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Too Old To Work !| Over 40 in the work place is a joke! | Throw In The Towel | Goldy Locks Fitness

Seriously, what does anyone working anywhere past 40 have to offer anyone? They are just too old. What could they possibly contribute?

Well if you're in the music business give it up by 25. That's what any "industry" person would tell you. Who usually consists of someone with no talent related to a label CEO. That's how it used to be. But it's not anymore.

Technology and the Internet have changed a lot. Records can be recorded and promoted from a college dorm room. Profitable records. Serious pieces of work and companies are being started by 15 year olds. Tim Ferriss, @TFerriss refers to these peeps as the "New Rich" - The 4-Hour Work Week.

What's funny is if all these kids can start companies and make money, than why can't people past 40?

Well they are. I have never answered the "How old are you question" because frankly who cares and how is it relevant to anything? Am I doing my job? Are you entertained? Then what does it matter? America. Obsessed with age and obsessed with numbers on a scale. I think it’s crazy therefore I ignore it.

I get tired of women especially being told in entertainment that they are just "too old..." to old for what? Why are females always a target? You can be Sean Connery, Harrison Ford or Clint Eastwood, have more wrinkles than a dried up prune yet still be referred to as "distinguished?" The female equivalent is just a "wow...she really looks bad.”
If we were to walk down the street and see a bald woman, chances are we’d think she had cancer and was going through treatment. Yet when we see Dwayne The Rock Johnson, we all say how hot is.

There is a double standard for women and men in America. I am committed to doing everything that I can to change that. I want women to realize especially just how beautiful they truly are. I want ALL women to realize they truly can BE a #StrongGoldenGirl.

My 50 year old friend in publicity left her long standing job at a popular firm to do her own thing. I remember her saying in a disheartened voice that no one would hire a 50 year old woman. I sure would have in a heart beat had I had the budget. She is amazing! Her decision to leave scared her at the time, but she is doing an awesome job with her own firm now.

People, especially women get better with time. We are like wine or a great piece of beef! With some marinating & rest time we are plumb for the pickin’. Imagine the amount of experience and knowledge my friend has after years of seeing entertainers grow up and become the greats. She'd seen it all and helped them become the stars they are today.
Hiring some kid out of the gate has its advantages too. They are privy to the latest technology and have a fresh perspective. But again, having someone more mature on your team balances it all out.

I am very proud to announce the newest member of my Advocare Golden Power Team, Debbie Russo Jenada. She is an experienced business owner, she has been successful in other MLMS and frankly I'm looking forward to be taught a few things by her myself!
She enrolled not only as a distributor but made her way to Advisor in a day. Now she is at the top discount level, payout level and will be paid 5 ways from Advocare. She gets it! She will blow her business up within a few months and I know within one to two years be able to work her other businesses WHEN she wants and not because she needs to.  How do I know?  Because in case you haven't noticed I'm not stupid. I surround myself with the most positive, loving, kind, considerate and incredible people possible!

Just LOOK at a gift this woman took the initiative to bring to a show! An antique scale! 
She'd seen footage of my home on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates when they featured my home and found this piece to give me. Just wow! Talk about paying attention. 
This woman is a for SURE a success!

Or how about printing up her OWN Goldy lockS Band T-shirt and wearing to a show? She did this on her own. Without being asked. Talk about someone I want to be around. KINDNESS + POSITIVE = SUCCESS!

Part of ANY successful business is letting people know YOU ARE in business. Advocare is the same way. Debbie within one week already has her business cards, posters and promo to put in her other shops, she is CONSTANTLY talking about Advocare and these products. The BEST reason she will be a incredible success in this business, she TAKES the product! She is starting her Advocare 24 Day challenge and will be a walking BILLBOARD. 
People will see results, ask how she did it! BAMN!

By becoming an Advocare distributor you PUSH YOU to become the best YOU you can be.

We're not selling cookies cakes and candy here people. We represent a 23 year old company that changes people's lives in health and in finances.
Look in you cabinets! Any vitamins? Supplements? Coffee? Weight loss pills? Meal shakes? Ok. Did you make money purchasing them? Did a friend?

You buy these products anyway. Why not join up and buy from YOU! And have friends and family buy from you too? Just like the drugstore? Only you are much cuter than a drugstore... haha.

It's 79.00 to join plus tax and shipping. You get $60. Just like Sam’s Club. Only joining a Cosco doesn’t give you FREE product for joining! No sales quotas! No Auto Ships! Just join! You WIN across the board! Now you get a 20%-40% discount on products you buy anyway for a YEAR! Renew the next year for only $50.00!

One of the reasons that he said that she wanted to make money in AdvoCare was to help people. This is a given. The company is completely structured around helping everyone. Having energy, gaining muscle, and losing overall fast, is a good thing. For your heart, your health and your whole body. But financially, this is huge for people like Debbie, who has said her monthly hospitalization is very high. She wants to make enough money to not worry about it and more. And she will.

She told me she wants to buy a Corvette. She also told me her favorite color was blue. So I've taken it upon myself to post this picture here.

I say within a year and a half, I will buy a ticket to go visit Debbie and take a ride in her new Corvette. It will probably take less time than that. She's already there in her mind, but she's going to have me on her side to coach help every step of the way. Anyone joining the Golden Power team will have me there to support and help and then to them as well.

If you're reading this and interested, then that means I show up and help you with your mixer and your spark parties. That's how it works.

So many times late night at work on a break we skim social media pages milling over stupid content and useless material. How about you login here and join my team.
Why don't you change your life? Get healthy? Find something positive to do with your time? There is enough stuff out there that's negative. It doesn’t improve our lives at all. Join my team today and I promise things will really change for you, all you have to do is try!

Join MY Team here!

I’m not sure what Mrs. Jenada’s age is. I know she may be past 25 though. ;-) Honestly, someone’s age doesn’t matter in life, it’s where their mind is. Now through eating smart, exercise and being on Advocare’s products, I know Debbie will completely change her life. I can’t wait to be there every step of the way and drive off into the sunset in that brand new Corvette!

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