Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Goldy Locks on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates 11/5 9/8 PM CST!


TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates Features Penny-Pinching Entrepreneur
and Former Pro Wrestling Star, Goldy Locks

Nashville, TN --- She’s a rock artist who’s shared the stage with the likes of Pink and Bret Michaels. She’s Goldy Locks: rocker, motivational speaker, a former pro wrestling personality with an attitude. She is a fierce fitness buff, celebrity photographer and an entrepreneur with a hot line of accessories. At one moment sensitive and funny, and next minute an abrasive, outright badass, Goldy is also a notorious cheapskate.

With her seemingly endless supply of energy and ideas, this penny-pinching diva shares her sometimes-startling cost-saving tactics in a forthcoming episode ofTLC’s Extreme Cheapskates. 

Members of the touring rock band that bears her name are accustomed to Goldy’s stingy do-it-for-less strategies. Foregoing even the cheapest motels, they sleep in a cramped van and act as lookouts while Goldy “crashes” other people’s machines at a laundromat with her own dirty duds, smuggled in inside a guitar case.

Those fancy stage costumes? Likely something cobbled together from a mix of thrift store fare and discarded items scavenged from a neighbor’s trash. A renovated hospital serves as home and office, complete with lingering gems like the salvaged bedpan repurposed for the use of Goldy’s beloved cat, Annie. 

“My motto is, ‘Don’t you dare throw it away, whatever it is,’” Goldy says. Her unique line of accessories, artistically crafted from found and salvaged materials, is a reflection of that philosophy.

And just wait to learn Goldy’s jaw-dropping savings tip for, uh, personal hygiene needs.

Country Music icon, Dolly Parton, has been quoted as saying, “It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.” In contrast, Goldy Locks takes penny-pinching to the extreme in order to make things look like a million bucks.

Goldy Locks will reveal her unconventional cheapskate skills on TLC’s Extreme Cheapskates, Wednesday, Nov. 5. Wednesday, November 5 at 9PM ET/PT. Fans can comment on the episode during the show using #ExtremeCheapskates and @goldylocksrocks on Twitter as the show airs.

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To book a live or phone or video interview with Goldy Locks, contact Hannah Garber at GoldyLocksInfo@gmail.com

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Do your ________ hang low?

After many comments and questions about a recent post to my wall where I’m wearing my brazier on the OUTSIDE of my tank, I felt it deserved a proper explanation!

No it’s not one of my normal stupid stunts, although those are fun. Lol. This is ACTUALLY how I sleep most of the time when I’m ah hem… “Alone” or with Annie, or a band mate because who cares right? I’m not out to impress anyone here people. It’s about functionality.

I have many friends who are either “dick” doctors or do general exams on male patients in that area. All of my good buddies in this field of medicine say they can tell on older men, weather or not they wore boxers or briefs. Apparently sporting briefs A.K.A “Tightly Whitey’s” are a little more forgiving in the “gravity” department as men age.

When I heard this I was terrified! I thought of all the lights I went to bed just kind of “letting loose” for a lack of better words. I know many women sleep with a bra or sports bra on at night. But I can’t stand under wires touching my skin! And the clasp on the back lying down is ANNOYING!

So I’ve come up with my own method. I wear my bra on the OUTSIDE! Glamorous at it is… Bahaha. The best part is many times when I have a delivery at the studio door I stumble out of bed with my strange hours, only to have the delivery man look at me in bewilderment.

I remember once in Biloxi MS trying to get some sleep in a very nice hotel. Kids were running up and down the hall way and I got out of bed to go out and set them straight! When their parents looked at me strangely I asked, “What the hell are you looking at?” “I don’t really know” one man proclaimed.

People wear face bras… 
That’s not so strange to some. :-)

Bottom line people, take care of your “assets”

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Signs. The dead do speak.

I'm doing some really amazing things on a business trip. Sometimes in life we second guess ourselves, or need answers. If we just just look and keep an open mind, they usually come.

I sat for a moment at +Starbucks Coffee, running lines for some pretty important scripts. I felt the pressure of getting this stuff right and delivering with passion and authenticity. When a man cam out of the coffee shop. He looked familiar. And he was indeed an actor from my favorite movie and book, #TheSecret. It was a passage in the film a friend and I had just discussed. I knew at that moment that was a sign to just keep going... full speed ahead. Eye on the prize.

I returned to my hotel, only to be locked out on the top floor. Instead of getting angry the keys didn't work, I just thought, there surely must be a reason for my inconvenience and delay.

I was given new keys. As I rode the elevator up I looked at them closely. There was an advertisement for a movie ride at Universal Studios. But not just any movie. This one was special.

