Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wrestling, Rock & Roll, POWER tools AND a Story of Survival

Goldy Knows a Story of Survival

Web series offers a DIY segment in new episode highlighting domestic abuse
Nashville, TN --- With a first episode that few more than one million views, multi-faceted entertainer and entrepreneur Goldy Locks hit the scene with Goldy Knows, a raucous web series ( and featuring the singer, songwriter, photographer and former pro wrestling star 
with many of her celebrity guests and real life friends. 

The second episode is now available and it takes a poignant turn. What starts out as a tutorial on DIY decorating with Goldy and pal Jasmine … that’s right, two hot chicks with power tools … is soon revealed to be something much more valuable. Goldy renovates a bedroom for Mary, a domestic abuse survivor who shares her harrowing story in an interview with Goldy after the reveal of her tranquil new room. 


Despite her often outrageous antics, Goldy has proven time and again that her heart is always with her fans and she has a soft spot for those in need. The artist and entrepreneur funds the web series herself, with the occasional assistance of local vendors and sponsors who yield to her passionate plea. Goldy admits, however, that her local Lowes and Southeastern Salvage stores willingly stepped up to help with the bedroom renovation featured in Episode 2 of Goldy Knows.

“My goal is of course to entertain, but I am also always thinking of giving back in some way,” Goldy says. “Every time I’ve been lonely or hurt or felt left out, I’ve also been aware that someone, somewhere is traveling an even tougher road. This web series allows me to make that road a little easier for a few people, and hopefully to inspire others to pay it forward for someone in their own lives.”

As a professional photographer, Goldy met and photographed survivors of domestic abuse for a YWCA project a few years ago. A book was published featuring the powerful stories of survival by several women, who also received a confidence-boosting makeover and photo session. The experience was the spark that prompted Goldy to produce this special episode of her show.

“I met some amazing women through that book project and I wanted to take the healing a step further,” Goldy says. “When I found out that one of the single mothers was struggling in a one bedroom apartment, I wanted to do something more for her, but also as an educational tool for viewers.”

In the decorating-on-a-dime segment, Mary’s room is redecorated while viewers learn great basics of creative, affordable design. With equal parts carpentry and humor, Goldy offers a DIY tutorial on making an upholstered headboard, how to hang items with a French Cleat and creating custom art. After the heartwarming reveal, a grateful Mary speaks with Goldy about her personal experience and the startling statistics of domestic abuse. Mary shares serious information and valuable for women about recognizing the signs in an abusive situation, and how to escape the cycle. The touching episode has garnered more than 225,000 views to date for this second installment of the Goldy Knows series, and hundreds of women … and men … have emailed, posted and commented on the segment.

“I’ve received so many messages from people, thanking me for the information in this episode, and for allowing Mary to tell her story,” Goldy says. “It was a very rewarding experience.”

Goldy is a woman who wears a whole lotta hats … and she dons them all in the wild online ride that is this new series. Goldy is a pro wrestling personality, a motivational speaker, rock singer/songwriter, photographer, fitness buff and entrepreneur with a line of accessories that’s nearly as hot as the creator of the line. She is at once abrasive and funny, warm and sincere, startling and gifted. Goldy Knows is a must-see. It’s Rachael Ray meets Jackass with popular guest stars and touching segments.

Goldy Knows … It’s what might result in the carnival mirror kitchen of a leather-clad Rachael Ray when elements of The Man Show, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Martha Stewart, Tom Green and Jackass are emulsified in a rock-n-roll blender and poured into your TV monitor. 

Celebrity interviews, stupid tricks, current affairs and informative segments … all in Goldys’ inimitable style.

A reality/talk Show like no other, Goldy Knows features Goldy, her co-stars, and a wild assortment of her crazy wrestling, rock and entertainment friends.  The show is woven into interactive social media platforms, giving fans the opportunity to have an ongoing dialogue with the show.

It’s funny, fierce and edgy, but also educational. It’s Goldy Knows and it’s inside your computer right now just waiting to startle and inspire.

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