Monday, December 2, 2013

What if they were dead?

Sick? About to die? So many times we hear people say, “if only I would have…” Would have been kinder, made more time, paid more attention.

So many times we say we “don’t” have the time. But let’s face it. We can always make time. I learned at a young age to make that time. You never know when it’s the last time you will see that person. Make it count.

I had a precious little girl in the neighborhood who was my friend. We made each other little gifts out of what ever crap was floating around the ghetto that week. Lol. We presented it to each other on my back stairs. It was usually wonky craft projects, but they meant the world. They were from people who cared to make and take the time.

One day my little friend was kind of down I guess. No one knew, but we found her unconscious. She took I don’t know how many aspirin. Her brain began to swell as she went into a coma. They sawed off the top and enclosed her head in a bubble. It was sad for anyone to see, let alone a young girl. I sat by her side whenever I could get to the hospital and I sang her songs. One day she awoke. But it wasn’t the same girl. And this new one was to live a very simple life. I could tell her parents didn’t want me around much. I was flashy, loud, lead a life of “excitement” they said.  I danced and sang, and they just wanted their “new” daughter to be calm and wear clothes she wouldn’t be caught dead in. I went away. I never saw her again. But I remembered what we had.

I’ve never let a day go by without telling the friends I love, just that. Take time for them even when you don’t think you can squeeze out another minute. If they were dying, all of the sudden you would make the time. You’d go see them lying in a hospital or in hospice. Why do people always wait until it’s too late?

We wait with everything. Wait until you have cancer to quit smoking. Or stop eating so many sweets when we are diagnosed with diabetes. There are many examples, but the point is, as important as living a healthy lifestyle is, eating well, not abusing substances, so is having love in your life. Giving it and receiving it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to just squeeze the living crap out of someone you love. Tell them. Show them.

Tonight I finished up a job with a really cool client. I have so much work to finish by tomorrow it’s crazy. But he asked me to dinner after and I hemmed and hawed in my head, then finally just said, “yes.” I didn’t have the time, but I made it. And I had a blast. We created another really cool memory. And after I drove home, I realized this: I have been praying every night, for God to put more people in my life like me. People who understand me and how I’m a little different than most people. This is what I pray about. I don’t always want to feel like such an odd man out! And I realized, that’s who I went to dinner with. Another crazy kamikaze entrepreneur out setting the world on fire. It happens! Prayers can be answered but we just need to open our eyes and SEE them in action! J

Take and make the time for the people you love in your life. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Make a plan today or first thing tomorrow to really reach out and show it. Old school style! No text, no email… don’t like something on their page. Call them! Ask them to dinner or lunch. Create a memory, no matter how busy you may think you are. Trust me. You’ll be happy you did. J
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  1. Awesome advice. Thanks for posting Goldy! :)

    1. Thank you all for reading. I appreciate it so much.

  2. You are one great lady, good advice for us all.