent of Afghanistan. Entertaining our troops last year. Sure, they said they liked the show, we melted some faces, but it was the conversations post performance they seemed to love even more. A chance to talk to someone on the outside. I spent hours just listening. It was an honor.

As it twas to be Greg’s dinner companion. People we staring at this unlikely couple. And I didn’t give a fat shit. This guy was more polite than 90% of the men I’ve dated in my life. He was grateful, asked me questions, cut my bread and even preciously fed me a few bites of his remaining food when we were almost done.

Greg kept saying there were still good people out there. That this was God’s way of saying he was still doing ok. And he couldn’t believe a white woman would see past differences to invite him to dinner. “WTF is that Greg?” I asked. He told me it’s still common to just “unassociate” yourself with someone different. He said he spoke slowly and I’m sure I thought he was crazy & dumb. And he quietly whispered, “I can’t read, so I will have what you are having” I read him the menu anyway. He was about the most precious guy I’ve met in a long time.

So while people are still talking about “The Ducks” maybe direct your attention to the people around you who may need a little help. A gift card, a dollar, some take out, whatever you can do. It’s huge. And I feel it’s better to concentrate on our similarities, rather than harp on those whose opinions differ. This man was so grateful, so wonderful and I was honored to be in the absolute midst of what Christmas is all about.

Greg picked up his napkin that lay under the table. He folded it exactly as mine was on my plate upon finishing. He thanked the wait staff profusely for their “hospitality” and wished everyone in the restaurant a Merry Christmas.

He opened my car door for me, told me to put on my seatbelt and told me of a shelter I could bring him to.

I drove that way. I asked if he ever did find work in this town. He said he used to work for a kind man, but he had a heart attack… I asked him what he did. He said janitorial in an area I knew well. He said the man that owned the property was good to him. “Ed” he said. “Ed Johnson” I proclaimed? “Yes!” I knew this man. He had let me into many of his properties years ago to shoot photos when I didn’t have my studio. And now that I think of it, the man who used to let me in, who was kind to me and let me stay late, was the janitor sitting in my passenger seat. “Mr. Taylor” I said? Is that you?” OMG, it’s the photo girl! J

Small world isn’t it? I took him to the shelter tucked away in the murky depths of downtown. I parked and went in. What a sight. Not what most of us are used to for Christmas Eve. “Can my friend please have a spot? I know it’s late, but he needs a place to sleep.” They asked how I knew him. I said he was my dinner companion for the evening. And they asked if I would vouch for him. I asked what that entailed exactly. They told me,  just that I said it was a good idea for him to stay. I told them we had only been drinking water and that it was a VERY good idea for him to stay.

These were good people working Christmas Eve. And we had an understanding. They knew without words what I was up to and allowed him to stay.

“Good bye Greg! Merry Christmas!” I yelled as I headed for the door “Wait” he said! “Let me walk you to your car!” I just laughed and said all right bro. All good.

Someone knocked into me upon our exit. Greg told them to apologize to me. When they wouldn’t you would have thought a war started. Greg was all up in their face saying how “you don’t disrespect a lady like that!” Lol. I said let’s just go. It’s ok.

He opened my car door, closed it. And as I rolled down my window he yelled one last time…”seat belt Blondie. Seat belt!”

Even though my mom is gone, I felt her shinning down upon me this Christmas Eve. This was a number taken from her book. And I was glad to honor her this was. This blog is in no way a grand stand, rather a reminder that any day of the year, you can step out of your boundaries a bit and do something kind for another human being. What’s funny is he didn’t really realize the true kind deed was actually listening to me. Helping me through my grief by offering a kind and non-judgmental ear. It works both ways.

Everyone always warns me when I do these “dinners”. I get it. I appreciate your concern.  But my guest was actually the one who was “vulnerable” that night. He got into MY car, I drove, I called the shots. “I” could have been the maniac.  

If you are younger or a female and reading this, it’s always a good idea to approach someone when you are with a group or another person. I’ve been doing this type of thing for a long time, in many cities, so I’m a bit more in tune on what personalities to look for. Those pushing carts, being pro active, not just standing around begging or on the corner are usually a good candidate to be receptive to what you are proposing. Not to say that all people don’t deserve a little TLC, but some are not open to it. Just know that going into it.

