Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sluts N Hoes

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What’s up with the girls lookin like they just lost their pimp? Every time I go to the market the girls are getting younger and younger and the shorts are getting shorter and shorter. If you are one of my younger peeps reading this blog, then this goes out to YOU! STOP! Cause you look like a HOE! And no one with any substance is looking at you saying, Damn, look at that chicks junk hanging out. Nope.

It’s gross dudes, the pedi’s and concerned people like me wondering what you’re going for here? It’s not helping. You can still look HOT while leaving something to the imagination. Seriously. You can see it all when you bend over. And it’s not flattering. I don’t get it. I have a great body. I like looking good. But this “shorts” thing…

And to the mothers that are WITH these young girls. What’s up? Did you know you daughter looks like a hoe? Do you even care? Cause YOU are not helping.

Stop worrying about being your daughter’s best friend would you? And be her mother. It would help us all out. Women will grow to have some class, self-respect and dignity. The best friend card… don’t play it. You will loose every time.

If you’re 12 and at your local Kroger, PLEASE put some pants on!
Say NO to crack!

This has been a #GoldyKnows public service announcement. • • • • •
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