Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

I use to love going to Target. It was peaceful and I'd skim the end caps for deals. Up until they got walkie talkies and loud static could be heard in EVERY isle in between some employee bellowing about some stupid side note no customer wanted to hear about. Oh it drives me nuts! Lol

In my mother's final days, I would drive her around the store in her wheelchair looking for deals. One day, after teaching her a new word, she looked at me and my disgusted look at the unneeded sounds of "Walkies" and said, "Honey, are they ruining your VIBE?" Lol... "Did they KILL your vibe?"

Just hearing an old woman say this alone made me smile. 
She really understood the word and more importantly ME! 

Today as I walked through a store I couldn't help tear up just looking at, feeling the different clothing hanging there for sale. So many little shirts and furry sweaters I would have loved to have bought my mom for Christmas. The fuzzier and the sparklier the better! She was obsessed with anything WARM at Sam's Club and would make me dig through piles of clothes to find sizes for EVERY relative! Lol. We'd be there for hours...

What I wouldn't give to spend 20 hours digging through furry sweatshirts to find what she needed... I guess I took that for granted. Funny how we change.

I said out loud today how much I missed my mom. I told her the people were killing my vibe at that store. lol. I saw a fuzzy sweater just as I was exiting and stopped to touch it, smile and remember someone so special. But there was a sweatshirt stuck to it? It didn't belong there. And I hadn't seen it anywhere before. Not on a shirt, sticker or even a card. But when I saw it the tears flowed down my face. 
I truly believe when there is so much love even still between two people... 
They find a way to let you know. 

I got a pretty cool early Christmas gift today. I will just leave you with a photo of the sweatshirt stuck to that fuzzy sweater. I bought it. :-) As a gift from my mom. :-)

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

What if the wise men were thugs, thieves and convicts?

After this week I’m really starting to wonder…

The men who came to see the unborn Savior brought gifts, traveled for miles and truly wanted to show their appreciation to this tiny King. Where are these guys? Do any of these people really exist in today’s world?

I went to buy a Christmas card, small gift and a few apples for myself on tour this week. The checkout woman just said, “declined.” Ugh. I didn’t have the time to deal with Capitol One once more blocking my credit card. It happens ALL the time and I am locked out from using my own card!

When I called it wasn’t the usual dance, I was transferred right to the fraud department. Apparently I was in Orlando all day charging 10,000 worth of hotels, rental cards, Disney World and treats from stores everywhere…

I don’t need to even get into how pissed I was or still am. That card is linked to EVERYTHING on automatic payments, I use the line of credit to tour with, that includes hotels, the holds these nicer resorts put on rooms. Some are $500 a room and have financial holds that don’t get released for up to a week. People don’t realize being in “band” comes with a lot of responsibilities and sacrifices not normally expected. It’s so worth it, but now I’m freaking out thinking I don’t even have fuel to GET to our show in WV.

What the hell am I going to eat? How will I pay for rooms? How will I get home for Christmas? How will I send the gifts I had ready to send? How will I even buy anything for my friends I had planned on getting back from tour? This sucks.

Card canceled. Nothing available. It won’t even get looked at till after the holiday. I’m screwed. And pissed.

I’m not accustomed to people really being kind to me. I’m not complaining. I’m just saying when they are nice it kind of weirds me out! Lol. Without a beat I had several band mates offering up fuel money, lunch… I’m used to silence. I’m used to… “You figure it out Goldy.”

One of my guys saw me eyeing a sub along the way. He said he “had it.” I didn’t think anyone would even remember I’m suddenly wiped out, but they did. This band didn’t miss a beat… wow.

Even some of the amazing crowd at Mountaineer Resort and Casino overheard my rant. I wasn’t advertising, but the mere fact I left without a phone, hot spot, iPad or ANY way of communicating with people this week put a pretty big damper on the night. Get on stage you monkey! Dance! Sing! Smile! Lol

There were two women greeted me at a table. They were incredible spirits. “We came just to see you,” they proclaimed. These women drove an hour and a half. We love your show, the band, and the energy… “G damn right the other woman chimed in.” Lol. Women. Women celebrating another woman. How unexpected and wonderful… They were indeed… “Wise.”

Many people I’d never expect bought merch and hand made jewelry from www.TheFactoryByGoldyLocks.com. Enough Goldy Goods o get us home. They didn’t even realize how their Christmas gifts were doing “double” good.

Someone even on a break brought me apples. I got them after all. Maybe not at the time I went to purchase… but I got them.

The two magnificent ladies at the end of the show gently “palmed” me a bill. “Go buy your dad a gift for the Holidays Goldy.” “I can’t take that,” I said. You don’t need to do that. “I want to” she said. “I’d just keep drinking and spend it on the slots. Take it.”

