Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Signs. The dead do speak.

I'm doing some really amazing things on a business trip. Sometimes in life we second guess ourselves, or need answers. If we just just look and keep an open mind, they usually come.

I sat for a moment at +Starbucks Coffee, running lines for some pretty important scripts. I felt the pressure of getting this stuff right and delivering with passion and authenticity. When a man cam out of the coffee shop. He looked familiar. And he was indeed an actor from my favorite movie and book, #TheSecret. It was a passage in the film a friend and I had just discussed. I knew at that moment that was a sign to just keep going... full speed ahead. Eye on the prize.

I returned to my hotel, only to be locked out on the top floor. Instead of getting angry the keys didn't work, I just thought, there surely must be a reason for my inconvenience and delay.

I was given new keys. As I rode the elevator up I looked at them closely. There was an advertisement for a movie ride at Universal Studios. But not just any movie. This one was special.

Despicable Me. The movie my family and I went to see the day we put my mother to rest. The day my dad and I got into it with some jack a$$ in line at the theater. Lol. The whole family actually got in on it! "Are you threatening me!??" 

There it was staring me in the face on a key card. It was almost as if my mom was smiling saying, go do what you have to do. I am with you every step of the way.

Signs, signs everywhere signs. Keep a great attitude. Be positive. Signs will reveal themselves to you. All you have to do is look. They will be there.

Peace Be With You All, Always. #GoldyKnows 

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