Saturday, July 18, 2015

Friends | Success | Bffs | RIP

They say you are lucky if before you die you have one good friend. If this be the truth then I must have won the lottery.

I consider myself to be pretty successful. But give me a little more time and I know I will accomplish so much more. Any fame, money I make can all be attributed to my family and the incredible friends I have.

Chyna Charles , Thomas Harper, Troy Ford and his team at Performance Studios have always had my back. They are consummate pros with hearts to match. Honestly the talent of these people combines could power the city of New York for a year. Several years ago my mother came to see my studio. We decided to do a shoot and pick out something extraordinary. My mother was sick, weak and frail... What could she wear to look mighty and majestic just one more time?

The staff at Performance was so patient. My mom couldn't make up her mind and we got into it. She grabbed my face like I was four again, and with tears in her eyes said, "I will try on as many dresses as I need to. The time periods WILL match. This will be the last family shoot we do and it WILL be right..." Her words haunt me, but she knew.

Costumes in hand we went to my studio where my dear friend Lorrie Bradshaw met us to kindly do a very sick old woman's make up. Mine too. Per usual Lori's art was perfection. This woman has done more for me than so many. Her soul is in my heart. And to top it off my beautiful friend Ron Macaluso was the topping on the cake. He nails it. And when I can't shoot my own shits he comes Canon in hand and makes magic.

My success is measured by you all. By my supporters and the people I surround myself I can friends. You are precious to me. Thank you.

Thank you dad for going along with this without a bat of an eye. So many men would scoff or not wear what we picked out for you. You did it with grace and pride. We couldn't have gotten anything MORE epic or beautiful.

To ALL the BFFS out there, friends who listen, support and are kind to another, I applaud you and give you props.

Peace be with you all, Goldy

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