Sunday, October 26, 2014

Do your ________ hang low?

After many comments and questions about a recent post to my wall where I’m wearing my brazier on the OUTSIDE of my tank, I felt it deserved a proper explanation!

No it’s not one of my normal stupid stunts, although those are fun. Lol. This is ACTUALLY how I sleep most of the time when I’m ah hem… “Alone” or with Annie, or a band mate because who cares right? I’m not out to impress anyone here people. It’s about functionality.

I have many friends who are either “dick” doctors or do general exams on male patients in that area. All of my good buddies in this field of medicine say they can tell on older men, weather or not they wore boxers or briefs. Apparently sporting briefs A.K.A “Tightly Whitey’s” are a little more forgiving in the “gravity” department as men age.

When I heard this I was terrified! I thought of all the lights I went to bed just kind of “letting loose” for a lack of better words. I know many women sleep with a bra or sports bra on at night. But I can’t stand under wires touching my skin! And the clasp on the back lying down is ANNOYING!

So I’ve come up with my own method. I wear my bra on the OUTSIDE! Glamorous at it is… Bahaha. The best part is many times when I have a delivery at the studio door I stumble out of bed with my strange hours, only to have the delivery man look at me in bewilderment.

I remember once in Biloxi MS trying to get some sleep in a very nice hotel. Kids were running up and down the hall way and I got out of bed to go out and set them straight! When their parents looked at me strangely I asked, “What the hell are you looking at?” “I don’t really know” one man proclaimed.

People wear face bras… 
That’s not so strange to some. :-)

Bottom line people, take care of your “assets”

 • • •

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