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Perspective | Ratio | Channing Tatum Naked | Michael Jordan's Underwear

Perspective & Ratios

I woke up today to some emails I loved.
They were mostly from women.

I find it funny how the perspectives of women can be so incredibly different.

I live for the differences in the world and the diversity on our planet. Without them, what a boring place we would live. Celebrate what is unique about the person beside you.

Still, we need someone to see OUR viewpoint from time to time. Or to feel united. Or just to have a Big Bag Of Douche keep their moth shut and give us a break that day. Lol.

Today, I woke up to people commenting on something they really didn’t know what they said or how it affected me, but I’m going to tell you. Use this explanation as KNOWLEDGE to understand, empathize, help and reach out to a stranger. You may change their life.

First off, a thank you.
To ALL who support, understand and embrace ME for who I am.

This includes many of you, much of my family, meaning aunts, cousins and even their children seemed to have figured me out, many strong women out there, and the LGBT community without a doubt hits a home run with me every time. Don’t mess with ANY of the people mentioned in this paragraph or you will be sorry! J


To the people ho have heard me complain about sexual harassment, then commented either to me directly or behind my back, “Well, maybe if you wouldn’t post any swimsuit photos… or pics where your cleavage is showing… maybe people wouldn’t bother you.” 
I love you people, but get a clue. For you are truly ignorant.

It shouldn’t matter if I walk around buck ass naked. Which I don’t or I would scare my cat “Annie” (#AnnieTheSexualPuss.) She has to be the sexy one in the household. I couldn’t even compete…

We live in a free country. We have choices with consequences I realize that. But me posting a photo of me being in shape really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things does it? I can re assure you I’m not walking into church in my string bikini, going to local businesses during the week in my underwear or even getting my “Annual” in some booty shorts. Ironically the Dr. who does my annual and has seen my precious “V”, and yes it’s a dude I go to, has NEVER crossed the line. Get it?

Yet several other Dr.s who I’ve gone to last year have. To the point of where I could bring up a Lawsuit. I could also cause a stir about several preachers in town, or other more prominent businessmen. My point is people that they DON’T see me on social media, or at shows, or anywhere but in a place where I’m usually wearing my dad or aunt’s old ripped up dirty stained sweatshirt… yet some of you have cast stones at me. 
You’re off. And clueless.


Did you know for every pic I post of a swimsuit, workout pic, health & fitness photo that someone, usually a man has something gross to privately or publicaly say? But that sometimes as many as TEN women, who are hurting and need some guidance, advice or a good kick in the rump email me and ask me what they should do? 
Try? Take? Workout with?

Point = I will continue to post.

No one is saying squat about a photo of Donnie Wahlberg in his skivvies.  Or Michael Jordan did a shoot now. They’d say WOW! “Still got it!” Look at his line of clothing! NIKE!!!! His restaurants, his lines of EVERYTHING, his Sports legacy!

If Channing Tatum would stand there BUCK NAKED holding a new #EnergyDrink, let’s face it ladies, we’d ALL be in line and ordering. So take it easy on the rest of us. Some of us are actually trying to do something you may not notice or understand. 
So say something kind or shut up.

The whole point of this blog was due to a post of me on the toilet at a venue. I do it often. I call it #RoadOffice. Lol

Now I’ve been posting these photos for years. I can always tell the caliber of the human being by the comment, or who gets it. Usually my photo is light hearted and meant to make people smile, but sometimes there is more to it. One person figured that out without even trying, and thus inspired this whole blog.

The band and I come do these shows. When all is said and done people, rooms, pay, commissions, fuel, insurance, payments, website fees, tax preparation for people no longer even employed… do the math, I’m not getting rich at these shows ok? I do them to keep the machine going, to see you all, to maybe make someone smile and keep the boys working too. But there is more BS that goes into these nights than you realize. I take a lot of abuse. And some of it comes from management or even people that work there.

In the past, if I even spoke a word, we are not asked back. It’s still a Boy’s Club. That’s not changing any time soon. And filing reports, making waves in small situations only penalizes my band mates with no place to play. It’s even gotten our booking agencies in trouble and made problems for friends who have gotten me hired in corporate settings. Get it? When I open my mouth I hurt OTHER people too. Not my style.

Sometimes those #RoadOffice pics are a form of escape. It’s the ONLY place I can sometimes go to get away from complete smut and unhealthy people. So I use my little iPad and snap my pix on the John. And I breathe… and I laugh… and smile.

It doesn’t fix the problem, but it helps.

You know what else helps? When I post my fitness shots. You know? The one’s in the bikinis or workout clothes? Yeah, that helps a lot. On average I have 3 to 5 people ORDER product that I represent and sell. Mmmm Hmmmm. Yup. See I’m actually BETTERING my life and FINANCES so I won’t have to go BACK to some of the places that abuse me. :-)

Perspective. Bet some of you Holy Roller “Judgers” didn’t think of that? 
Ratios. Bathing suit pix = people seeing I’m in good shape = THEY may want to get healthy too!

To all the #GoldenPeeps who figure me out. I love you. I’ve got some big fish to fry in this lifetime! ALLLLLL the CRAZY stuff I do? Stunts? 
What do you think I do with the money I make? It sure is hell isn’t shoes…

Think about how much ching it cost to do this WHOLE episode…

For ALL of YOU who buy merch, music, jewelry and tip me… That episode was for you.

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