The person at the deli just got my food ready after the show and waved her hand. “What?” Just take it she said. WTH? She didn’t know my story…

It happened again today… I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I guess my question of “where are these wise men” these days was answered. Just a lot of the men are some pretty cool chicks too!

As much as I hope the bastards who stole my money drown or get run over by a ride… I can’t help but think the big guy upstairs has a different reason this all happened. Isn’t there always a reason? We may not know it in this lifetime, but I am a FIRM believer EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Everything. So just shut up and take it like it comes.

It is very surreal here in the mountains. I have no phone with me, tablet, or way of reaching anyone. Olden Christmas music plays through the resort sound speakers and it echoes in large long corridors. I feel like I’m at the hotel shot in the movie “The Shining”. I keep waiting to run into my freshly deceased mother’s ghost. I’m almost looking for it.

Songs play today that she loved. She would sit in a little wooded chair on the alter till the day she died, singing in the choir the best she could. No one ever minded her head was nodded and she was sleeping most of the time. She was there. She was present. And that’s what really matters.

Be “present” this Holiday Season. Take it from me; you don’t even need what you “think” you need to get by. I don’t have a pot to p!ss in right now. Or a phone to call and complain about it! Lol. I am rather, running into band mates the old fashioned way… you know, just bumping into them at a coffee shop?

I realize I’m pretty much on a vacation, where I don’t need to be on a phone or computer anyway. I have a band now that I call my friends, and look forward to just talking about anything with. Gifts and packages will have to wait. And as far as me? I already have everything I need. Complete with a ton of “Wise Men and Women” who usually travel miles and hours to see me. I’m no king, queen, savior of the world, but I’m truly one of the most blessed bizatchs and people in the world. I have pretty amazing people coming to see us every week.

To the person enjoying your Florida Holiday on my dime, Kiss my @$$. I’ll find you. I always do. J Don’t trip and fall at Disney World… that would not be “wise”.

Get a job crumb cake. And leave the rest of us hard working peeps alone. J

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. This was a different post, but then again, I have a ghost to catch in one of these hallways… gotta go. J


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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How To Lose Weight and Be Strong with Advocare and The 24 Day Challenge

I will write what I feel. 
And today it is JOY, ELATION and EXCITEMENT!

ANOTHER relative has decided to join me on the @Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I am ELATED! I love my family. I want to be selfish and keep them around forever. I want them to have HAPPY and HEALTHY lives. I want them to have the JOY I do everyday being able to move about free from as many pills and potions as possible. Some people do need them. But if there are medications that can be exchanged for cardio vascular or strength training and exercise, then PLEASE SIGN ME UP!

I watch my mom die last year. And as I said, there is nothing quite like the smell, the actual smell of someone dying. I won’t ever forget it. Many feeling rush through you.
“What more could I have done?” “What more could THEY have done.” We become selfish, wishing we had just one more day.

I am secretly furious when I see people abusing their bodies and being unhealthy. Smoking, excessive drinking, over eating… it kills me when I see it. Because I have such a LOVE for people. I’ve said things to friends in the past and it falls on deaf ears. They all say the same thing… “I’ve got to die of something.”

Then die on your own time. Cause seriously, I don’t want to go through that again. Especially when so much can be prevented or avoided. I want to just pass in my sleep. I don’t want to be hooked to a bunch of machines and have the people around me suffer. And I put my money where my mouth is. I do the best I can through diet AND exercise NOW so I’m not left in my later years in a tizzy. All we can do is try. So I ask the people reading to do that.

My father saw what I saw times 1000 over. He’s get my mom videos, DVDs, books… she just didn’t have the will any more. But that didn’t stop him. Even though his spouse was weak and not into our food choices, my father stayed on his path. I knew the moment I can one one trip and saw cherry juice by the gallons something was up. He had cancer. And suddenly the house was packed with Kale, Spinach, juices and green tea. He was going to kick its ass and he did.

Preventative. Isn’t it the key to keeping everything in life good? Relationships? Friendships? Work? Health? People, you have to try.

My dad has been going to the gym EVERY day now for weeks. I can’t even tell you how this makes me feel. Because I hear in his voice how HE feels. The confidence, the strength. A crippled and disabled man is in that gym taking names and numbers and showing up people half his age. He said he could feel his muscles stretching out and growing stronger. His arthritis is going away. His blood pressure is going down. He FEELS and ACTS like someone 20 years younger!

One of my most FAVORITE 73 year old aunts has started as well, going EVERY day to the gym. Her sense of community and friendship circle has gotten bigger and so has her smile. She is growing stronger and stronger by the day. A Vietnam Vet and a shining example to out country’s heritage and history, she just glows these days and has incorporated health and fitness into her daily regime. I am ELATED!

A VERY Beautiful Video for those PROVING it is NEVER too late to START caring about your #HealthAndFitness I WATCH this when I need to #Motivation!

