Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Signs Signs Everywhere Signs

I use to love going to Target. It was peaceful and I'd skim the end caps for deals. Up until they got walkie talkies and loud static could be heard in EVERY isle in between some employee bellowing about some stupid side note no customer wanted to hear about. Oh it drives me nuts! Lol

In my mother's final days, I would drive her around the store in her wheelchair looking for deals. One day, after teaching her a new word, she looked at me and my disgusted look at the unneeded sounds of "Walkies" and said, "Honey, are they ruining your VIBE?" Lol... "Did they KILL your vibe?"

Just hearing an old woman say this alone made me smile. 
She really understood the word and more importantly ME! 

Today as I walked through a store I couldn't help tear up just looking at, feeling the different clothing hanging there for sale. So many little shirts and furry sweaters I would have loved to have bought my mom for Christmas. The fuzzier and the sparklier the better! She was obsessed with anything WARM at Sam's Club and would make me dig through piles of clothes to find sizes for EVERY relative! Lol. We'd be there for hours...

What I wouldn't give to spend 20 hours digging through furry sweatshirts to find what she needed... I guess I took that for granted. Funny how we change.

I said out loud today how much I missed my mom. I told her the people were killing my vibe at that store. lol. I saw a fuzzy sweater just as I was exiting and stopped to touch it, smile and remember someone so special. But there was a sweatshirt stuck to it? It didn't belong there. And I hadn't seen it anywhere before. Not on a shirt, sticker or even a card. But when I saw it the tears flowed down my face. 
I truly believe when there is so much love even still between two people... 
They find a way to let you know. 

I got a pretty cool early Christmas gift today. I will just leave you with a photo of the sweatshirt stuck to that fuzzy sweater. I bought it. :-) As a gift from my mom. :-)

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