Saturday, November 22, 2014

YOU! Let's talk about YOU!
When is the last time you REALLY did something for YOU?

You've heard me talk about the AdvoCare #24DayChallenge. Well, what is it?

It's a program I did a few months back and lost 14 lbs.
It's a simple program of vitamins, supplements, fiber drinks, detox and shakes that 
clean you out, give you energy and make you feel great.

It comes with a booklet. The booklet basically tells you when to do EVERYTHING!
How much water to drink, what GOOD foods to choose from and motivates you.

READ about it HERE:

A lot of you complain about your weight, not feeling like you have any energy, bla, tired... Have you ever noticed how much pep I really have? Or just how MUCH I do in a day? This is why. I feel good. And I feel great about me. And how many times do you hear me online, or at shows, trying to talk to you all about food, diet, exercise and just getting yourself to WHERE you want to be? All the time. Because I give a sh!t about you. :-) XXOO

I have these at the studio ready to send you. Along with an ORIGINAL unreleased Goldy lockS CD, my private email AND I will SKYPE you every week. ALL who have ordered are doing B4 & AFTER pix, we will be online at and YOU will have SUPPORT from people all over the world.

ORDER yours today through me at the studio, or just go here,

We are starting the day AFTER Thanksgiving, then getting all cleaned up and losing, 10, 15 or even 20 lbs before Christmas. Don't worry. If you eat a little too much at the Holidays at least you'll have a head's start! I'm probably doing it again in January too! Then doing a whole hell of a lot to keep it all going and feel GREAT!

STRENGTH, POWER and ENERGY! Do you want more?
Then do this with me. It's going to be "AWE"Some!

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