Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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I just got paid to sit and stare at two incredibly hot and talented dudes this week. The Cheaters! And I’m not mad! They flew me out to their hometown of Baltimore Maryland to capture the essence of what they are about as people, remember their roots and celebrate their surroundings growing up.

I ate amazing seafood and watched incredible sunsets. What a great gig!

The thing that many people don’t see is the beauty inside these two men. They are beyond gifted yet this duo has remained humble all these years making music together. Their success definitely attributes itself to right place right time, but it’s easy to see these guys are making it because people just “like” them.

It’s actually to fun to help nice and deserving people. I know I busted my hump the last few days. I wouldn’t have if they were creeps!

The best thing about these cats is they try. So many times I shoot artists and bands and nothing ever becomes of the shots. Go follow @TheCheaters. Look at how MANY of the shots from the last 2014 March shoot were used and 
used to the highest hilt. 
It made me proud to see not only my work shine, but also the subjects in it.

If I ask you to do something, pose a certain way, and look a direction... chances are it's not for my health. I'm looking through the lens and maybe you don't look as great as you think you do. So shut up. Just do what I tell you to and smile. That's what you're paying me for. Wink

These guys get it. They are so so cool to work with. They roll with the punches and never complain. And it makes them a joy to shoot. I just rolled off a run in North Carolina. Didn't sleep and almost missed my flight. It was a horrible flight and I got right off and went into the field. I’m not complaining. Just making the point you don’t always know what someone has just been through. So it makes it so much easier when my subjects are cooperative and easy going.

You pay me and pay me well for a job. I've researched your ideas and listened to your concepts. I go into this with a good blueprint but I professional enough to improvise when opportunities present themselves.

Stay tuned to some pretty amazing guys, images and ALL NEW announcements from The Cheaters. Please check out their NEW video here: 

The Cheaters
She Got A Way

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