Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hot & Sweaty in Afghanistan | No Underwear | Golden Lining | Goldy Locks

It was dripping hot July in Afghanistan a few years ago. 
How do our troops and soldiers DO THIS???

After THREE days of non-stop & sleepless travel, we finally got to Manas. 

Did I mention it was hot? Lol. They lost my PA AND my luggage. I performed in my smelly clothes I had just traveled in for 3 days; with just a pieced together sound system pulled from a church, chapel and some kitchen.

It wasn’t long before all of Afghanistan heard I was wearing the same underwear for 5 days now. I felt gross and disgusting. What’s new?

This BEAUTIFUL solider just kind of manifests out of thin air saying, Hi, I sell Mark Kay. And I have plenty of make up to fix your problem. Who WAS this ANGEL? ☺

Het partner in crime had another needed GOLDMINE! Shampoo AND a Flat Iron! OMG!

I proceeded to run into this woman many times during out tour. She was ALWAYS Up Beat, positive, adorable AND wonderful. It’s not often another woman just comes out of the woodwork to support another unconditionally. But she did.

Woman supporting other women. Women building up others. No caddiness here. Just complete love and support.

It seems since then, every project I have or need help with this angel is the first in line to sign up to help. Do you know how many people we have like this in out US Military? Why do you think our country is as strong as it is? It’s because of people like Lanita Vargas . She is beyond a doubt, #Incredible.

Meet my FIRST #GoldenPower Teammate. Lanita Vargas. Someday, when I’ve helped hundreds of people become #Leaner, #Meaner, #Healthy, AND helped them get to their #FinancialFreedom, I will be up on a stage telling MY story. And this chick better be there as my #First!!

Props and LOVE to ALL the women out there bettering their lives through #HealthAndFitness but also bettering the lives of OTHER women by their constant #Love, #Motivation & #Support!

If YOU need some Make Up with an #Attitude from a WOMAN with ATTITUDE, support her HERE:

Much LOVE #GoldenPower Team Angel.

Join my team today. You will be a part of #Royalty! XXOO


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