Despicable Me. The movie my family and I went to see the day we put my mother to rest. The day my dad and I got into it with some jack a$$ in line at the theater. Lol. The whole family actually got in on it! "Are you threatening me!??" 

There it was staring me in the face on a key card. It was almost as if my mom was smiling saying, go do what you have to do. I am with you every step of the way.

Signs, signs everywhere signs. Keep a great attitude. Be positive. Signs will reveal themselves to you. All you have to do is look. They will be there.

Peace Be With You All, Always. #GoldyKnows 

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Monday, October 6, 2014

Vietnam I don't know you... Thank our military.

And so it goes I remember, a time before my time… Vietnam.

All I go by is the stories. I remember hearing of people spitting at our soldiers coming home, doing only what they were instructed to do, fighting for our freedom and saving lives, still many did not show their appreciation. After all they were not there.

Many complained about their daily jobs and lives, but few knew and saw what our Vets did during that time. I have heard the stories firsthand and am honored to do one of the most important shoots of a lifetime.

In the Smithsonian there was an exhibit of “Nam.” There were photos depicting and representing the different men and women servicing our country at that time. Representing the Nursing department hung a photo of one of the greatest women I’ve ever known. She has always stood tall and taken no crap.

My favorite story was of this woman running out of anesthesia supplies and deciding to just order her own and pay for it herself. She didn't care if she was supposed to or not, it what was she needed to do. She looked daily into the eyes of death and wasn't going to let any more die on her watch that needed to. Talk about going beyond the call of duty. That story still sends chills down my spine. And this is the bloodline I come from… no wonder I turned out to be a bad a$$. I come by it honestly.

These men and women we call our U.S. Military… RESPECT. Unless you are one of the proud and the few, you will never know what it takes to fill their shoes. Thank, respect, admire but don’t pretend to understand. It’s a whole different world.

I saw a bit of it 2 years ago in Afghanistan. Entertaining for several weeks I could stomach, but not being deployed for as long as many are. It’s a huge commitment and sacrifice.

I am on my way to Austin TX today to shoot someone years after Vietnam in her dress blues. I can’t wait to share the photos, as I know this will be one of my best shoots yet.

Remember to thank our service men and women daily. Go out of your way to even if your politics don’t see eye to eye. They are people, protecting you and allowing for your freedom. I salute.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I LIVE in my Ecocise Bamboo Clothing!

I just can't believe the comfort level of Ecocise Bamboo clothing. I wear it to workout in, during long days of travel and especially when I finally get the chance to kick it at home.

Comfort is important. There are so many stage outfits I wear, heels, accessories I can't stand to wear! But I find solace wearing Ecocise's products. Especially their socks!

I never really knew the health benifits of wearing bamboo or how it helps the environment until now. Just by visiting http://ecociseinternational.com I learned so much!

• ‘Bamboo Dry’ – absorbs and evaporates sweat in a split second:  Moisture wicking. 

• ‘Bamboo Thermo-control’ – bamboo fabric is highly breathable in hot weather and also keeps you significantly warmer in the cold than traditional fabrics.  Performance baselayers for all conditions.

• 'Bamboo Antibacterial' -  bacteria don't live well in this fabric.  So it doesn't get smelly even after many days :

• Bamboo thrives naturally without usingany pesticides or fertilizers. 

• Bamboo fibre is 100% biodegradable.

• Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world. It spreads rapidly across large areas.  

• As a grass, bamboo is cut, not uprooted, helping soil stability.

Every sale gives back to a pretty amazing charity I support. http://www.msfitnesschallenge.com
This is a double opportunity to be good to yourself AND to help those with MS get paired with a pretty incredible trainer. They will learn how to be the best they can be and the strongest they can be by way of health, fitness and strength training. 

You can't go wrong with this company!
I'm so proud to wear these products knowing all the good they are doing.
It puts an even BIGGER smile on my face than normal!

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose...

God I always HATED when my dad would start in with those stupid sayings. Lol. But you know what? There is something true to be said by that statement.

I mean, you CAN pick your friend’s nose. But how fun would that be? Pass…
I’d rather just PICK my friends. Only “I” do it a little differently than other people do.

A few years ago, I changed how I find new friends. Many people who I “thought” were my friends disappeared or screwed me over. I’m human and it hurts. The main thing is to just keep on going and not look back. Don’t take these things personally. And grow from it.

One think I figured out with my “friendship” circle is a new concept for me. I PICK my friends by who PICKS me! This is not limited to just friends mind you. I do the same with band mates, co-workers, hotties and potential partners.

