Friday, December 30, 2016

Making money getting healthy in 2017 with your friends!

*** PSA ***

Hey! This is my favorite #Father & #ProWrestler Chris Michaels! We do business together just helping people with their fitness goals! What does that mean?

It means we have VAST knowledge of what it takes to get you looking and feeling your best!

So if you go online or to your local 3 letter word supplement store, please support Chris Michaels instead! Keep it in the family! Cause that brother has one! A hot little lady and some pretty damn cute kids. ;-)

Instead of getting your RedBull, Monster, 5 Hour Energy, Gatorade, protein, protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, aminos, pre workout, post workout, creatine, vitamins, appetite suppressants and MORE from the old fashioned store... hit up Chris and get it sent to your door! He makes extra income doing that! And YOU can too!

So do you buy any of those things above? Do you get paid for it? Talk to us. it's 2017 in a beat. Make this year your healthiest and make some extra bucks doing it.

PS, if you're a worker and reading this... let's go. I've got OTHER things that go hand in hand with this to really boost your career. Holla.

What's the definition of insanity? it's doing the SAME thing OVER & OVER and expecting change. This one is easy. Email us. XOXOX Goldy Locks

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