Friday, November 28, 2014

I'm dreaming of ROCK! Band and Bandmates worth SCREAMING about!

A huge THANK YOU to GOD for sending me the GREATEST line up of dudes I've ever played with. This CREW of The Goldy lockS Band blows me away daily. 

I received a call from guitarist J.Paul Brittian, an already accomplished solo artist who joined us. As I looked down at my phone I wondered if he was calling about his "check" or to quit... lol. These are really the only two reason a band mate calls me... He wanted to know if I would join he and girlfriend for lunch. And to invite me to a birthday party. I almost threw up. Not kidding. I'm so used to people just using me or just wanting their "check". I was taken aback. 

The next day I received a similar text, but it was from drummer Rod Saylor. He wanted to invite me to HIS Thanksgiving. One other time in the history of 15 years of playing has this happened. 

Our Bassist Sean O'Bryan Smith, yet ANOTHER accomplished Jazz player with deals and accolades to prove it, also was extremely kind on Thanksgiving. 

I don't know where these guys came from, but 2015 you'd better look out. I'm dedicated to reaching EVERY nook and cranny so you all can meet these guys and see them play. They are INCREDIBLE. I am THANKFUL I have the RIGHT people surrounding me with LOVE in their hearts, amazing personalities and the SKILLS to make anyone SMILE! T

he #GoldyLocksTakeHome from THIS story is: Start EXPECTING greatness. Start IMAGINING that dream job, perfect friend, co worker or partner. They will manifest! In my case BANDAFEST! Haha. What you long for is just around the corner! But you have to ASK! Thanks to all of the AMAZING companies who make the products these guys play. You make them happy and that makes ME happy! 

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