Monday, December 1, 2014

Whom I’m “Doin?"

Lot’s of speculation goin on. From my posts I’m sure you think it’s one of the eligible senior citizen’s I speak so candidly about. Sorry fellas but you gotta have a ball to play ball. ;-) Lol. And to that African Colonel Sanders in Kenya? 
No can do chicky… Lol

 Yes, this is a photo from an ACTUAL man trying to court me from Kenya. Don't hate. You know you wish you were me... Meh.

I don’t know who asks me more, supporters or my own dad @TomTheConserv about WHOM I’m dating! Lol. The consensus seems to be… our DRUMMER! 
Rod Saylor! Whoooooo!!!!! 
Cat’s out of the bag. Actually it’s not. Cause I’m not dating him :-)

Do you know that I try and avoid public places on Valentine’s Day? Yup. It makes me cringe and feel woozy. All the dudes especially, running out to the grocery store to buy some old dying bouquet of flowers for their “loved one” in the hopes of scoring points and maybe getting lucky that night… Over it.

Or we see them all scuffling into some mall jewelry store picking out the cheapest 
“On Sale” pendant that “looks” good, just so they can say they “remembered.” Gag…

Come one, who reading this doesn’t know what I’m talking about? Lol.

I’m not dating my drummer, but I’m in love with him. I’m in love with all my band mates. And why shouldn’t I shout that from the mountaintop? Why is it that we wait for holidays, and birthdays and “society made” events that are commercialized for us all to feel “pressured” into “remembering?”  to do something for someone? What does that really prove anyway?

Why can’t EVERY day and EVERY week be a chance and an opportunity to tell the people you appreciate and love, how thankful you are to have them in your life?

Why don’t more men just stop and pick up some damn flowers when they don’t have to? Or plan a surprise for their partner for no reason? How about you just notice something about her and give her the compliment? Because you WANTED to, not because “Every little frickin Kiss starts with KAY?”

Women, when is the last time you really ASKED your man or partner WHAT they even do all day? How they feel? What accomplishments they’ve done or awards they have been given? Do you know the name of your significant other’s co-workers? Do you ever stop and just ask them to vent? Or when is the last time you shaved your legs, waxed the real estate, put on your finest fragrance and waited for that special person by the door in nothing but a coat and heels? :-)

Your life doesn’t need to be mundane, boring, run of the mill… the “same ole same ole”. But the producer of the movie is YOU. And if you’ve been to a crappy flick, then you know, someone didn’t put in the time. So if your relationship is “lacking” in the steam department, maybe ask yourself… when is the last time I really TRIED?

This holiday season is about a little kid who was born years ago. The only people really giving two rips were scientists and astrologists who followed are read stars. There was no reason to really travel that distance, but they saw something the rest of the people did not. These cats weren’t even Jewish. They honestly had no business riding through long nights on some camels. But they saw something the rest of us didn’t. They knew it was important and without ANYONE telling them what to do, they followed their hearts, and showed with ACTION what was inside.

I think we ALL know in our hearts what the “right” thing to do with our friends, co-workers and especially partners is. Let people KNOW you APPRECIATE them. SHOW them with your actions and not just words. Words are the water that flows through the creek only to pass by and make our feet wet. The important thing is the rocks in which the river flows over. They are solid and seldom move. They are the foundation. Be those rocks. Be someone’s…Rock.

I will constantly post photos, take selfies, promote and talk about my good buddy Rod Saylor till the end of time. He came into my life and handled EVERY bit of business to PERFECTION.

Thank you to ALL my band mates who have been so good to me. Even some past guys and girls, would drive through the night, pick out my favorite treats and leave by my hotel door, bring me gifts for no reason… they have been beautiful. Some baby @$$holes but for the most part, I’ve had some good people.

Thank you to those who are so good to me. Thanks for coming to shows, buying my stuff, supporting all my business ventures. Thanks Rod Saylor for driving, and washing my windshield, trying to make smooth transitions in bands and working situations and just being an all around stand up dude. And thanks to the rest of my guys for being so pro, on time, knowing material, “cognizant” and just an all around PLEASURE to be around.

News flash. You don’t need to be “doin” someone to act like it. Lol. 

That FIRST time you met someone and are SO into them. Why does that have to end? Why does it have to change? Why can’t we discuss our problems gently, come to compromises, and REMEMBER the reason we were attracted to our partners in the first place?

Focus on the GOOD. Praise and UPLIFT your partner. And in my case? I’ll just keep complimenting the people in my life doing well by me. :-)

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