Monday, March 23, 2015

Cat Stevens | Father And Son | Goldy lockS Band | Tribute To My Father

I seldom talk about my childhood. It’s a chapter I’ve moved on from. 
I didn’t get a long with my father for a long time. 
But through time, communication and healing, truly anything is possible.

Ladies, you can’t change a man. Get that out of your head. 
But? A man can change if he wants to.

The song in this video, is a very powerful song. It shows that through music, even in tough times, anything is possible. My dad & I would communicate through the walls of our old house, by singing and playing guitar. Even when we were upset, songs from Cat Steven’s “Tea For The Tillerman” would ring through the drywall, calming things down with it’s gentle notes. I was named after all, after the song “Moon Shadow” a very positive and powerful track embedded on that vinyl record that would float around our home.

Cat Stevens | Father & Son | Goldy lockS Band | Tribute To My Father

I thank each and every one of you who has ever friended me on Facebook, shared a video or post, read my blogs, LIKED a page, bought a record, came to a show, or showed me & our band support in your own way. You allow me to live my dream and own the stage with the power you give me. I feed off of your positive energy and in turn am able to give others special moments hopefully they will remember throughout their lifetime. But it is because of you. And know I know that.

My father told me a month ago, that he used to be lucky. But he lost his luck charm, and his luck changed that very day. I asked him what that charm was, and after explaining it to me, I went out and sought a new one… And this is my gift to him.

This was a very emotional song for me to sing for many reasons. I thank my two beautiful band mates Vera Herten and Jake Tolle for graciously holding me together. How awesome to be sandwiched between these two tremendously talented people and musicians.

When someone says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… they sure don’t know my dad. I attribute my strength to watching this man change. God Bless him.

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