Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sh!t in, Sh!t out!

That’s what my dad would say to me when I’d ask to watch a scary movie. “Shit it, shit out Moon.” What he meant was, if I wanted to go see it? Fine. But don’t come crying to him with my nightmares or when I was spooked out. Little did I know, his honest answer was a metaphor for many situations yet to come in life.

I talk to sometimes 15,000 to 20,000 kids a week in my motivational tour Today I Won’t Be Afraid. ( It’s not a perfect or refined speech by any means, lol, but my father’s rule of thumb plays heavily in the message. Mainly in the way that who we hang around and surround ourselves with plays greatly in who we become, how we act and what we achieve. I figured this one out when I was a really young kid. I’m glad. J

Drunks and junkies laced the streets of North Minneapolis where I lived. The people with problems in my neighborhood weren’t always the obvious ones. I attended private schools. More kid's parents had problems that I cared to admit. And that carried over to their children. I saw it. I saw what it lead to and I didn’t want to go down that road. I disassociated myself with many of the kids. I was teased and ridiculed, but I never ratted them out or threw them under the bus. I just walked my path & went down my own road. Most of those kids are actually dead now anyway. Sad, but true. Shit in, shit out…

I find it’s just best to hang out with people who have liked minds. I am drawn to the strong, the positive, the innovative and the groundbreakers of our world. I am fulfilled, motivated and moved hearing of their successes. It gets me excited to light a fire under my own ass. As I tell the kids in the schools, in my own raw & real way, “Choose your friends wisely.” I also tell my adult friends, people I meet at shows, online, “If your friends don’t make you feel good or supported, loved or paid attention to, they gots ta go!”

People also don’t realize that in relationships, especially people in new ones. Where they date someone with so many red flags you’d think you were at an amusement park. If someone doesn’t make you feel “good” then move on. Now for those of you in committed relationships, you have to work on those. You may have taken a vow or are invested. Then there are people to talk to, counselors and clergy to discuss things with. But even if relationships are abusive, there are always ways out. I’m speaking more on situations so many people I know are in. A non-committed casual relationship where the other person treats them badly, and yet they still hang around.

News flash, it’s not going to change. It’s going to get worse. So leave. Get out and find people who are like you and LIKE you!

I met a woman a while back shooting Goldy Knows. Even before the shoot I had heard about her from a friend, Chris Henderson of 3 Doors Down who recorded our Goodnight single.  ( He always spoke so highly of his girlfriend and the new products the two of them were starting to make. Simple, clean, organic and vegan health bars called “Luv You Health.” (

Jessica Sowards & Chris Henderson were actually on Episode I of Goldy Knows. (  Between the two of them they have lost a ton of weight and Chris has kicked some habits leaving him lean, cut & just an around healthy guy. Jessica has also transformed her body & life. She is Vegan and has dedicated her life to health & fitness. And it’s a joy to be around her. She always has cool & new perspectives on products, food and new ways to be fit.

She was at my studio last night and mentioned Hot Yoga. I’ve heard about this for a while, but I always thought I’d die if I tried it. But she suggested I go with her today. So I did.

Try something new. Try something you never thought you would do or that you think you would totally suck at! I do it ALL THE TIME! And you know what? I grow from it in ways I never thought I would. As I watched Jessica and her perfect damn legs and small unlike mine arse throughout the workout, I thought, “you know? If I stay at this, it will work muscles I never have concentrated on before.”

I dripped and dripped and dripped sweat in the 110 degree dark and quiet room. Only the instructor spoke and she singled me out a few times for doing things incorrectly. But only because she could see I was pretty ripped myself and wouldn’t mind. And I didn’t. I couldn’t do some of the moves but I was trying. It didn’t matter. I wasn’t there to be perfect; I was there to do my “practice”. You never really get this art right, it’s an on going thing always pushing you to get better and improve. It’s designed that way. There are always more advanced and difficult variations to make you try harder.

After almost passing out from the smell coming from my armpits, or maybe somewhere else… who knows, it was time to cool down. I had had an hour to stare and look at other people’s bodies, stumble though moves, stink, sweat and realize maybe I’m not so bad. After all, I completed the class. That was an accomplishment in itself.

Jessica & I went to get some sushi and talk of other healthy things. And the funny thing is, the people in my life who have blown me off as of late? Dates that had gone a-rye or friends who have disappointed me all seemed to just fade away. Vanished. Because I was surrounding myself with a like mined person who was good and whole. Where we could feed off each other and learn.

I felt great after hot Yoga. But I felt even better knowing I was around a cool entrepreneur like myself who just wasn’t a bitch. She introduced me to something new and something that would improve my life.
I always encourage you all to be around goodness, to push yourself, to exercise and to try new things. Hot Yoga is on my list of things to try for you!

Remember; surround yourselves only with the best & most pure people out there. You will become like those you do. #goldyknows #goldylocksfitness #JillianMichaels #luvyouhealth #hotyoga

PS. I am a very proud supporter of Chris & Jessica’s products. They are amazing. PB&J is to die for! If you would like to try any, go to & enter the code: Goldy for 15% off. I receive no incentive for this! I just am sharing because I believe! Lol

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