Concentrate on the things you can do to “help” rather than those that place criticism, blame or hate upon other human beings. Lastly, read you bible, but “hear” what it’s saying. Use those words for good. Even if it’s uncomfortable or unglamorous. It will make the most impact on your life. Trust me. Tonight was about the most perfect holiday I’ve ever had. I just wanted to share thoughts. Peace

#goldyknows #DuckDynasty #LGBT   

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sh!t in, Sh!t out!

That’s what my dad would say to me when I’d ask to watch a scary movie. “Shit it, shit out Moon.” What he meant was, if I wanted to go see it? Fine. But don’t come crying to him with my nightmares or when I was spooked out. Little did I know, his honest answer was a metaphor for many situations yet to come in life.

I talk to sometimes 15,000 to 20,000 kids a week in my motivational tour Today I Won’t Be Afraid. ( It’s not a perfect or refined speech by any means, lol, but my father’s rule of thumb plays heavily in the message. Mainly in the way that who we hang around and surround ourselves with plays greatly in who we become, how we act and what we achieve. I figured this one out when I was a really young kid. I’m glad. J

Drunks and junkies laced the streets of North Minneapolis where I lived. The people with problems in my neighborhood weren’t always the obvious ones. I attended private schools. More kid's parents had problems that I cared to admit. And that carried over to their children. I saw it. I saw what it lead to and I didn’t want to go down that road. I disassociated myself with many of the kids. I was teased and ridiculed, but I never ratted them out or threw them under the bus. I just walked my path & went down my own road. Most of those kids are actually dead now anyway. Sad, but true. Shit in, shit out…

I find it’s just best to hang out with people who have liked minds. I am drawn to the strong, the positive, the innovative and the groundbreakers of our world. I am fulfilled, motivated and moved hearing of their successes. It gets me excited to light a fire under my own ass. As I tell the kids in the schools, in my own raw & real way, “Choose your friends wisely.” I also tell my adult friends, people I meet at shows, online, “If your friends don’t make you feel good or supported, loved or paid attention to, they gots ta go!”

People also don’t realize that in relationships, especially people in new ones. Where they date someone with so many red flags you’d think you were at an amusement park. If someone doesn’t make you feel “good” then move on. Now for those of you in committed relationships, you have to work on those. You may have taken a vow or are invested. Then there are people to talk to, counselors and clergy to discuss things with. But even if relationships are abusive, there are always ways out. I’m speaking more on situations so many people I know are in. A non-committed casual relationship where the other person treats them badly, and yet they still hang around.

News flash, it’s not going to change. It’s going to get worse. So leave. Get out and find people who are like you and LIKE you!

I met a woman a while back shooting Goldy Knows. Even before the shoot I had heard about her from a friend, Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down who recorded our Goodnight single.  ( He always spoke so highly of his girlfriend and the new products the two of them were starting to make. Simple, clean, organic and vegan health bars called “Luv You Health.” (

Jessica Sowards & Chris Henderson were actually on Episode I of Goldy Knows. (  Between the two of them they have lost a ton of weight and Chris has kicked some habits leaving him lean, cut & just an around healthy guy. Jessica has also transformed her body & life. She is Vegan and has dedicated her life to health & fitness. And it’s a joy to be around her. She always has cool & new perspectives on products, food and new ways to be fit.

She was at my studio last night and mentioned Hot Yoga. I’ve heard about this for a while, but I always thought I’d die if I tried it. But she suggested I go with her today. So I did.

Try something new. Try something you never thought you would do or that you think you would totally suck at! I do it ALL THE TIME! And you know what? I grow from it in ways I never thought I would. As I watched Jessica and her perfect damn legs and small unlike mine arse throughout the workout, I thought, “you know? If I stay at this, it will work muscles I never have concentrated on before.”

I dripped and dripped and dripped sweat in the 110 degree dark and quiet room. Only the instructor spoke and she singled me out a few times for doing things incorrectly. But only because she could see I was pretty ripped myself and wouldn’t mind. And I didn’t. I couldn’t do some of the moves but I was trying. It didn’t matter. I wasn’t there to be perfect; I was there to do my “practice”. You never really get this art right, it’s an on going thing always pushing you to get better and improve. It’s designed that way. There are always more advanced and difficult variations to make you try harder.

