Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Power of FRIENDS!

Surround yourself with the best. Be "Bullet proof".

Last summer a friend of mine Vince Kavanaugh asked me to shoot and "Idea." It hadn't really even been thought of yet, it was just a concept in his head. A play. A Hit play.

He gave me a generous budget, never scrimping on my time, as many always ask for creative services for "free", Vince shows his true colors and the value of my talent by always making sure I'm taken care of. He asked me to find costumes, 
which my friends at Performance Studios Inc., with the help of 
Chyna Charles, Thomas Harper & Troy Ford so graciously always have to to find for me.

Shortly after that, all my friends offered to help me in this concept shoot, 
Karrie Robb, Renee Lee & Sheila L. Phillips 
didn't blink an eye dressing as these nuns in the hot summer sun.

Music was written and a score completed. And now they tour across "Merica in their crisp vintage Caddy. All because of an idea, a concept and dream, 
and SPECTACULAR people all pooling efforts to just "DO" and not just talk about it. 

Best of luck your opening night Vince. You deserve all the success in the world. 
This is proof that when you join forces with good, and just keep on keeping on, 
greatness manifests. :-)

#GoldyLocks #GoldyLocksRocks #GoldyLocksBand #VinceKavanaugh #SistersOfOhMercy

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