Thursday, March 26, 2015

Support | Friendship | Building | Strengthening | Uplifting

I had the pleasure of stopping into #AverJoesEnt yesterday and having a #PreListining party to the NEW @TwangandRound EP #PourAnotherRound
Per usual, it was #Incredible.

Not only did they share their music and talent, but their interest in what I'm doing with #GoldyLocksFitness and@Advocare.

These guys are no strangers to all night drives to the next port, wiped out and exhausted, having to stay awake and be focused. It's hard.

Rather thank crank on more #Coffee we discussed a#Better alternative to an #EnergyDrink... #Spark!

EVERYTHING to show me support without me ever asking. 
These are the people I will surround myself with and help till the end of time.

Keep your body and mind #healthy, but ALSO your#Relationships and #Friendships!

The NEW EP #PourAnotherRound is almost complete and let's just say I'm #AllWiredUp for this record!

Check out EVERYTHING new from Twang & Round at!

They EVEN are on @ABC WBKO Midday Live in Bowling Green, KY TOMORROW Morning, 11AM! Tune in! These guys are awesome AND friends of@GoldyLocksRocks & @GoldyKnows!

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