Worlds Oldest Female Bodybuilder.
Ernestine Shepherd

As if that wasn’t enough, ANOTHER favorite Aunt emailed today saying SHE too will be starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. I’m about to crap myself. I can’t even handle this. I know she thinks she will lose a few pounds, but folks, OMG, it’s SO much more than that.

You are put on a 24-day regime. That weather you like it or not will teach you and form habits that you just take with you forever. You see just how LITTLE water you drink a day. How much exercise you are NOT doing all this time and the food choices that you NEED To make. The #Spark Energy drink has the same amount of #Caffeine as a cup of coffee. But java isn’t packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This stuff is like a magic potion. The only draw back is I want to work and PLOW through projects ALL night! Lol. I have to force myself to stop doing the things I love because I know I need the sleep. J

Since being on the 24 Day Challenge I have gotten MORE projects started and FINISHED than in the last year. The #MENTAL #FOCUS you have on the program due to supplements is CRAZY! It’s all safe, natural, herbal and #AMAZING!

I know my Aunt will find the joy, happiness, focus and drive I have the last 19 days of being on this remarkable program. It’s ALL there for YOU too. Just follow the booklet and check things out from time to time online.

I also offer some pretty cool recipes on www.YouTube.com/GoldyLocksFitness and www.FaceBook.com/goldylocksfitness

I’m on day 19 and have lost 7 lbs of REAL fat. Not just a colon cleanse or waste from a fast. Real weight. I’m pumped. I fit into some clothes I haven’t in years. And I’m not stopping after the challenge. I will be going into the #NewYear with a #Vengeance! Lol I want to be where I was in college size wise. It will take work, but I will be just extending my life and the quality of in in with the process. WIN, WIN!!

Here is where YOU can ORDER and READ about the @Advocare #24DayChallenge to kick start YOUR weight loss and healthy living!


If you already use some of Advocare, bars, shakes, #Spark Energy drink, seriously consider becoming a distributor and joining MY team. J. You pay a joining fee just like Sam’s Club and it’s good for a year. Get your product on the discount. There is no pressure with Advocare. There is NO minimum to sell. In fact, people will see you using the products and ask about it. And you will sell some without even trying… and you just PAID for your distributor fee. I paid for mine within THREE days of joining.

People I’m excited. I’m not selling some candy bars here. I’m representing a company that is improving the lives of the people I love. What’s not to smile about?!! :-)

Why listen to me? Well, I came across this pic a few weeks back by accident. I smiled at first, then a tear came to my eye. Wow, with the exception of some wrinkles on my face due to dealing with "baby A-Holes in my life" I basically look the same! Lol. I must be doing something right?

So let me SHARE what I'm doing! I've been using Advocare for many years. I can tell you WHAT works and how to use it. I love to help and just LOVE people. So stick around!

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kicking Cats Down Stairs

Tonight I have to CELEBRATE the people in my life who do so MUCH for animals! I myself have a little rescue puss I drove 6 hours to get. She was terrified after years of being kicked down a basement staircase... a man who owned her used my little #AnnieTheSexual puss as a football. :-( It was THREE years before my 6 lb cat would come out from behind the couch.

Annie is just so "Sexual", that she will only show one "eye" to me. Lol. 
Like the face of either God, or Medusa... 
She thinks the sight of her COMPLETE face is too much for the human eye... Lol.

Actual pics of #AnnieTheSexual Puss showing "1 eye & 1 eye only."

Just recently she started coming around. She says one little meow, or finds a spot on my bed, for just a few minutes, sneezes on me and leaves... 
but what a huge step for puss kind.

I saw some friends a few months ago. You have to understand these precious people LIVE dogs. They are ALL about their pets. :-) So many have been rescues or foster pups that they've adopted. These people are incredible and need to be acknowledged. ALL people adopting and giving an animal a second chance should be rewarded.

Blake Kuehn and Celeste Brecht you are just remarkable human beings making such a difference in your dog's lives. I couldn't not BELIEVE the difference in Ellie when I came. She actually came by and showed her affection. What a beautiful dog you have. 

It's easy to go get some new shinny puppy or kitten from a pet store. But sometimes the greatest gifts don't come all wrapped up in big bows. I'm just asking you all to remember at the holiday season, an animal is a HUGE responsibly and like a child, they cost money to "raise". So if you are intending on getting one as a gift, please pay special mind to their needs too. They have them. They may not have a voice, but being able to take care of them, let them out, feed them quality food, get them their shots and proper medical attention is the minimum.

If you are getting one of these precious creatures PLEASE consider buying from a shelter or adoption center. And especially the older guys. Omg, they make the BEST pets ever. They know they are on borrowed time and the truly show their appreciation.

