Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Underwear & Me

How many people, after a long day, walk through the door and just take off their pants? Big, small, purple, black or white, we are all the same! And there is a certain comfort in just walking around in your skivvies.

It’s no big thing. But wearing tight pants, skirts with waistbands that cut into our skin every time we breathe get to be over bearing. So I enjoy the occasional gaunt around the house in my britches.

I’m making this blog short & sweet. Shortest one ever. The point of my blog is this. Just be careful in today’s modern technical world, to “remember” when you’re wearing your underwear.

Tonight, I was never so reminded, as I Facetimed my father. I heard him say as I got up to get something, “What in the hell are you wearing?. I said “my new hot pink sweater from Wal-Mart & my underwear dad. Nothin ya aint seen before.”  And he just said, “Well, ok.” My dad was a parol officer for 30 years. Nothing really phases him!

Short and sweet. Remember when you’re wearing just your underwear people. And remember to check before a conference call to clients or your boss. Or in this case, your dad.


(ps. This is NOT what I was wearing when I talked to my dad! I'm making a damn point! Don't get it twisted! lol)

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  1. We should facetime more often! :D Seriously though, great picture....