Friday, December 30, 2016

Do you love who you work with?

I do!!! I do!!

All across "Merica people are locking arms together who share a love for looking and feeling great! Whether it's having more energy, boosting their metabolism, gaining muscle in the gym or just casually taking some products for over all heath... we seem to find each other!

The beauty is, there is also an income opportunity & some of us really have a great time helping other people as well as ourselves make something extra. There's nothing like getting a check in the mail!

So get with any of these HOTTIES! Because we LOVE taking photos and spreading the word on what we are up to!!!

Missy List Wescoat of Missy's Arcade Restaurant & Jen Pilewski I KNOW have some products on hand! Message them! We can even get you a DISCOUNT for the whole year!

Peace to ALL in the new year!!!

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Making money getting healthy in 2017 with your friends!

*** PSA ***

Hey! This is my favorite #Father & #ProWrestler Chris Michaels! We do business together just helping people with their fitness goals! What does that mean?

It means we have VAST knowledge of what it takes to get you looking and feeling your best!

So if you go online or to your local 3 letter word supplement store, please support Chris Michaels instead! Keep it in the family! Cause that brother has one! A hot little lady and some pretty damn cute kids. ;-)

Instead of getting your RedBull, Monster, 5 Hour Energy, Gatorade, protein, protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, aminos, pre workout, post workout, creatine, vitamins, appetite suppressants and MORE from the old fashioned store... hit up Chris and get it sent to your door! He makes extra income doing that! And YOU can too!

So do you buy any of those things above? Do you get paid for it? Talk to us. it's 2017 in a beat. Make this year your healthiest and make some extra bucks doing it.

PS, if you're a worker and reading this... let's go. I've got OTHER things that go hand in hand with this to really boost your career. Holla.

What's the definition of insanity? it's doing the SAME thing OVER & OVER and expecting change. This one is easy. Email us. XOXOX Goldy Locks

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Let's Take Cute Dogs For A Ride with The Humane Society and The Goldy lockS Band!

Thanks to the Humane Society of Dickson County for letting us come hang out with all their little guys. This was the FIRST video we did for #LetsTakeARide.

In 2017 The Goldy lockS Band wants to do a whole heck of a lot MORE of these videos! So contact us if you know people at a shelter who'd love a day of fun, awareness and reminders to the community to #AdoptNotShop!

Thank you Vivienne Akhdary for having us all over!

Anyone watching this PLEASE leave a comment on the ACTUAL YouTube video. It helps us all get the word out!
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Friday, December 9, 2016

Rock'N Roll Mary Poppins comes to Titusville PA with the help from One Hot Teacher & The Modern Day Betty Boop Missy Wescoat

I have been talking to students in the Titusville area for a few months now. I went to the high school, just doing a very stripped down talk for smaller groups of kids. They were incredible.

This student opportunity was given by #Titusville Highschool teacher #JeniferPilewski, a graduate herself of the high school. She saw this post on my wall and contacted me asking if I still spoke to kids.

She saw a need to try a different approach to speaking to the kids. Jennifer is the kindest woman I've ever met. She is beyond perfect for teaching, mentoring and empowering students. I'm the more Rock'N Roll #MaryPoppins of the group, but my message is usually heard by the kids who truly need it.

I also got a chance to go to one of the colleges and talk to the young adults about the money they can earn helping OTHERS they know with #Fitness & #Finance. There is such a need in some of these smaller towns. There ARE positive ways of earning large amounts of income, one just needs to educate how.
So this has been a win win across the board. Many young adults came out to many impromptu events.

There isn't enough time to always get everything in at the schools, so Missy List Wescoat, let us come to Missy's Arcade Restaurant after hours and hang out and just talk. Do you know what an AMAZING woman this chick is? Have you been spreading the word about this #Diner#50sGrill#Tourist hotspot?

Well do it! And consider #Catering#PrivateParties and everything FUN & FOOD at Missy's. She's one in a million and her team is sick hot! Just the BEST!!

Kelly McDonald Kelli Grove YOU two are SO WONDERFUL!!!
SOOOO much goodness in ONE town!

#TitusvillePA has it going on! I'm so happy to be involved in this community each month that's hundreds of miles away! When you have the quest for making lives better then the right people just seem to find you and events fall into place.

Thanks to Missy's Arcade for having us all hang out!!! XOXOXO Goldy Locks

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