Wednesday, October 1, 2014

An Angel At The Red Roof Inn! :-)

God God God. :-) I've been around some people who have made fun of me or been angry when I have thanked God publicly. That's been rough on me. lol. I kinda dig the big guy upstairs and sometimes I like to celebrate him!

I've been trying to figure out how to afford some travel coming up. Wow... there is SO much to do sometimes and somehow I always pull through it. :-). I can almost feel my peep Jesus taking my hand and saying, "don't worry! I got this!" Ha ha.

I received not ONE but TWO certificates in the mail from hotel chains I stay at! JUST in time for some travel!  This is HUGE when I'm already doing plane fare, rentals... bla bla bla. I opened the mail and THERE THEY WERE!

After calling one of the 800 numbers to reserve, I got a precious old lady on the line. I was so excited to hear her voice and that these gifts were legit. She told me I was the nicest most upbeat person she had spoken to in a long time. She said intermittently, that I was filled with the spirit. :-) That made me smile. When the transaction was finished, she said, "May God Bless You..."

That's the America I miss. Where we really CAN say what we want to. We are too busy trying not to offend those crossing borders, wearing turbans or sheets to realize it's "ok" to still talk about the things we hold true to our hearts. God is one for me who's not going anywhere soon. :-)

Do I mean disrespect to my Hispanic, Muslim, Indian, Asian or friends of other cultures? Nope. Not a chance, That's why I speak 7 languages! Badly, but I muttle through. An Indian gate agent just gave me an "Indian" blessing. Am I upset by this? After all, it's not MY belief... Nope. Overjoyed. How beautiful someone thought to protect me under THIER religion's umbrella.

Don't mess with me now! I'm blessed by TWO Gods! Lol.

He sends angels. Look for them everyday. It may not be the form you're expecting, but they are there. It may be a free night's stay at The Red Roof Inn! Or a telephone operator who CLEARLY was sent to talk to YOU!

#GoldyKnows :-) (I kinda do!) 

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