After almost passing out from the smell coming from my armpits, or maybe somewhere else… who knows, it was time to cool down. I had had an hour to stare and look at other people’s bodies, stumble though moves, stink, sweat and realize maybe I’m not so bad. After all, I completed the class. That was an accomplishment in itself.

Jessica & I went to get some sushi and talk of other healthy things. And the funny thing is, the people in my life who have blown me off as of late? Dates that had gone a-rye or friends who have disappointed me all seemed to just fade away. Vanished. Because I was surrounding myself with a like mined person who was good and whole. Where we could feed off each other and learn.

I felt great after hot Yoga. But I felt even better knowing I was around a cool entrepreneur like myself who just wasn’t a bitch. She introduced me to something new and something that would improve my life.
I always encourage you all to be around goodness, to push yourself, to exercise and to try new things. Hot Yoga is on my list of things to try for you!

Remember; surround yourselves only with the best & most pure people out there. You will become like those you do. #goldyknows #goldylocksfitness #JillianMichaels #luvyouhealth #hotyoga

PS. I am a very proud supporter of Chris & Jessica’s products. They are amazing. PB&J is to die for! If you would like to try any, go to & enter the code: Goldy for 15% off. I receive no incentive for this! I just am sharing because I believe! Lol

Monday, December 2, 2013

What if they were dead?

Sick? About to die? So many times we hear people say, “if only I would have…” Would have been kinder, made more time, paid more attention.

So many times we say we “don’t” have the time. But let’s face it. We can always make time. I learned at a young age to make that time. You never know when it’s the last time you will see that person. Make it count.

I had a precious little girl in the neighborhood who was my friend. We made each other little gifts out of what ever crap was floating around the ghetto that week. Lol. We presented it to each other on my back stairs. It was usually wonky craft projects, but they meant the world. They were from people who cared to make and take the time.

One day my little friend was kind of down I guess. No one knew, but we found her unconscious. She took I don’t know how many aspirin. Her brain began to swell as she went into a coma. They sawed off the top and enclosed her head in a bubble. It was sad for anyone to see, let alone a young girl. I sat by her side whenever I could get to the hospital and I sang her songs. One day she awoke. But it wasn’t the same girl. And this new one was to live a very simple life. I could tell her parents didn’t want me around much. I was flashy, loud, lead a life of “excitement” they said.  I danced and sang, and they just wanted their “new” daughter to be calm and wear clothes she wouldn’t be caught dead in. I went away. I never saw her again. But I remembered what we had.

I’ve never let a day go by without telling the friends I love, just that. Take time for them even when you don’t think you can squeeze out another minute. If they were dying, all of the sudden you would make the time. You’d go see them lying in a hospital or in hospice. Why do people always wait until it’s too late?

We wait with everything. Wait until you have cancer to quit smoking. Or stop eating so many sweets when we are diagnosed with diabetes. There are many examples, but the point is, as important as living a healthy lifestyle is, eating well, not abusing substances, so is having love in your life. Giving it and receiving it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to just squeeze the living crap out of someone you love. Tell them. Show them.

Tonight I finished up a job with a really cool client. I have so much work to finish by tomorrow it’s crazy. But he asked me to dinner after and I hemmed and hawed in my head, then finally just said, “yes.” I didn’t have the time, but I made it. And I had a blast. We created another really cool memory. And after I drove home, I realized this: I have been praying every night, for God to put more people in my life like me. People who understand me and how I’m a little different than most people. This is what I pray about. I don’t always want to feel like such an odd man out! And I realized, that’s who I went to dinner with. Another crazy kamikaze entrepreneur out setting the world on fire. It happens! Prayers can be answered but we just need to open our eyes and SEE them in action! J

Take and make the time for the people you love in your life. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make a plan today or first thing tomorrow to really reach out and show it. Old school style! No text, no email… don’t like something on their page. Call them! Ask them to dinner or lunch. Create a memory, no matter how busy you may think you are. Trust me. You’ll be happy you did. J
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Feeling Fat At The Holidays?

So, just have to share. A few days ago, the owner of my gym said, "Hey, your arms are really "turning out." I said "really?" You're BS'ing me. He told me all the boys in the back were commenting on how much my arms have changed since starting to work out there. I was really proud. Because it was unsolicited. And said by my peers. No one was hitting on me, there were just making a positive and encouraging statement.

