Monday, October 6, 2014

Vietnam I don't know you... Thank our military.

And so it goes I remember, a time before my time… Vietnam.

All I go by is the stories. I remember hearing of people spitting at our soldiers coming home, doing only what they were instructed to do, fighting for our freedom and saving lives, still many did not show their appreciation. After all they were not there.

Many complained about their daily jobs and lives, but few knew and saw what our Vets did during that time. I have heard the stories firsthand and am honored to do one of the most important shoots of a lifetime.

In the Smithsonian there was an exhibit of “Nam.” There were photos depicting and representing the different men and women servicing our country at that time. Representing the Nursing department hung a photo of one of the greatest women I’ve ever known. She has always stood tall and taken no crap.

My favorite story was of this woman running out of anesthesia supplies and deciding to just order her own and pay for it herself. She didn't care if she was supposed to or not, it what was she needed to do. She looked daily into the eyes of death and wasn't going to let any more die on her watch that needed to. Talk about going beyond the call of duty. That story still sends chills down my spine. And this is the bloodline I come from… no wonder I turned out to be a bad a$$. I come by it honestly.

These men and women we call our U.S. Military… RESPECT. Unless you are one of the proud and the few, you will never know what it takes to fill their shoes. Thank, respect, admire but don’t pretend to understand. It’s a whole different world.

I saw a bit of it 2 years ago in Afghanistan. Entertaining for several weeks I could stomach, but not being deployed for as long as many are. It’s a huge commitment and sacrifice.

I am on my way to Austin TX today to shoot someone years after Vietnam in her dress blues. I can’t wait to share the photos, as I know this will be one of my best shoots yet.

Remember to thank our service men and women daily. Go out of your way to even if your politics don’t see eye to eye. They are people, protecting you and allowing for your freedom. I salute. • • • • • * Tumblr/GoldyKnows Google+GoldyKnows

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