Wednesday, June 10, 2015

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I am SO happy and proud to announce my NEW #GoldenPower Team Advocare Member Rod Saylor!

He has been quietly listening to me talk about Advocare, how I'm helping people lose weight, get stronger, have more energy and make EXTRA income. I kept thinking to myself, I WISH he would become a distributor so I can really teach him the things that are working for me.

He introduced me to his friend a while back. For months she was watching, commenting and LIKING posts, then one day she because a distributor. She got on product, did the #24DayChallange and lost a lot of weight. She continues on product to gain lean muscle and get to her fitness goals. All because Of Rod. I thought, wow, if you can help your friends, why not help yourself?

 This is an ACTUAL Before and After Pic of my Golden Power Team Mate Honour!
She has gone on to get completely ripped! So excited for her!

So many musicians can stay busy at certain times of the week or year even. It gets hard to make ends meet on the finances sometimes. I see my friends busting their rear ends or doing jobs to supplement their income they really hate.

Email me. I will send you more answers about how YOU can make serious money just helping people. You take products that put you in the best health of your life. You have more energy than you did as a kid. People notice! They ask you WHAT you are DOING?! You direct them to your OWN Advocare website. They buy from you. You make 20-40% and get paid FIVE, 5, yes FIVE different ways! WHERE else do you even find this?

I don't sell COOKIES, CANDY or CAKES people. I represent supplements that EVERY one of you have in a drawer, cabinet or cupboard. But you bought them at any old store. Did anyone make money to better their life off of that purchase? Did someone you know start saving for their retirement? Or even get out of debt? No.

Buy what you NEED everyday from yourself. Become a distributor like Rod did. It's 79.00 and you get almost $60.00 worth of FREE product delivered to your house in a few days. That's it. It's like Sam's Club. No pressure. No auto ship, No sales Quota. You just enjoy the products at a 20 - 40% discount. And make up to 40% off of what people see you taking and order from YOU!

 This is an ACTUAL order from one of my Golden Power Team!
She received it in TWO days of signing up!

Here's where you go to become a distributor on my team! 

I want to build the most INCREDIBLE force known to the universe!

Now I am one step closer with my dear friend and #Bandmate Rod Saylor of the Goldy lockS Band. I can teach him everything I know and watch HIS team and business blow up! I can't WAIT until I hear HIS first SUCCESS story! I can't WAIT until he shows me a bank statement where HE is making money! Thank you to my good good buddy for believing and doing what I know will bring him GREAT success!!!!!

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