So many times we use the “Holidays” as a justification or to rationalize eating very poorly. We make it OK in our heads to eat a LOT of crap. Everyone makes the stamen come January, “I gained weight because of the holidays…”

I’m not saying don’t enjoy yourself, but keep in moderation. That gym owner calling me out, and in a positive way, really made me want to stay on my game.  Hanging out with positive people, who encourage you is something I always strive to do.

This year, instead of just being a hog 24/7, I’m going to enjoy a “few”, that’s 2 or 3 great meals, but limiting my portions. No more 3 plate fulls of Aunt Carol’s creamy mashed potatoes! Just a serving.  That’s so important. I’m going to eat really clean for the rest of my meals. And save my fatty patty ones, for when I’m with family & friends and it means something to break bread.

When I am home at the studio by myself, I try & do steamed broccoli or asparagus and a steamed piece of wild white wish. Put lots of lemon pepper and other spices on it that doesn’t have a lot of sodium. There are so so many.

Be good to yourself this holiday. Remember, a great protein shake, low in calories, sugar & especially cholesterol makes a wonderful meal replacement. I always drink Muscle
Milk because it’s got the best ingredients out there I’ve found that I can afford.  You can even have that if you are cooking for your family and you need a calorie break. You can do it people. Just a little will power will keep that butt from going up a size or two come January!

PS. A little Goldy Knows Extra!
I can just hear people saying… “Eating healthy or clean costs too much!” Shut up. It actually doesn’t. You just have to prepare ahead of time is all. You can do this. Lol.

•••• •••• ••••

One recipe all my wrestling friends make is the following. I don’t even know what the hell it’s called.  I call it Healthy Fried Rice

• 1 16 oz lean ground chicken or turkey.

• 1 bag 32 oz mixed vegetables (If you’re not broke, get fresh asparagus, mushrooms, or broccoli) any vegetables that are green are really good. But the bagged stuff, corn, carrots, green beans etc. It’s really cheap & easy. Corn & carrots are not the ideal vegetable for loosing weight. But they are better than chips for dinner!

• 1 small onion chopped

• ¼ cup low sodium soy sauce

• 2 cups brown cooked rice or buy the instant in those bags you boil. Use 1 of those.

Brown the meat & drain.

Spray pan with olive oil

Cook onion & mixed vegetables.

•••• •••• ••••

Throw meat back into the pan.

Add soy sauce and any other spices you want to. I use garlic powder, lots of cracked pepper, hot pepper flakes.

Just cook it. You’ll know when it’s done. Make sure the meat is all chopped as finally as you can. Makes it seem like there is more in it than there is!

If you really want to make this meal stretch, then put in ice burg lettuce leafs. So make it into a lettuce wrap. You feel like you’re at PF Chang’s when you’re not! Light a candle. Tell your partner they look hot & who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky? ;-) At least if you do your gut won’t be full of junk.

This is a really great tried and true recipe that yields a ton of cups of food for you to store and take to work with you or reheat for any meal. Watch your portions! It’s that good!

Goldy Knows

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Aunt Flow! You Need To Go!

Aunt Flow has been in town a little too long this month! She needs to GO! Lol. As I sit and complain to myself, I realize having never have given birth, what a puss I truly am! So I am ending my pity party NOW by opening the floor, to the CRAZIEST child birth story that anyone can tell me!

Find me here, Facebook, Twitter, wherever. I want to hear you story! You can tell me the details, it’s all good. I just want to know how it really is and goes out there.

I know some of you mothers out there have gone through hell and back! It’s time you get your chance to vent damn it! J Best story gets diner on me. Just as a small thank you for raising some pretty cool kids out there. @Goldyknows #goldyknows

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Underwear & Me

How many people, after a long day, walk through the door and just take off their pants? Big, small, purple, black or white, we are all the same! And there is a certain comfort in just walking around in your skivvies.

It’s no big thing. But wearing tight pants, skirts with waistbands that cut into our skin every time we breathe get to be over bearing. So I enjoy the occasional gaunt around the house in my britches.

I’m making this blog short & sweet. Shortest one ever. The point of my blog is this. Just be careful in today’s modern technical world, to “remember” when you’re wearing your underwear.

Tonight, I was never so reminded, as I Facetimed my father. I heard him say as I got up to get something, “What in the hell are you wearing?. I said “my new hot pink sweater from Wal-Mart & my underwear dad. Nothin ya aint seen before.”  And he just said, “Well, ok.” My dad was a parol officer for 30 years. Nothing really phases him!

