Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kicking Cats Down Stairs

Tonight I have to CELEBRATE the people in my life who do so MUCH for animals! I myself have a little rescue puss I drove 6 hours to get. She was terrified after years of being kicked down a basement staircase... a man who owned her used my little #AnnieTheSexual puss as a football. :-( It was THREE years before my 6 lb cat would come out from behind the couch.

Annie is just so "Sexual", that she will only show one "eye" to me. Lol. 
Like the face of either God, or Medusa... 
She thinks the sight of her COMPLETE face is too much for the human eye... Lol.

Actual pics of #AnnieTheSexual Puss showing "1 eye & 1 eye only."

Just recently she started coming around. She says one little meow, or finds a spot on my bed, for just a few minutes, sneezes on me and leaves... 
but what a huge step for puss kind.

I saw some friends a few months ago. You have to understand these precious people LIVE dogs. They are ALL about their pets. :-) So many have been rescues or foster pups that they've adopted. These people are incredible and need to be acknowledged. ALL people adopting and giving an animal a second chance should be rewarded.

Blake Kuehn and Celeste Brecht you are just remarkable human beings making such a difference in your dog's lives. I couldn't not BELIEVE the difference in Ellie when I came. She actually came by and showed her affection. What a beautiful dog you have. 

It's easy to go get some new shinny puppy or kitten from a pet store. But sometimes the greatest gifts don't come all wrapped up in big bows. I'm just asking you all to remember at the holiday season, an animal is a HUGE responsibly and like a child, they cost money to "raise". So if you are intending on getting one as a gift, please pay special mind to their needs too. They have them. They may not have a voice, but being able to take care of them, let them out, feed them quality food, get them their shots and proper medical attention is the minimum.

If you are getting one of these precious creatures PLEASE consider buying from a shelter or adoption center. And especially the older guys. Omg, they make the BEST pets ever. They know they are on borrowed time and the truly show their appreciation.

The best example I have other than my own Annie, is the @MarnieTheDog Internet sensation. God love this precious dog and the woman who recued her. The story is absolutely beautiful. Read it here, it's heartwarming. http://marniethedog.tumblr.com/about

See a quick vine of Marnie as well. I promise it will make you smile. https://vine.co/v/On2wdIjVYLg

THANK YOU to all who go out of your way to be kind to animals. 
My favorite patron Saint is Saint Francis. 
I leave you with this quote and meme.

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#GoldyLocksRocks  #MarnieTheDog

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