Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WINNERS of the TLC Extreme Cheapskates Goldy Lock Rocks EcoCise Bamboo Socks CONTEST!

The #GoldyLocksRocks #GoldyLocks #GoldyKnows #TLC #ExtremeCheapskates #FeastOfFamine EVENT contest winners are REVEALED! Haha! I LOVE you all and THANK YOU to EVERYONE who made an EVENT to invite your FRIENDS to watch ME your FRIEND last week on TLC!

My friends at Ecocise International gave me TEN pair of #GoldyLocksRocks #EcoCise Socks to give you all as a THANK YOU! These ECO friendly socks are AMAZING! You will FEEL the difference!

Bamboo apparel from Ecocise requires no pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers to grow. So by wearing these, you PROUDLY are helping out our world! Thank you! Will you take some pics of you ANYWHERE in the world  you are in your socks when you get them! I want to do ALL I can to help promote this AWESOME company! Hashtag #EcociseBamboo in your Twitter and Instagram!

You GOTTA show your @GoldyLocksRocks Ecocise SOCKS! (Check out photobomber at airport!)

This photo below submitted by Kristine Woodrum in her #GoldyLocksRocks Ecocise SOCKS! 

And? If they weren't COOL enough? Ecocise Bamboo gives back partial proceeds to my FAVORITE charity, MS Fitness Challenge! It helps people get strong with MS through health and fitness. MS Fit challenge pairs peeps ALL THROUGH THE NATION with certified fitness professionals! I bet you didn't know by creating an event ALL this was included!?

See! YOU are the STARS!!

Thank you my precious friends for having my back!!! Now WE got your feets! Lol

Please PM me your mailing addy!!

REMEMBER! Ecocise Bamboo Cares!

My winners! I even included a few EXTRA pair so TWO more of you could get some! That was from my PERSONAL stash! ;-)

Michelle Gaumer, Mark Milner, Michelle Brock, Brandi Dore Gonzales, Alicia Rose Aerni, Rod Saylor, Norma JoAnn, Ken Karlen, @Ron Wood, Stephanie Ware, Megan Necaise Ford AND Debinique LaBar!!! I pulled your NAMES out of the jar! YOU WIN!

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