The best example I have other than my own Annie, is the @MarnieTheDog Internet sensation. God love this precious dog and the woman who recued her. The story is absolutely beautiful. Read it here, it's heartwarming. http://marniethedog.tumblr.com/about

See a quick vine of Marnie as well. I promise it will make you smile. https://vine.co/v/On2wdIjVYLg

THANK YOU to all who go out of your way to be kind to animals. 
My favorite patron Saint is Saint Francis. 
I leave you with this quote and meme.

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Whom I’m “Doin?"

Lot’s of speculation goin on. From my posts I’m sure you think it’s one of the eligible senior citizen’s I speak so candidly about. Sorry fellas but you gotta have a ball to play ball. ;-) Lol. And to that African Colonel Sanders in Kenya? 
No can do chicky… Lol

 Yes, this is a photo from an ACTUAL man trying to court me from Kenya. Don't hate. You know you wish you were me... Meh.

I don’t know who asks me more, supporters or my own dad @TomTheConserv about WHOM I’m dating! Lol. The consensus seems to be… our DRUMMER! 
Rod Saylor! Whoooooo!!!!! 
Cat’s out of the bag. Actually it’s not. Cause I’m not dating him :-)

Do you know that I try and avoid public places on Valentine’s Day? Yup. It makes me cringe and feel woozy. All the dudes especially, running out to the grocery store to buy some old dying bouquet of flowers for their “loved one” in the hopes of scoring points and maybe getting lucky that night… Over it.

Or we see them all scuffling into some mall jewelry store picking out the cheapest 
“On Sale” pendant that “looks” good, just so they can say they “remembered.” Gag…

Come one, who reading this doesn’t know what I’m talking about? Lol.

I’m not dating my drummer, but I’m in love with him. I’m in love with all my band mates. And why shouldn’t I shout that from the mountaintop? Why is it that we wait for holidays, and birthdays and “society made” events that are commercialized for us all to feel “pressured” into “remembering?”  to do something for someone? What does that really prove anyway?

Why can’t EVERY day and EVERY week be a chance and an opportunity to tell the people you appreciate and love, how thankful you are to have them in your life?

Why don’t more men just stop and pick up some damn flowers when they don’t have to? Or plan a surprise for their partner for no reason? How about you just notice something about her and give her the compliment? Because you WANTED to, not because “Every little frickin Kiss starts with KAY?”

Women, when is the last time you really ASKED your man or partner WHAT they even do all day? How they feel? What accomplishments they’ve done or awards they have been given? Do you know the name of your significant other’s co-workers? Do you ever stop and just ask them to vent? Or when is the last time you shaved your legs, waxed the real estate, put on your finest fragrance and waited for that special person by the door in nothing but a coat and heels? :-)

Your life doesn’t need to be mundane, boring, run of the mill… the “same ole same ole”. But the producer of the movie is YOU. And if you’ve been to a crappy flick, then you know, someone didn’t put in the time. So if your relationship is “lacking” in the steam department, maybe ask yourself… when is the last time I really TRIED?

This holiday season is about a little kid who was born years ago. The only people really giving two rips were scientists and astrologists who followed are read stars. There was no reason to really travel that distance, but they saw something the rest of the people did not. These cats weren’t even Jewish. They honestly had no business riding through long nights on some camels. But they saw something the rest of us didn’t. They knew it was important and without ANYONE telling them what to do, they followed their hearts, and showed with ACTION what was inside.

I think we ALL know in our hearts what the “right” thing to do with our friends, co-workers and especially partners is. Let people KNOW you APPRECIATE them. SHOW them with your actions and not just words. Words are the water that flows through the creek only to pass by and make our feet wet. The important thing is the rocks in which the river flows over. They are solid and seldom move. They are the foundation. Be those rocks. Be someone’s…Rock.

I will constantly post photos, take selfies, promote and talk about my good buddy Rod Saylor till the end of time. He came into my life and handled EVERY bit of business to PERFECTION.

Thank you to ALL my band mates who have been so good to me. Even some past guys and girls, would drive through the night, pick out my favorite treats and leave by my hotel door, bring me gifts for no reason… they have been beautiful. Some baby @$$holes but for the most part, I’ve had some good people.

Thank you to those who are so good to me. Thanks for coming to shows, buying my stuff, supporting all my business ventures. Thanks Rod Saylor for driving, and washing my windshield, trying to make smooth transitions in bands and working situations and just being an all around stand up dude. And thanks to the rest of my guys for being so pro, on time, knowing material, “cognizant” and just an all around PLEASURE to be around.

News flash. You don’t need to be “doin” someone to act like it. Lol. 

That FIRST time you met someone and are SO into them. Why does that have to end? Why does it have to change? Why can’t we discuss our problems gently, come to compromises, and REMEMBER the reason we were attracted to our partners in the first place?

Focus on the GOOD. Praise and UPLIFT your partner. And in my case? I’ll just keep complimenting the people in my life doing well by me. :-)

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