Short and sweet. Remember when you’re wearing just your underwear people. And remember to check before a conference call to clients or your boss. Or in this case, your dad.


(ps. This is NOT what I was wearing when I talked to my dad! I'm making a damn point! Don't get it twisted! lol)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dirty Pillows & Respect. Get it?

My dad always told me, “Never say something that at a later time you wish you hadn’t said…” That’s why I blog. Go home or go hard.  People who put things in writing I feel, have a bigger set of balls than the rest. You may not like me or maybe you do, but I always shoot pretty straight from the hip.

I never share things like this, but the more “out there” I become, the more people who follow, like, share, subscribe and friend me… I like to give you insight into my personality, head, heart and maybe just cast a little light that you’re not alone in dealing with BS.

I posted a very quick rant on Facebook today. It’s interesting to see who comments, privately emails and the people who actually pick up the phone concerned about me. Now that’s pretty amazing. Today, someone in the music business, who I consider a damn good friend, called just to check in.

Sure, I rant… we all do. But here’s a little tid bit on what you may not know.

I post photos of myself of fitness, work out, show outfits and clothing that I think I look good in. That’s my prerogative and my privilege as a woman. I also post things on different pages. For example, I don’t post rants on a band page. That really doesn’t have to do with music does it? J.  Any woman should be able to express herself and her sexuality in any way shape or form she sees fit. But? She shall deal with the consequences of her actions. I get that. But just so YOU know & understand, the people, the men who bother me the most, never saw those photographs or images. No swimsuit shots, no fitness modeling. Mostly me showing up looking like my usual crapola self from a work out, or in my dad’s 1970’s ripped navy blue sweatshirt I constantly wear & repair. That’s pretty much me on any given daily.

I had a kid contact me. I do school talks. Motivational tours. He was talking about suicide. Serious business people. I’m sure many of you don’t know sometimes I speak to 15,000 to 20,000 students in one week. Many at last chance schools for those who are really messed up, or chemical dependency centers for young adults. Again, serious, raw & gritty stuff. You’d never know that looking at me. But it’s what I do during some of my days.  

This child was at the end of his rope, literally, from being bullied and picked on. And I get it. It was all I dealt with in school, and I deal with it still. I’m just stronger and can now handle it. This kid couldn’t. I have code words I give the students at these motivational talks. They can find me anywhere by writing those words in a subject line. That’s a big S.O.S or 911. So I dropped everything and called the child.

We got to the bottom of it. Parents were notified and I called the school the next morning. They helped and got the boy to a safe place. They thanked me for calling.  Least I could do.

A week later though, now an “official” had my cell. And? The “texts” started coming in… Really? Was that really necessary? No. It wasn’t. Again, I deal with it a lot being a decent looking woman.

“Report the person who did that!” “Get them fired!” Not a chance. That book gets closed. I said my words to that official, but these scenarios everyone is so quick to think they know how they would handle it… you don’t. And you wouldn’t. Me blowing the whistle get some pretty important people I know in trouble. It makes them look badly and paints them in a negative light for giving me a chance to talk at a school. So quiet I stay.

The same thing happened in TNA wrestling. When I went to management with a severe sexual harassment complaint. Again, me saying one word would have eliminated all funds and investments from their financial lifeline. No one really knows about that either. Jerry Jarret wrote about it in his last book though. If I would have opened my mouth everyone would have lost their jobs, their dreams and for some their last chance. Not on my watch. The man calling and leaving me messages, cornering me, basically offering to rape me at any given minute worked for Panda Electric in TX. He was their financial liaison. He eventually was fired from Panda for embezzlement. I could have had the biggest lawsuit ever. I had all the proof. It was disgusting. But watching my peers and some of my friends climb the ladder of success was more important. Ironically I was let go from TNA for false rumors from a wrestler, that I would sue TNA Wrestling if I took a bad bump… No hard feelings. Business is business, but I think if I were going to sue, I would have done it already. J

Just a little insight into my life, why I get hot about bags of douche bothering me that I really don’t even know. It’s about respect really. Respect the women you see out there. For the most part, we are pretty cool chicks. Just making our way the only way we know how. J Some in pants, some in short skirts, some in dress blues. However you slice it, we should be given some respect for just putting up with what a lot of us do.

That much I know. @Goldyknows