The problem with this for some of us, is we are so pre conditioned to go after the “bad boys” the “hard to gets” the “unattainable.” We spin our wheels calling dick heads back and perusing those sometimes “beautiful looking people” who just blow us off.

You know the ones. You make plans for Friday night. Then never hear from them. No call, no text and no email… yet when you run into them at the store their bull shit meter suddenly turns on. “Oh! Was that LAST Friday?” I didn’t know those plans were in stone…

Yes Sherlock. Usually when I say let’s get together Friday at 7pm for some dinner, then that’s what it means. I’m not stupid. I have a calendar and I can remember plans.

We let it go, and then end up calling them again, reaching out and hoping to have a rain check on the plans that “fell through”. Screw that.

I now pick my friends by who PICKS me!

I have lots of people I come in contact with. Some are douche bags and some are the most wonderful people on earth. They show up at performances, email me, and find me on social media and even in the neighborhood. I’ve learned how to spot the creepers and then to just love and embrace the salt of the earth people.

You should try it. Take a good hard DAMN look at the people who are there for you. Those who call, send messages, give you little gifts. Maybe you don’t even notice these people. They may not technically fit into your social circle, or dress like you do, but they maybe just could be your new best friends.

On any given day where me, myself and I are throwing a pity party, feeling alone and like an alien, I’m only seconds away from being surrounded by caring people if I just open my eyes. I’m sure you are too. Look for these people. They will be the lights in your life.

Don’t waste one SECOND on someone who isn’t treating you right. In ANY relationship. If you’re in a committed relationship, have kids or commitments, then you obviously need to talk to a counselor, minister, priest or therapist. That’s not what I mean. I’m speaking about people who constantly allow them self to be emotionally bogged down by baby a$$holes they REALLY need to get rid of.

Don’t worry! Your life will be BETTER with these modifications! Lol. This last month has been a tough one for me personally and in business. But I realized some things needed to change and am inviting more and more positive people into my life by just being AWARE of the people standing in line. :-)

You ARE your own V.I.P.! So start acting like it! Don’t EVER beg for a crumb of someone’s attention! Create your OWN! And your own GREAT friendship army!

Two of the goofiest chicks I’ve EVER met contacted me after a show in WV. These crazy girls showed up and were just WONDERFUL. They continued to interact with me on social media and COMPLETELY support everything I am doing. I felt a blanket of love and knew that that kind of gift doesn’t come around every day.

So many people out there, you know who you are, you support me, email, show up, you are the absolute LIGHTS in my life. Know I am LEGIT and SINCERE when I say that. No ulterior motive, just the truth. I can honestly say, “I Love You” and I hope that comes across when I see you all at shows. Pure joy and pure love.

So these 2 crazy chicks caught wind I wasn’t in a good mood. So they decided to drive NINE hours to come take me out for a Kale salad. Wow! Now that’s pretty cool. I have guys trying to date me that can’t drive 30 min across town because it’s a “hassle”. Well, two women just raised the bar not only for whom I hang out with, but whom I date. Lol

I didn’t really believe they were coming, but as I watched their social media pages last weekend, and the photos of landmarks, I knew they were legit. And I already had their sheets cleaned and a room waiting for them. And a bunch of silly crap I made as gifts. After all, they “PICKED” me.

I don’t think I’ve ever had two people THANK me more than they did last weekend. We ate, ate, and stopped and ate again. I gained 4 pounds. Too many ice cream stops. But it was worth it!

We went Kayaking, shopping, ate at beautiful restaurants and the funny thing is I paid for a lot of it with gifts from other supporters. So many of you give me gifts cards as tips. I used those. Thank you!

I wanted to do a commemorative photo-shoot somewhere in Nashville with my new friends. I envisioned us in formal dresses somewhere crazy. But “SOMEONE” didn’t want to wear a dress! Lol. Somehow our Goodwill gown shopping experience turned into looking for pajama onezies? WTH? At the last min an 8-year-old boy’s pj’s were discovered. That’s what I wore. Or at least tried to… I couldn’t move or breathe!

I had the time of my life. These ladies even left me with some parting gifts. Funny how two people you just met can give you such cool and appropriate presents. It’s as if they knew me my whole life. I can think of baby a$$holes I dated who didn’t even give me a birthday card. You douchers… 

These chicks MADE me a custom hand crafted card! 
Step it up fools!

The bottom line peeps. Surround yourself with the best. 
Don’t settle until you find them. 
Don’t waste time on dead weight. 
Get rid of it and find someone not only lighter, 
but who lifts you up!

Pass on picking your friend’s nose, but DO let your friends pick YOU! XXOO

XXOO #GoldyKnows

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